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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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OK, I just spotted a framed print with quilting words in the suitcase, below the Hometwon circles. Love it! Hope it's going into your shop. Love the charms too -- hope more of those are being made for your "shop" 'cause I'd love some of those too. This could be one of my favorite collections.

will be back for the rest of the countdown. looks like fun was had by all.

Regardless of your photos, the booth looked gorgeous. I can't wait to get my hands on Hometown!!

Your pictures were fine and the booth looks very festive!!

I'm enjoying your count down! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

What is the name of that Jelly Roll? Really appreciate the photos.

dude yeah i'm so cool that i can't even iron my quilt for it to be unveiled...such a dork.
i wish we could live near each other so we could be friends all year long...not in little spurts, but then again, i might get on your nerves after a week...maybe it's a good thing we only see each other at market, hence i can still be considered "cool" ;)

You have the sweetest little stuffed house. I love it. the doors are sweet too. and the pok-a-dot ruffle, yummy! thanks for sharing all the goodness for those of us who had to stay home. Janita

When and where can we get those quilt patterns? I'm in love with the yacht club flag one!

love how the doors turned out in your booth!

oops! so excited I can't type. should be quiltinggranna!

I am doing a countdown until that pattern for the adorable house pincushion comes out as well as the fabric so I can make one...or two....or an entire village. It is just the cutest thing I have seen in ages. Every friend of mine (who sews at all) just may be getting one for birthday or Christmas....IF it is not too hard to make! love it! whoever came up with that pattern deserves a giant hug!

Your booth was awesome! It was lots of fun to finally meet you! :)

It was great to see you at Market!! I love that photo that you got of V & me... too cute!! :-)

You are too critical of yourself and your photos. I loved seeing a real feel for what I can do with this fabric when I get my hot little hands on it. Sometimes I think i should open a business just so I can go to Quilt ALWAYS looks like sooooooo much fun. Love you doing a top 10 it gives us something to look forward to over the next few days. (See I knew i couldn't stay away!!!!!!)

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