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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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what a FAntAstic prize---

I just finished a lab quilt top out of Authentic last week (it's my second)... but I love the other two lines.
I can't pick a favorite-

i love the new sunkissed! a taste of spring!

Sunkissed, most definitely! Actually, I love everything you do.

Ithink I love Pure most, and the cake too! But Sunkissed is creeping up on me...Can't wait to see the book.

The Sunkissed collection just makes me so happy! I love those colors. Your website is excellent, really inspiring. Thank you!

I love anything with rich chocolate as a feature so my favourite would have to be Pure. I wasn't sold on Sunkissed until I saw that happy quilt pattern with the bunting, and now I think that is a close second! Congrats on the publication and looking forward to seeing what other fabrics you come up with this year.

What an awesome prize! Thanks for sharing all your talent with us plebes.

My husband LOVES oatmeal and I'm definitely making this cake. In fact, I'd be making it NOW except for the fact that it's 10 p.m. and there's that part in there that says "cool." Nope, no time to cool, so it will have to wait. What fabric line of yours is my favorite? Which isn't?! I've just received a few different packages of Sunkissed and I'm looking forward to working with it next!

I love your Make Life line. The Sweetwater fabrics for Moda are the best!

I love your fabrics, but I've never made a quilt with one - how funny! I'll have to pick up a pre-cut next time I'm in the mood.

Thanks for a chance to win such fun prizes.

You have designed some great lines. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

You have such beautiful quilts and designs. I love them.

Love the Sunkissed line! Thanks for a chance to win both prizes!!

I love Moda!

Cute little helper! Loving the bundles of beautiful fabrics!! Ohhh the ideas!! Thank you!

OH WOWEE!! What a giveaway! double delight!!

I LOVE your fabrics!! It must be so nice to be able to do what you love with your family!! I so wish!!!

I live 650 miles from my family but what I wouldn't give.....

I have quilts in various stages with each of your "old" lines and I love them all. Sunkissed is next on my purchase list, but I have to finish one of the others first.

I really like your beautiful fabrics, and hope to try some of them sometime.

I love the colors in your Sunkissed line.

I have the worst luck but please, oh, please let me be the winner!

Love your fabrics, love your patterns and love your labels. Just love Sweetwater! :o)

I made my friend a baby quilt from your PURE line and it is so cute! Thanks!

I love your new Sunkissed line! The colors are fantastic!


Great fabric!!!!! I will now be on the hunt for some new fabric. First time on this site. Lots of fun!!!!!!

the cake sounds fabulous! Yum!

The cake looks great! I love all of your fabric lines, they are all insanely pretty ;) Thanks for the chance!

I work in a quilt shop and am always excited to see your newest collection arrive. I loved Pure but when I saw Sunkissed I fell in love with that one. Love your patterns too. I would love to win the bag of goodies. Working in a quilt shop can be hard on your take home pay!!

Sunkissed is my favorite, but I really like Make Life (and pure and all the others) as well.

Congrats on the book!

The cake will be baking in my kitchen this weekend! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new line, Sunkissed!!!

Oh wow! Sunkissed looks awesome! Especially after all the snow we had yesterday! LOL! Anyways, Congrats on the book- can't wait to see it! I think I will try your cake too-sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!

I'm excited at a chance to win such beautiful things - thank you

I love your fabric, and am drooling over the bag of goodies!

Well I love all your collections you are so talented every time I say I love this and the next collection is even better so for now I'm in love of sunkissed.

beautiful fabric....just found your blog. can't wait to read more

I love your blog and your fabrics so much. I've really wanted some of the Sunkissed line since I laid eyes on it but just haven't got around to buying my fingers are crossed on winning some.

Thanks for the super cool giveaway!!

Luv u guys!


Your collections are beautiful! I love looking at fabric all stacked up like that!

I'm so excited for the chance to win! I love all of your fabric!

My favorite from the lines of fabrics you all have designed is "Sunkissed". I absolutely love the vibrant colors.

OK, well, you three gals are just the best thing ever and very generous with your give-away. I was actually hooked on the cake recipe (I eat oatmeal daily anyway) and then fell in love with the quilt and those little banner flags (done in Sunkissed?). I remain in awe of your talents and your industriousness and that goody-filled AUTHENTIC bag would find a good home with me.

Talk about a great prize! I have loved each line as they've come out, so, appropriately, Sunkissed is my current fav. I'm in the middle of a baby quilt with it right now. But, I'd sure love some of it for myself ;-). Thanks for the chance!

I love your freshness with colour. I look forward to many years of quilting pleasure with your fabric

Oh I would love this - I totally love everything here, and such gorgeous fabrics too!

loved reading this post and will start following your blog!

I love your creations. Everything. Naturally maybe we have similar likes Target, Pottery Barn. Sunkissed is probably my favorite although I am still coveting pieces of Authentic and can't wait for your next line!

I would love to win the prize! My favorite Sweetwater line is usually the one you've just come out with, and that holds true with Sunkissed. I love it! Thanks for the cake recipe. I'll try it this weekend! Thanks for all your fabric, patterns and generosity with your give-aways.

Congrats! on the book and I love your lines of fabric...the Sunkissed, etc. Winning the Authentic bag full of goodies would be looks so full. This has been such a fun dinner! Thanks.

love love the colors in your fabrics! I need to get my hands on some :)

Congratulations!! SO happy for you!!

I really like all your lines but my favories are make life and sunkissed. I just bought one of the sunkissed patterns and have started following along the block-a-polozza over at Quilt Dad. I live in sunny AZ and the sunkissed fabric just makes me think of summer. Love it. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all. Wish me luck.

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