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Friday, April 01, 2011


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Near top of my Bucket List: make a HAND MADE quilt!

Already danced In NYC on Broadway! Oh Yeah!
Saved a teanager from suicide!
Stopped a bullie in his trackes and got the whole school behide me!

So my list is much smaller and more personal. I've wanted to do this "objective" for over 25 years. Still waiting for motivation! I want it to be an herloom??? Scared it wont look like anything!!!

Anyway. Hekp if you want!
Times a ticken! ;-)

Love this collection!! My favorite is the blue colorway. And the gray is a close second.

Seriously, how is one to pick just one favorite? They are ALL super fabulous prints in perfect tones. I find it so hard to find the perfect combination of both and these certainly do that - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

I love them all, but if I had to pick a colorway, I would say yellow. Congratulations! They are all beautiful!

One of these days you are going to do a fabric I don't like, I'm just sure of it, but it surely hasn't happened yet! Yes, sirree, I love Hometown too!

I can't believe I missed the time window for the give away. These fabric colours are awesome. I am planning a quilt for my son and it can be hard to find colours and prints that are fabulous yet not girly or childish. This new colourway is just outstanding. I just hope I don't have any difficulty finding someone in Northern Ireland whole will be stocking it!

Oh I have to get all of these!!!! Absolutely stunning.

Hands down BLUE!

I love the reds!! Especially the flower print and the dots. But I like the yellow and grey too, okay I like them all!

GORGEOUS! It gave me chills. My mind is reeling with all the things I want to do. I L.O.V.E all the colors but I mostly like the combination of the blue and gray. Never thought I'd be a gray person but you have converted me. Fabulous job once again!


capital O. capital M. captial G. OMG!!!! I must, must, must, must have all of these fabrics!!!! Love them all1!!!! :)

ooooooh! ooooooh! the red! looooooove the red :-)

Ever time I see one of your fabric lines I think it is my favorite and that you could never top it. Then, you do. I LOVE this fabric and cannot wait to quilt with it. My brain is already feverish with ideas.
Great job!

Love the grey...and the blue.....and the yellow.....and the dot with all the colors! So cute.

Gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on this!

the blue canvas with the writing is hands down my favorite. I love all the colors together too, great line!

wow!!! I'm so in love this lineup! I loved sunkissed (and am still hoarding mine), but this is just so cool as well. great job, can't wait to get my hands on some. :)

Gorgeous fabric!!
Love the red....
I wonder if Chihuahua appears on the fabric,I'm pretty sure I subscribed it.

Congratulations, you rock girls!!!

You girls are amazing!!! This line is even cuter than the last! I'm especially loving the red canvas - polka dot. OR the yellow with the flower. OR the words. Wow almost to hard to choose. Guess I'll just have to have some of ALL of it!!!!

You have done it again!! I Just love them all but right now am looking at the yellow as my fav.....

Beautiful patterns on Hometown, must have some....

I love them all, and the red ones most of all! I don't know how I can wait until they are available in the shops, but at least it will give me some time to make room for them all in my stash boxes ;-)

My initial fave would be the blues....but as we head into summer (HOPEFULLY) I would have to lean more toward the rich luxe yellow palette more, followed closely by the red and blues.

hard to choose! red... or grey...Love text on fabric!!!!!!

I can't decide between the black and grey or teal and brown. I love the idea behind the line of fabric thou.

I have enjoyed admiring your new many, many others, I am ever so partial to the reds...Winner, winner, Sweetwater wonder winner!! Excellent collection!!

AWESOME!!! What a dazzling array of color combinations. The beauty of the reds makes my mind whirl, so I quess that would be my favorite, but I see myself buying several bundles of them all. Love your fabric lines.

I like the reds - I agree that it is a clear red which is very hard to find. Love it all.

It's a toss-up between the blue and the grey . . . or maybe between the red and the yellow . . . I don't know!
It's just all so gorgeous!

I love this line...especially the Blue and Grey...would love to cover my folding chairs with Hometown!

I like the blue, no, the yellow, no, maybe the red. Okay, I LOVE it all!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of this!!!!

Wow!!Love you're new line. So hard to decide which would be my favorite, but I'm really loving the reds. Thanks so much for the chance to win some.

Love the new line. I like the blue graph paper-like print. And I already found my hometown--Berkeley!
mcglen8 [at] gmail [dot] com

I NEED this fabric line! The reds are amazing! The gray is a perfect addition. I can't wait to see some quilt patterns using this fabric. I hope it's available SOON!

You are so right about the's the perfect shade! The red would have to be my fave but I like them all. Fabulous idea with the Hometown theme! YOU GO GIRLS!!

I'm so, so happy that someone has finally designed a cool RED! What a stunning range of fabrics, I'm already planning a quilt for my bedroom - I can see the blue, grey & red lying on my white wrought-iron bed.

I adore the red. I love the fabric with the nams of hometowns. Great Collection!

You've done it again - just stunning!! All of it!! So hard to pick a favourite but I'd love to stitch something up using the yellows and greys for starters!
I adore the look of the multicolour polka dot too. Thanks for the chance to win some Hometown goodness :)

Brilliant! I love how they all work together so well, but if I had to narrow it down to one it would be the blue. Three guys here so blue is very very welcome. Congratulations on such a beautiful collection.

Love any or all of the yellow prints! They make me feel happy!

Love, love, love the print with the cities and the red accents. Can't wait for it to make it to the shops!

I love the reds but which one? One with polka dots! Gorgeous line. I can't wait until it's available.

omgoodness! i love them all. if had to choose the red and black cities print.

Can't wait to get my hands on the blue!

I love the blue & grey--perfect for a little boy!

I love all of it - I think the red is my favorite. I can't wait till it's available.

oh my goodness...i love the gray and the yellow...beautiful...and I found my hometown..well, not where I live now, but where I grew up...I love that...

Well you have done it again !!! Congradulations !!!!!! It is just georgouse !! I have become a big fan of red so I LOVE it and I also love the colors that you have chosen to go with AND as a mother of four boys I love that you went with something a little boyish :) !!!!

The entire Hometown collection is stunning. I think the red is gorgeous. I love the contrast between the black and red. It makes such a crisp clean statement.

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