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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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I am just curious if anyone actually made the cake and what you thought? Ours of course is gone! My sister wrote the post yesterday and I just wanted to say that I do have a clean shirt on today but my sweatshirt does have a hole in it - so no going anywhere today! Anyway, we did get a shipment of SUNKISSED in and are willing to part with some.

The cake was yummy, my teenager loved it!!!!!

Well i made the cake yesterday and took it to work. They ate every piece but one that i thought i was going to get to take home. My friend said nope put that in the bowl i'm taking it home! So the cake was a hit! (One of the guys said he had 5 pieces) Next time i'll leave some at home. :D

We made it tonight and it was awesome!!! Hubby had 3 pieces and the kids loved it!!! This is definitely going to be a fave at our house now! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

So, so good! I made it and shared it with the neighbors and my kids. Everyone loved it! Thanks!

I made the cake this evening. I forgot to buy allspice today and didn't realize until I already had the oatmeal mixture cooling that I was out of nutmeg. It still turned out fabulous. My husband loved it, too.
Thanks for sharing the recipe.

I didn't bake it yet but it's on my menu plan for next week. I'm lucky because I still remember how yummy it was when we were lucky enough to taste it at a scrapbook weekend! Sigh...... if only we could do that again.

I had everything on hand so I baked it. :) I have a similar recipe but it has a topping on it. This is a good every day cake (you CAN pretend it is good, right...because it does have oatmeal). The other has around a pound of butter in it. EEK! So that's something made once or twice a year. *L* Lord knows my heinie wouldn't like it if I made it more often. :)

I made it! Turned out great, family likes it with whipped cream and a little cinnamon sprinkled on top! Thank you!

I made the cake this morning. You should have smelled the house! Sooooo goood.

I made the cake! It was so easy & delicious. And of course, it's already been devoured. :) Thanks for the recipe.

I made the cake too--but I bet that I'm the only one who forgot to add the salt. Yes, you read that right! We ran out of salt in the regular dispenser, so I checked the salt shaker and that was too low, so I was on the way to get sea salt (not sure what that was going to taste like), when baby woke up, took her back to see brother and Gramma, returned to the cake and beat in the eggs, added dry to wet, mixed and popped it into the oven. Wasn't till I was putting things away that the salt was remembered. The cake actually tastes pretty good without and tastes pretty good with a little salt shaken on top and tastes absolutely wonderful with vanilla bean ice cream--covered up all the lack of salt;-) Thanks for a great new recipe!

I made the cake tonight and it's delicious! Both my husband and I were sneaking bites out of the corners before we had dinner and before the cake had even cooled.
I love oatmeal with butter and brown sugar on top so I was pretty sure I would love this. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

I totally want ALL of those patterns (and the Sunkissed fabrics - LOVE!!)- save some for me! February has my anniversary and birthday, and of course, Valentine's Day. SURELY I can get those, hmm??

I baked it today. Yum! Kids loved it, too! A few pieces to the next door. I am pretty sure my husband will love it also. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

I also made the cake - Delicious!! That recipe is definitely a keeper! Thanks again.

I did make it! I also have a Farm Journal cookbook and have loved everything I have made from it. But, mine has been used to death and it shows... front cover is missing and about the first 50 pages, food stains and splatters. I'd love to replace it but I have no way of knowing what it is called.

I ran off and made the cake right after reading your post. Just in time for breakfast with a good friend! It was super delicious, it may just be my favorite cake now! She even went home and made her own that afternoon. :)

My four year old daughter and I are going to make the cake together this afternoon. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Yes, I made the cake. But... As I was cleaning up the kitchen, while the cake was baking, I happened to look at the recipe and noticed an omission. Oooops. I forgot to add the brown sugar. I know, I know, my Mom always said to get all the ingredients out before assembly. What to do? I just pulled out the cake, sprinkled the brown sugar on top, finished baking. It was sooo yummy! My hubby ate several pieces, and I helped :-D Thanks for sharing.

Are these pouches ready made or can we actually make them? Are there patterns sold? I want to give my wife those patterns so that she can make one for herself. She loves making things for her collections.

I just printed off the recipe this AM and plan on baking it this weekend. Love that Summer Breeze pattern! Sunkissed is the only line of yours I haven't purchased yet. I'm taking care of that this week! :)

TallbuildingOne of my most effective happiness-project resolutions is to "Think big. " In work and play, tackling a big challenge can be a major source of happiness.

I baked it this afternoon and it made the house smell so good! I also sent an icing recipe via email hope it works for ya!

I love that Summer Breeze quilt pattern! I noticed in yesterday's post and had to try and find it. I was successful and now I just need to purchase it!

I made it yesterday and it was a big hit with my family! Thanks for the receipe.

I made it right away, and we all LOVED it! So filling, and so yummy - thanks for the recipe!

I haven't tried it yet but I may sometime this week ... I will come back and let you know how it is :)

I made the cake yesterday morning and it's as good as you said it would be!

I made it last night and it was delicious! The kids each devoured a piece as did my hubby. I ate two!!

I just finished my week which always consists of 4 12 hour shifts. The first day after always starts with coffee, news, blogs, baking and shoveling the first layer of dog/cat hair off of everything. I was all prepared to bake the cake and realized the one thing I didn't have around is eggs. I will let you know though. Love the Sunkissed.

mine is in the oven right now! if it tastes anything like the will be fantastic:) Thanks

the cake is in the oven, I'll let you know!

i love oatmeal cake, so i made it late last night. it is half gone (had some for breakfast :) )

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