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Thursday, March 03, 2011


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I love your signs, please advise me on how I can go about ordering some.

Seen your sign on PS I Quilt, love it and a big fan.:0)

I love this,they are all wonderful. I live in Walla Walla, WA,and love the hometown theme. I would hang it in our apartment in Natchez, Mississippi, to remind us of our other home. We have a old brick building on Main Street, that we are refurbishing. My daughter and I have a small shop on the main floor call "High Cotton @ Home", the appartment upstairs are a work in progress that we work when we are there. The building had an elevator shaft and that is where my "Count to Nine" quilt is hung. The hometown sign needs to be on this great exposed brick wall. Walla Walla is a great little town, and will always be home no matter where we are.

I am ever so late in commenting...I love the first one the best - I have a passion for the French language and to see "Bijou" looking like the jewel it is - perfect! I just finished an e-mail to a high school friend so remembering home town places - streets and the town name was part of the stream. It would also look perfect in my living which is a glacier blue with white trim, black armoire and bookcase - yes it would look very special. I'm sure the winner enjoys it!!

I love the second one the best. It's so great and just beautifully printed and designed. I think I'd hang it right where you first walk into the house so everyone could see it.

I know it said by yesterday but.........just in case and since this is the first chance I have to read your wonderful blog!!! I choose #3 because it would be such a wonderful addition to my house. I would put it in my dinning area (attached to kitchen) for all to see with all our family important dates on it! You guys are amazing!!

Love these. HOmetown is my fav, hands down:) be well

I got so excited I forgot, I would hang it in our living room or kitchen. These are so awesome!

Ooh! I love the first one but with all the family type words and names. These are really cool. I'm going straight to your website to look at more!

Love all three. But 1 is my favorite. Sort of like a geneology on one page. I would put it in my bedroom. Mine would list all the important events and dates in my husband and my lives. Great idea!

My favourite print is the last one! I love the newsprint detail in the corner, the big initial and the mix of different typography. So lovely!

You guys! These are really, really cool ideas! If I must choose one, then I think it will be option 3 and I would frame it in a big bright frame to match our family's big bright personalities and hang in the family room where we all hang out together and where we entertain our guests. Really inspired projects!

Oh, I love them all! I would especially like the Hometown print for my Dad's 60th birthday this month! I was stuck for what to get him and this would be perfect since he's lived there all his life!

I LOVE them all - but can see the last one with our family logo on it looking spectacular in our entry!! LOVE the idea and am sure it'll be a winner...

They are all very cool. I love the 15 facts about the family. I think it would make for a fantastic conversational piece in any room in my house especially areas where friends and family gather. I immediately started to think about what I could write for friends and family so that I could this as a gift.

So excited to purchase . . .

Beautiful! I would choose #3 and list family principles. It would hang... hmm... in our kitchen I think!

I absolutely love the number one! I have had the quirky idea to make up something with the GPS coordinates of all the important places in our lives (home address, hospital where kids were born, wedding location). This would make my little idea a fantastic reality!

Very cool. So hard to pick one, but I think I will go with the 15 family facts. Love it!

OMG! They're all gorgeous! I love the last one with the family facts on it! I'd hang it in my entrance - it would make a fabulous conversation piece!

Oh my gosh! I love them all. Ranked in order of bestest ever to best is.

#3 I love the idea of all the family things!
#1 I love all the cute street names
#2 I love the idea of using special dates!!!

I love #3 and I would hang it in our living room.

OH! They are all so creative and wonderful! I adore fonts (deeply) and lists (deeply). So, of course, #3 is my pick. They are all so lovely and full of meaning. This whole thing is right up my alley. Sweetwater, you inspire me! I would hang it above my fireplace...

I like the last one the best, with the first a pretty close runner-up! I'd probably hang it in the kitchen or dinning room area where most everyone hangs out. :)

I love all of these - hard to pick one. My youngest daughter is expecting our first grandchild - or should I say children - it's two girls and a boy! I think I could have a fun time with the dates once the kidlinks are here. So that is the one I would pick.

I Love ALL 3 of them and with all 3 of MY children having homes of their own I could see a place for each of them in their homes and what awesome gifts they will make for Christmas this year. I need to start collecting information for them.
Now for ME I would want #3 in my you see a pattern here...3 children, 3 homes, #3 my favorite...I would proudly display it right in my livingroom so that when you entered my home you would immediatley be drawn to read it and see all the things that are imprtant in my life...BTW how did you know I was painting and redecorating my living room right now. You just knew I needed a piece of focal art for my wall.
Thanks for the chance to win something I'd be so PROUD to own and DISPLAY!!!!!

First one about OUR TOWN is my favorite. We all have a since of pride of where we live and with our kids going off to college. This would be a great piece of art for the Dorms. I would order 7 right now with our kids and their cousins all going off to college to FIND where they are going but knowing where they came from is a good foundation
Can't wait to see what's next

I like the dates. We are expecting our first child any day now & I'd customize it with our family dates & her birthday (which I hope is VERY SOON!).

i'd love to win one! You guys are so creative!

I love all three, but I would choose the last one if I won. I don't want to be morbid, but, I have a BIL who is terminally ill. I think the last one would be great to have at his funeral and for my sister later to remember his important dates and/or qualities.

WOW!!! You are all so talented and keep it coming with new and fresh stuff. I love all of them, but the third one I would say is my favorite. I would hang it in my soon to be remodeled living room.

I love love love love love the numbers one. If I won it, I would put it above this bench I have by my front door. But, if I win this one, I am going to have it done for my very best friend whose bday is coming up and she is moving to a new house on the beach soon. I would have it made for HER because she is awesome and this would be a wonderful gift. I really love all of them and cannot wait to see the rest you create. :)

You are soooo creative! I like the 3rd one listing the facts about the family the best. I would hang it in the kitchen where I've wanted a picture for a while but can't seem to decide what to hang. :)

WOW!!!!! Tough to pick a favorite but #3 seems very very cool and would be a great addition to a room we just added to our home.All of your stuff just keeps getting better and better!!!! Keep it coming

I love the 15 facts and would hang it in my entryway!

I would love the one with all of the things about their family! If I win I would hang it up in my new kitchen!! They are beautiful!

So incredibly cool...I would choose #3, facts about my family. Great job and look forward to seeing more and maybe winning one! Lisa in Texas

This is so cool! I would love one like the one you made for your sister. Is that the first selection? My sister has a birthday coming up at the end of March, and I would love to give her one with facts about her and her family on it! As for where it would hang? Not sure, but I can guarantee you that a lot of people will see it and will want their own!

Seriously awesome! I love the "hometown" version -- and it would be hanging in my dining room! Your creativity always astounds me.

A black & white on newsprint all about my family would be perfect in my new home.

I love the #3 one -- very versatile, with lots of opportunity to be creative!! It would be great to hang in a studio, an office, or a bedroom.

The first one is my favorite! Love the white on black and the simplicity and meaning of street/place names. I'd put it in my family room where I could see it while I am relaxing (there is also quite a bit of blank all space in there :)).

These are all amazing!!! I LOVE the numbers one (with the black background) and I'd hang it in my boys' bedroom. It would look fabulous there!!

First pick is #3 so personalized, love it! You girls are exploding with creativity!! Love all 3! So many possibilities...Sweetwater rules!!!

I LOVE the very last one with the family name at the top and family "facts" down the list. Brilliant!!

Hard to the 3rd one with name
and important info. Would hang it above the very old organ in our living room near the family photos. Thanks for a chance to win one.

Love them all! My favorite is probably facts about family and cities visited. These would make great gifts.

Love them all, but my favorite is the 3rd one.

I am in so into subway art right now! These are great, I'd love to have any one of them. Thanks so much for the give away.

I love the first one. It would look great on my wall. Perfect.

Wow! I love the last one with the 15 details of your family--that is no unique. Now I will go and take a look on Etsy!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Loving the first one...the white print on the black. My daughter and son-in-law will be celebrating their first anniversary this summer....traditionally paper is the gift to give......this would be perfect!!!!

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