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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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sooooooo much fabric in the universe but this is UNIQUE and
I don't have another breath until I have some! Brighten my world.

I like a softer green with lavender, cream and maybe some citrus-y color like orange sherbet, peach or even pink. I love what you three are doing, you have awesome creative ideas. Your fabric collections are the bomb. I can just stare at your blog pictures all day. I would like one of everything you have made please :)

I love sunkissed. I ordered a jelly roll from the UK (the only place I could find one.). It took 6 weeks to come!!! I can't wait to cut into it. I like color - all of them. I look forward to seeing what you guys will come up with!!

I would love a chance to win some of your fabulous fabric! I have a pink kink in my think, in other words only pink for me! Thanks, love what you ladies are doing!

Hello!I always motivated by you, your views and way of thinking......

Cherry red, raspberry, aqua and a bit of pinkness would be fabulous.

I don't know what to suggest, your other lines have been so gorgeous. Maybe something purple and gray or yellow and gray. (Am I too late for the drawing? I hope not.)

Wow! You all remind me of my mom and sisters. Makes me miss them bunches. And who could get sick of sunkissed?!? Its my new favorite line in the fabric world. Anyhow I'm in love with orange and aqua.

The Pinks, of course as I am a pink girl, but not too girly. Having raised two boys pink was not often seen in my house and now that they are on their own I am bringing pink back into my life.
I love that you are from Colorado, spent my middle school through college years there and if we ever leave Alaska, Colorado is where I plan to return to.
Love your blog, it is fun and cheerful, just like your fabrics in your Sunkissed line.

WOW 857 that makes me 858 (if my post makes it next) well for your next line, I'd love to see some tourquise, lilac, yellow, green...ummm makes me feel happy!!! Whatever you pick I know it's going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE Sunkissed, you can talk about it as much as you like LOL! I have enjoyed your previous ranges (I have a kit with Authentic fabrics to make up), but Sunkissed is my favourite. Bright and clear pink and green are my ultimate colours, so I'm not sure what I can suggest for a future range. More of the same?? Or maybe something citrussy, bright orange, yellow and lime green. Yum!

I love blue the most and with a silver/grey.
It is going to be authum/ winter with this line.
Good luck with it.

Greetingsd from Holland,

I'd love to see some lime, strawberry or cherry red and cheddar, and of course also text fabrics in these colors

LOVE your fabric. It goes perfect with my little 8 month old baby's room. Making a wall quilt for her room would be wonderful.

I love Sweetwater's fabric lines - the colorways are soft, cozy, and comfortable looking. I'd like to see either a black & white with hot pink and lime or something Americana. Love your pillow and, of course, fat eights of Sunkissed would be absolutely wonderful.

I'm a big fan right now of the red, auqa, gold and apple green. As for the Sunkissed line - loved it then, still love it. Just so cheery in these brown days of Colorado winter.

Blues, greens, shades of grey and some creamy pale yellow, mostly tinted colors.

I would love to see reds, greens, blues, yellows.

The pillow is so you (guys) and I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. :-)


I'd love some Sunkissed! I'm into bluesy-greens right now and a medium blue-gray. I'd love to see those in the next collection you design.

Love the sunkissed fabrics! What a great pillow :)

such beatiful fabrics, nice blog site.
I like your blog it is easy t read. the pillow hoph has had some blogs taht are WAAAY TOOO techy.

I would like to see blues, browns, tans, and greens. I love what you guys already have. Hope to win! :D

Pinks ( I love them!!) and sky blues! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Reds, greens, blues, yellows and of course lots of words! Love all your lines, and love this pillow!

Hope I'm not to late to play...but I would love to see my fellow Colorado gals use some colors from our wonderful CO landscape: CO blue spruce-blue/green, Ponderosa pine green, and of course this time of year on the plains-a warm straw/brown! Love Sunkissed, can't wait to see your new collection.

Love your new fabrics! I think a new collection with shades of the sunset would be great, you could even call the line "Sunset". Colors like coral, oranges, pinks with turquoise blue, sunset blue, sky blue, possibilities!!!!
Thanks for the chane to win some sunkissed!

I love yellow....and brights....purple, turquoise, hot pink, periwinkle....oh what the heck! I love color. Sunkissed is a wonderful collection! Thanks!

What about lavender colour.
I think everything on earth tone is very much sounds like sweetwater. I love fabrics with letters so please do not miss that :)

I am loving orange, pink, blue, and green. I have visions for those :)

Green but a new cooler version. Like you do. I would love to win. So I can stop buying it(:

I would love pinks and browns!

836 comments so far, wow. I like reds and creams, but that sun kissed is drool worthy for sure.

Next colors...maybe some yellows and blues with a little eggshell color and of course lots of words and type. :) Your fabric lines are so unique and beautiful! I too would love to win some sunkissed. My daughter is thinking about doing her baby's room accessories in the sunkissed line. :)

I'd love to see more of that honeysuckle pink from the Sunkissed line! I can't get enough of it (maybe because this has been SUCH a long winter?). Can't wait to see what's next - and thanks for the giveaway!

I'd love some nice bright red, maybe bright green and grey. :)

Will just try to keep getting a win under my belt hopefully 832 is my lucky number love the pillows, labels keep up the great work love it. Cheryl

I love the sun kissed colors. The pillow is so "you". I love the clean graphic look that your quilts have...just my style!!!

I love this line, and for your next collection I would like to see you do something that could be coordinated with the scraps from this line. Your sunkissed collection is such a soothing collection.

On my gosh., the fabric. I hope I get picked. I want a word pillow...thinking thinking want to create...Ellen

I would like to see some purples and grays. Looking forward to seeing your next line of fabrics, if its the new Xmas line, I saw a bit of it on another blog and it looks great!

My favorite colors are bright they make me feel happy. I love fabrics that have several different colors on them also. I like when you look at something and at first you don't think it goes together but as it grows on you, you come to love it!


I love those soft colors and think the name "sunkissed" really suits them. This blog hop has been so much fun and all of you sound like you have so much fun working together. Could anything be better than being able to work with people you love and for the work to be creative and fun!

Gail :)

I love soft colors. Or Fall colors. But I like summer colors, too. Actually, I like it all!
There are so many creative things to make and do with all sorts of different colors!

I love the yellows and grays. For you next line I would love to see a all boy line. I know you just did some browns and blues but I am looking for all boy - no flowers. I have such a hard time finding boy stuff. Greens, blue, brown, red.

Bright orange, purple, aquas, blue, fusia. Love love your fabric designs and also love your labels. I'm in your label club and so enjoy my new labels and project sheet each month.

Love Sunkissed~ would like to see some grays, aquas, browns, and corals.

At the moment I am loving grey & natural linen tones.

I have loved all of your color combos and they have been a pleasure to work with! I love grey so I would definitely love to see what you would do with grey and maybe a deep purple...and maybe a yellow thrown in there too:)

I would like to see some purples, aquas and greens (like the colors of the ocean)

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