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Friday, April 29, 2011


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They are all beautiful! I think my favorite is the intersection. The quilting is awesome!

Love them all, but the Neighborhood is my favorite. I also like your fabric choices very nice!

I love The neighborhood pattern but they are all nice


Oh, boy, Oh boy...I love intersection and Yacht Club. Hope to win those patterns and start on them right away. I am in love with contemporary quilting designs. These examples are spectacular!

I love the lighthouse pattern. I love your hometown fabric too! I've made a quilt for my sister using the hometown fabric and she totally loved it. I loved it too and almost couldn't give it to her, but I did. Lol them all, but smitten with Lighthouse ( both the quilt and the name). Oh please pick me....I would be SEW excited!!!

How can you ask me to choose? I love Yacht Club.

Really don't know if I can choose, but to get all six pattern--heck, yeah. I love Yacht Club! Super cute.

I just entered so don't count this one, but I live in Utah and would love to just drive over those beautiful Rocky Mountains and come to Ft. Collins. Such a fun spot. Next time I'm in town I'll be stopping by.

Really? Choose just one! Can I get away with choosing two? I love Intersection and The Neighborhood - those would be the 1st ones I make.

I am having trouble deciding between lighthouse and neighborhood. I guess light house. Love the colors.

I just LOVE Interseetion but must say I would like toake them all!

Will these new patterns be available on you etsy site and when? I absolutely love the Neighborhood and the bag! I can't wait until I can order them! And how about the fabric? Will there be kits?
Please let me know - Thanks!

I'd have to say that Intersections and Yacht Club are my favourite two patterns! I hope they were well received at Quilt Market and that you manage to recover from the SLC experience soon!!

I love them all! How to choose? If I had to choose, it would be between Yacht Club and Intersection. The Yacht Club would be perfect for all my boys. The Intersection would be fabulous for my own quilt. Love the fabric as well. Love it!

LOVE these fabrics & patterns. Are they available now?

I love "The Neighborhood" and omg, I can't make up my mind but I love Intersection, also. I wish I lived on the in the midwest.


My favorite is Intersection. Can't wait until the fabric is available.

They're all amazing, especially "The Neighborhood!" (That store looks awesome too.)

I love the Neighboorhood quilt it is so cute and I've always wanted to make a quilt with cute little houses on it. :)

Oh love them all - and especially in this fantastic fabric line :) I think I love Neighborhood most, but they're all great!

Favorite is Intersection. However, how you can actually pick a favorite and have it remain so I beyond me. Love them all!

oh i love that little neighborhood. i need a little neighborhood quilt right now.

Very nice neighbourhood houses - I love them

the neighborhood is definitely the favorite here.

Love them all, but my favorite is "The Neighborhood". Your new line and patterns are amazing!!

The Neighborhood!!!! I just love these quilts!!
Thanks for the giveaway!

I love the Lighthouse pattern! It's simple but very cute with the great fabric. Thanks for opportunity to win!

when I saw 'townhouse', I literally GASPED - it is SOOOO simple and ADORABLE!! to win would be fantastic.

I love the "neighborhood" pattern, I'm a sucker for a cute house, all of the patterns are cute of course!

I love Yacht club. My 13 year old has been asking for a quilt of his own. This would be perfect.

Oh there all are BEAUTIFUL!! But to choose a favorite I would say the "Intersection" would be mine!

The quilts are beautiful! I think I like the City Block it is so cute. but I would love to make the neighborhood too.

How do you choose a favorite? I'd love to sew them all... but I guess Townhouse is rockin' my socks the most. :) YAY for new patterns and new fabric. I'm going to hoard this collection. I just know it! :)

I can't wait to visit Mama Said Sew on our next fly fishing trip to Estes Park - a detour to Ft. Collins will certainly be called for! I love the Hometown Quilt! We recently retired to a lovely little "hometown" in the SE corner of Washington state - whose name made it in big letters on to this line - thank you, thank you!

Really....choose JUST one :) Love them all! I guess Intersections...but don't hold me to it cuz I'll change my

I love the freshness of Intersection and Lighthouse but my fave is Yacht Club. And since I live near the beach it would look perfect on my screen porch!

Oh my gosh! Seriously?! How can we possible choose? Each of these is so perfect for your fabric lines. I am so torn between Intersection and Yacht Club, but probably YC would be a good change for what I usually pick. This is almost like saying you have a 'favorite' child. Each is beautiful and fun. I would have a blast working with all of the patterns and would be thrilled to make each and share the love with family for gifts. Thanks for all your hard work. Denise Wood

How do you decide which one?? If forced to choose I would say the table the combo of embroidery and piecing!


No wait - Yacht Club. . . . or Lighthouse. Well, City Block is awesome too. . .

I don't think I can decide - just have to do them all !


I've got a crush on this fabric so bad, but I love the sparing, tantalizing way it's used in Intersection, it's definitely my favorite.

My favorite is the "City Block" table runner. Love the combination of quilting and embroidery!

I absolutely love " Yacht Club"!! We live on the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina. All sizes of boats go by and I love seeing the different colors of sails, etc. This quilt just screams beach and the colors are so bright and cheery.

What lovely patterns! My favourite is hard to pick - but Neighborhood just pips everyone else at the post - the houses look so homely, just what every neighborhood should look like!
Hope you all have a great day

I love them all but if I have to choose one, I would say Intersection. I can't wait to get my hands on this fabric. I love that too!

I love everything that you all do. Always so
fresh and new. I'm torn between Intersections and Lighthouse. I love the
quilting on both of these quilts.

What wonderful new patterns. I can not wait to get my hands on these! My favs are "Yacht Club" and "intersection" LOVE LOVE LOVE!

They are all wonderful, but Intersection really speaks to me (and I love the quilting on it!). :)

I really like the "City Block" table runner

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