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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


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Of course, I'm voting for Sunkissed! I've been drooling onto the keyboard ever since I first saw it online a few weeks ago. Then I went to the Pigeon Forge (TN) Mountain Quiltfest this week, and snagged a fat eighths bundle (could not find one single other bit or piece of it -- it was gone -- and this was just the first day of the show!). Sooo happy.

I love that piece with the irish blessing. I ordered some Sunkissed today to start the blockapalooza. So anxious to start.

will check out everything after the comment. how cool is that? love the last two prints. perfect.

But of course I already voted for you in the March Madness brackets ... love sports too by the way! As for the beautiful wall art, I don't know who I'm going to have to put into hock so I can buy everything I love of yours ... though I did buy the Sunkissed circles and CanNOT wait until it arrives!! May have to quilt another customer's project just to save my pennies for Love-Simplify .... piece . Love it! Congratulations on the magazine cover ... how cool is that?!?!!

Sorry for not making you aware of the Fat Quarterly Modern Madness contest sooner! Between that and the Block-a-palooza, I've been working with Sunkissed A LOT these past few months!! :)

What an exciting day. A back cover and winning the first round, you should buy a lottery ticket. I will be at the ready to vote in the next round. I am loving the prints too.

Ohh how I would love to have 1 of everything from your store... Too bad I am not $$$$$$$$$$.

I just placed an order for some Sunkissed today:) Loving it! Congrats on making it to the cover!!!

I am just loving all of these prints you are doing. Congrats for having sunkissed on the back of the line and you better believe it is in my March Madness lineup :)

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