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Monday, January 17, 2011


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I just finished my first bag ... what a nice surprise to find that the squares had already been cut out. Great bag!!!!! Easy to make. The labels are FANTASTIC!

I'm with *do* keep coming up with the best ideas!

I absolutely love the colors in this set!! And, I have 5 friends with birthdays in March! (Time to get busy.)

Is it too late to order a second set of these labels? I really love these!

I'm so glad you guys are so creative!


This is great! Have a march birthday coming up.

Loving the label crew club!! Is there a way for us to send in photos of how we've used them and maybe see how others used theirs?

The tags look fun to make and fun to give. I like the idea of everyday tags too...not just birthday.

Thank you for replying to my comment last week. I like that black and white quilt so much that I had to make something black and white so I am almost done with a dresden plate made of half moon. For years I have been wanting something to display in my home all the many military bases we have lived at. On base they always have these little toll painted houses with hearts that dangle below and the lady will paint all you many bases on each one...NOT!!! So a few months ago I came up with the idea of have a subway art made of the 14 bases around the world we have lived at. We move to Beale AFB, California next summer and that will be our last military assignment...we are near very near 20 years in but will stay in for a few years over to enjoy that great state of Californina. Do you know of a nice place I could have my subwary art made...I do not want to make it myself...I don't think. I want it to be big and not homemade will be a main focal point in my house.
I know you are all busy so I was very excited you got back to me on those pretty pics on your blog.
I will be back to look for more Valentine goodies!!!

I love these so cute. I signed up today. I am wondering what is included? Do I have to sew those labels onto the fabric or is it already made?? Couldn't find that anywhere. I did see that you get the patterns for the bags.

Oh I can't wait. My daughter's birthday is in February so I hope I get it in time to make her something :-) Still waiting for January's kit :-)

LOVE IT and can't wait to get it...I'm in love with Sunkissed!!

Question - would you possibly offer an alternate label option with different sayings on your Etsy site in case we would want to make the bags for everyday use and still put a tag on them?


Loving your labels. I am also loving your material with the words on it.

Loving this Label Crew Monthly club!!!!!!!!!!! It is so fun to receive every month!! Also loving the new sunkissed line!!!!!!!!!! Headed to Hawaii next month so I may just have to make a bag out of sunkissed to take with me!!

adorable!! i love those tags.. too cute!

I am new to your site but I have already ordered a heap of stuff, its just so inspiring, love it. I am definately signing up.

Oh my gosh! I can't wait to get this! You just keep coming up with the best ideas! Thank you!

These are beautiful labels !! Can't wait!!

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