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Thursday, April 21, 2011


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.....The zipcode is what we like! Great job

Even though I live far away in Germany, I love your wonderful fabric designs! They are truly internationally appealing. I can't wait for the upcoming HOMETOWN fabrics and am already saving room and Euros for a generous purchase! Your ideas are fascinating and I am also looking forward to the book for more of them.
PS: BTW, if I should be chosen, it will be possible to send me the prize to a US address.


Absolutely love the Hometown Circle Print; it's bright and delightful and I'd hang it in our den where we hang out. He reads the paper and I'm usually working on a hand project. Can hardly wait for Hometown to be delivered!

I don't want to be disqualified because I didn't follow the instructions! I love the Alphabet Print, and am actually playing the ABC's of my hometown right now on Facebook in case I win. My mom would dig the zipcode. I've just moved and I have no idea where I would hang it- beside the widescreen I suppose. I know my mom would make hers the centerpiece of her living room wall.

It's a toss up between the Alphabet and the Zip code. I know I'd like the alphabet, and my Mama would choose the Zip code!

the ZIPCODE is my favorite I would send it to my sister who moved too far away.

I'm not sure it's really fair to ask which is my favorite - I really do love them all. I think that I would pick the bunting one though . . . Thanks!

They are all fun. It would be hard to choose between the alphabet and the subway art. And I am pretty sure that my children will be delighted to get a custom zipcode print next Christmas...or sooner if I can't wait!

The three of you are so creative. My favorite is the circles.

I love the Hometown Alphabet print. Absolutely love that each letter can be personalized. What a unique and fun way to record some family history. I would hang it in the entry for the world to see!

I love the alphabet print!
I'd hang it in my hall where everyone could see it!

I love them all!! To choose one is hard, but I would have to go with hometown bunting because it is just so cheerful!!

The zip code is my favorite, very cute!

Oh, the Hometwon alphabet - I am already coming up with much fun!

These are great! I think my favorite is the Hometown Alphabet print.

They are all so great! It is actually hard to decide. But since I live in a very tiny hometown (a tiny library and building with mailboxes exist) I would go with the first two and also the zip code. They are awesome and proud to display it in my foyer.


My favorite is the Custom Hometown Alphabet Print. How fun!! We are in the process of redecorating our downstairs bathroom in grey, red and that blue shade so it would fit right in there!

I'm looking forward to the fabric, too...It's gorgeous!!

Love the Hometown Alphabet print. I had to move away from my hometown a few years ago and still miss it very much. I would hang it in my kitchen so I could see it all the time and remind me of HOME.Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the Hometown Alaphabet print. Maybe it's the teacher in me. I'd hang it in my family room.

Definitely the Hometown Alphabet Print would be my choice. The perfect spot would be in my dining room on my freshly painted gray wall, where I can see it from my living room couch.

Love them all! But I would have to say that the circle print would go best on my house. I love also how hometown colors match my house colors as well! Thank you ladies!

I love the Hometown Alphabet Print and would probably hang it in my kitchen. Love the new collection!

I love the Hometown Alphabet print. I would hang it in my living room where anyone who stops over would see it. Thanks for the chance.

Hometown Definition Print is my favorite, but all of them are adorable. I might get all of them. I'd hang it in the hallway with our other black & white prints of family. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the circle print and I would hang it in my front hall. I think it would be very welcoming there.

They are all gorgeous but my favorite by far is the Hometown alphabet. Can't wait for the fabric!!!!!!

The alphabet is definitely my favorite ... I would probably hang it in our entrance way or the hallway upstairs.

i love the hometown bunting! I would hang it in the nursery i am decorating for my on the way baby so they always remember their roots as they find their way in the world

I love the home alaphabet print. Love anything I can customize to be all about our life. I would hang it right inside my garage door just above the key rack so I could see it everyday!

I adore the hometown alphabet print! thanks for a lovely giveaway! I am redoing my hallway w/ home and family prints - this would be great!

My absolute favorite is the Hometown Alphabet. I love the way you put it together and if I could bear to part with it, I'd give it to my mom, the hard part would be choosing which "Hometown" to use.

My favorite is the Hometown Bunting print. I would put it in my sewing room with my Sunkissed Circles print, which by the way, I LOVE! Thanks for the opportunity.

My favorite is the Hometown alphabet. It would be fun to customize one for Queens, in NYC, especially since I now live so far away in Texas. I would hang it in my entrance hallway.

Well I love the Hometown Alphabet Print and it would hang very nicely in my front hall entrance - we moved into our current home 10 months ago and still haven't found just the thing for the front entance - I think this would it!!!!
BUT all the hometown prints are wonderful.

Tough choice. I like the bunting print.

I love the Hometown Alphabet print! It would be so fun to personalize many of the letters!

Hometown bunting is my favorite, but I love them all!

I love hometown alphabet!

My favorite is Hometown alphabet!

Alphabet Hometown print would be my favorite because I like the darker look of it. I would have to put it in my sewing room, because that's where I spend most of my time! Thanks for the opportunity.

Since you got to have two favorites, I think it's only fair... LOL. The Hometown bunting and the circle print are both most definitely favorites. Thanks so much for sharing!

My favorite is the Alphabet Hometown print. Very fun!!! I'd hang it above the little breakfast nook in my tiny kitchen. :) It'd brighten it up!

Oh my goodness I love the circle print! I'm so excited about the entire hometown fabric line and I can't wait to get my hands on some of it! It's absolutely gorgeous! I talk about Sweetwater all the time on my blog :) Thanks so much for a chance to win!

I love them all. Would be so happy to have any one of them. If I really must pick one I guess it would be the bunting print. Thanks for all of your creativity!

I love the HOmetown Alphabet print. I am not sure where I would hang it as we are doing some redecorating after 18 years!!!! But, I know no matter where I would put it, it will look great!

My favorite is the Hometown Alphabet Print, I ordered this fabric yesterday from my sales rep and the fabrics are dancing in my head! Can't wait to decorate my new house with them, the first room will be the guest room...I can see it now each guest leaves a note about their hometown. The room will be filled with their notes and pictures of all who come through!

I love the subway print best, but the bunting one is a close second. These are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the colors on the alphabet print and I would hang it next to some other prints that I have picked up over the last year--one is a silhouette of our family and the other is about home being where your heart is
Thanks for the chance to win!

wow, you gals are so talented. love these. would pick the alphabet print, and would give it as a gift to my nephew who is getting married. what a lovely gift for a new home.

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