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Monday, January 31, 2011


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I'm terrified with your blog that inspired me indeed and provided me a bunch of ideas regarding fabricated clothing which I am very much in love to. I just can't help my self be extra attached to fabric stuffs since I really love comfy materials. Thanks for sharing this article.

Got my Birthday Bag kit Sat and finished it today,it is darling! Thank you ladies for a really sweet project!!!Loving the Label crew!!!

I took a vacation day today and went on a shop hop in Iowa with my sis- and mom-in-law and when I saw your fabric lines at the second shop I said, "Hey, I know these guys! Well, not really. But I read their blog!" And then some older gals looked at me like I was crazy but I was so excited that they came over to see Pure and one of them bought a jellyroll of it! So, just wanted you to know that someone in Iowa was thinking of you today. :)

Did I miss the birthday bag kits in the etsy store? I can't seem to find them :(

how fun, thanks for letting us know about this!!!

I am going to have to try and figure out how to "do" the February project you have pictured - I HEART it to pieces.

I am SEW glad I found your blog last month. What fun!!

I like prizes. :)

the American Jane link goes to United Notions?

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