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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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I was wondering what bunting was since I see it said on a party site. Found you!

So funny! I 'googled' what is bunting? and found this post. So I am not the only one. Thank you!!

lovely lovely lovely! funny about the bunting issue too... :)
i make bunting and a lot of it check them out at kiddy shack

Loved the story about the bunting! :-)

And am enjoying your blog so much! And your fabric. So pretty! I put a link to your blog on mine on a post where I talk about PURE.
If you want to check it out here is the link

I so love this fabric!!! :-)

Have a nice day
Ms Muffin

That bunting bucket is so cute!

pennants, flag banner, bunting, whatever! it's the reason i snatched up the pattern the second i saw it. i'll be making it for my oldest daughter in kate's central park. i'm already using my sunkissed for lunchbox.

the pail would be the perfect easter've got me at "bunting" on this one,too. love bunting!

i'm going to have to add y'all to my blog links. fun stuff!

Everything is just too cute! I love all your fun stuff here and would love to make some of it!

Oh my this looks adorable!!! Can't wait to get my March Label Crew package!

Loving your Label Crew so's a great excuse to create each month! Can't wait for this one to is adorable!

Bunting sounds so much cuter than 'flag banner' don't you think?!
You really have the sweetest products - that pail is adorable and I really MUST make the Summer Breeze quilt :)

I am part of the group that Tracey mentioned in the comments to this post, and boy oh boy i even got a text message from her to go and see the next label crew project, we all love it. All we have to do now is wait patiently until it arrives on our far away shores.

so glad I belong to the label crew! This is so cute, love the little "flags", or bunting.
Is there any way to change the name on my labels? No one calls me Deborah unless I'm in trouble, would rather have Debbie on them! Thanks! Love all that you do! :)

I have been a label crew member since day 1 and they just keep getting better and better! I LOVE each months and really looking forward to this one! and such a CUTE pattern too!


I was wondering, do you have a pattern for the bunting that hung across your booth at Quilt Festival??

Can't wait to get my March Label Crew kit - I just made my February bag kit and it is awesome!!!!

Can't wait to sign up for label crew! That pail looks cute and gorgeous!

Oh my! That tote looks adorable and stunning!

I have just joined the "label crew" and love it. Two of my friends have joined too and each month we get together and make your project for that month using our labels. Its a great way to catch up and we get to craft together.
Bunting is my favourite thing so I can't wait for March.
love me :-)

I am so excited for March to come. this is adorable!!

Beautiful quilt out of fantabulous fabrics:) Loving the bag/pail. I think I might need to make a handful of those:)

Can I say I am so glad to be a part of the Label Crew?!!?!! I adore this project--tiny flags and all!! Thank you :)

So I signed up mid january for label crew. I spend 2.5 weeks thinking about how cute the Feb labels were and the pattern!!! I was over the top (seriously, I thought my husband was going to run and hide I was so excited) when they came in the mail.
I say this becuase ... let it begin again this month!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh that is my dream easter basket! I just love every thing you girls make!

Very cute - can't wait for March label crew!

A bunting is actually a species bird in Europe. Bunting as in flags is term to denote a string of small flags and has not plural. Sorry, nit-picking Brit here!

Still love the Sunkissed quilt though!!

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