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Monday, May 09, 2011


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Lovin' those charms. =)

you're so cute! love your blog and your "stuff". just found you from V and Co -- where have you been?! love your charms, too.

tap tap tap... are you home yet??? please let me know the minute when I can buy those charms:)!!!

Found my hometown included on the fabrics on the Moda swatch page for Hometown... SO EXCITED for it to come out!

Those are sooooooo cute. I like Kari's idea for zipper pulls too.

It keeps getting better and better...I so can't wait until Hometown comes the jewelry!! Lisa in Texas

I hope those charms will be available on your etsy site! I love 'em!

Cool -
I will have to get a set of charms like the ones on the necklaces - the numerals and alphabet are PERFECT for a Kdgn teacher!!!! So cool - cannot wait!~

{sweet sigh} Every thing Sweetwater makes me so happy! (ps, still miss you in paper like crazy!)

These I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!!!!! Can't wait to see these and your beautiful fabric "Down Under" here in Australia.

i really love the hometown fabric, im saving up for when it comes out, the charms look amazing too. Just a question, can anybody go to quilt market or do you need to be in the "biz" thanks


LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!! Everything about this line!!!!!

Every time you show a piece of the Hometown fabric, I've looked for Cincinnati, hoping my hometown made the cut. Today you debut your charms and there's Cincinnati. Woo hoo. I can't wait to sew with this line. Nice job ladies. Nice job.

So cute! Love the first photo of them.

Those would make a cute zipper pull on a bag.

love these. you have reason to be proud.

I have to have these!!!!

Love those charms and can't wait to see that fabric in my local quilt shop.
Have FUN at Market!

Lovely charms!!

I personally can't wait until the fabric comes out. I know I will have to get a LOT of it. The colors are so me and so are the design. Just hope they won't be delayed selling in Europe compared to the US because I will go green with envy the minute I start seeing blanket appear ;)

Those are SO CUTE!!!!!

You ladies are amazing! Seriously!!! :)

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