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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


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I really wanted to make my son a quilt for his big boy bed... but I already filled my plate with four other quilts & several different sewing projects for Christmas. I have six months til his birthday, so I am hoping to get one done in time that he'll adore :)

I really wanted to make a few zipper pouches, but just didn't get to it.
Love your Christmas fabrics. Can't wait to use them next year!

I wanted to make homemade marshmellows. So hopefully next year and wouldn't they looked cute tucked inside a little drawstring bag from that new beautiful Christmas line. I do love that. I have your countdown and I see that you have a fabric to match the numbers on the countdown wheels are turning on what I could make. Thanks for sharing so I know not to buy too much of the on-sale Christmas fabric right now.
Merry Christmas from Korea

I wanted to finish contrasting twin quilts for my twin sisters..... not quite there yet! First thing on the list for next year! thanks and happy holidays.

I really was planning to make a commemorative quilt for my see it's 21 years this year that she has been gone to cancer.....but..there's still next year for her birthday!
sugary hugs and Christmas blessings
WendyB :O)

I didn't get around to making a Christmas quilt again this year. Looks like I will be making one this summer though! Love the new line!!

OH NOOOOO!!!! Do we really have to wait until summer?!?!? This is the best line, and I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on some. Oh and the projects you will do with these fabrics, Christmas is going to come in JULY in 2011! :)

I wanted to make two quilts. One for each of my boys. Did not make it :-( But I will keep trying to get them finished. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

I wanted to make cookies and small loaf cakes (for family Christmas take home gifts) and didn't get it done. I also wanted to complete a charm tumbler lap quilt (surprise for my mother) and the handquilting is taking so very long that it isn't close to being complete.
On a more enthusiastic note, I really like your 2011 Christmas line. My favorites are the small tree prints and the word prints. Also adore your sunkissed. I was attempting to make a preorder on some store sites, yet alas, no such luck as were sold out. Hope win some from you. It is just gorgeous with a wonderful name. Happy Holidays!

I would have liked to do a lot more baking...maybe next year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love that Xmas fabric for next year!

I wanted to get a new tree skirt made but I didn't. Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas.

The new Christmas line looks GREAT..........I can"t wait

I wish I would have been able to finish my Christmas quilt this year, so it will have to wait a year I guess. Homemade cookies we also missed this year. Mommy getting sick for 2 weeks so close to Christmas does not help things.
Thanks for the great giveaway!!

I wanted to get a quilt finished by completing the quilting - it was not a Christmas present but wanted to be able to give it to the daughter it is intended for by the end of the year - now it looks like it may be the end of January!

Countdown to Christmas fabric line is beautiful and the countdown is on until I can buy some.

I didn't get my Christmas cards done and have decided to send them AFTER the holiday and call them New Year cards. They are handemade and the theme can be whatever I want it to be.

I really wanted to create a canvas tree and write words all over it. kind of a wish tree for the coming year. string some lights on it and hang little cards for wishes so that when people come over they can add their wish. I sketched it out and everything! next year? ha ha! ciao!

Wow! The Christmas fabric is amazing!! Can hardly wait. But, meanwhile - I did not send Christmas cards this year. I feel badly every time I get one and realize how nice they are, especially from faraway friends. But, it just wasn't going to get done this year.

I didn't get cookies baked like I wanted to. Thank you for sharing some Sunkisssed with us. Take care and God bless, Cory

Well although I got all my shopping done not all of it arrived due to the dreadful weather in the UK at the moment- The presents will be here for the New Year I hope!!

I wanted to get another christmas quilt done but sadly its still in its layer cake form. I did get two pillows done a month or so ago....from last years to do list. better late than never I spose!!

Merry christmas to you and yours!

I didn't get the holiday pillows finished. I completed one, but have three more partially finished. There's always nexxt week or next year!

I didn't get a scarf finished for my oldest as she was always around. So finding time to complete it didn't happen. But she'll get it after Christmas - we'll still have lots of cold weather.

I really like your new Christmas line for next year, WOW!! I wanted to get some sewing done, a couple little bags, but no, maybe next month after Christmas!

your Christmas line is spectcular!!
I didn't finish my mom's quilt in time for Christmas :(

Merry Christmas. The fabric is beautiful I just love Christmas fabric. I have some Christmas stitcheries that I have been saying for a number years that I will get done oh well may be for next Christmas.

I love your new Christmas line. Traditional red & green are my favorites for Christmas. I wanted to get one more baby quilt finished, but it can wait....the baby isn't here yet!

Didn't get a Christmas table runner done that I wanted to. At least I'm finishing the embroidery portions so that will be ready for next year. Then the piecing can be started. I really like your new Christmas line. Thanks for the contest.

I didn't get anything done that I wanted to, lol.
I have been laid up all month, so I have to rest for now.
Love the fabrics, would be fun to work with.


A lot of UFO's by the wayside but was able to spend two weeks with my 7mos old granddaughter while her Mom recouped from surgery. Mom is doing better and Grandma had a very special time. Hard when they live cross-country. There will be plenty of time in 2011 to catch up on UFO's.

Wonderful fabric, will be a must have for next year. Wanted to make some handbags for my daughters but ran out of time. Thanks for the giveaway.

Thanks for the giveaway. I had wanted to have my neighbors over for cider and cookies. It may have to be a new year things this time.

So many things on my list to make ~ I love giving handmade gifts...but never get them all completed. Every new year I say that I'll start sewing Christmas gifts in January! SIGH

While digging through fabric piles I came across some vintage Christmas pattern fabric that was my Grandmothers. My intent this year was to use that fabric to make new stockings and a tree skirt. Unfortunately I was unable to come up with 2-3 coordinating fabrics that I could incorporate with the vintage. My search was quick and frantic, and unproductive. At least I have all of 2011 to find the perfect companion fabrics for our stockings next year!

I didn't get my handmade christmas cards made this year = oh well there is always next year!!! Love the new christmas line, can't wait.

I wanted to get some baby stuff made for my upcoming niece, but that didn't happen.

I didn't make the sock monkeys for my grand-daughters that I wanted to....Easter will be the holiday they get them!

I didn't get to make any handmade ornaments (yet!).
Your fabric lines are great!

I love your new Christmas 2011 fabric. Can't wait to buy some this next summer. What I didn't get done is a Christmas quilt. Now that I'm reading so many blogs this year and saw so many beautiful Christmas quilts, I need one for our sunroom. Will pick out my pattern so that in June I can buy your fabric.
I love your sunkissed fabric. Will be buying some for the upcoming block-a-plooza.

I think it may be my turn to win :-)
Things I didnt get done....too many to list, like finish the 4 quilt tops for my kids.

I didn't get to any Christmas concerts or shows.I really missed that but have enjoyed the Christmas music at church. I got everything made I wanted to do for Christmas but I am already thinking about next year! Love your fabric!!!

I wanted to have all the wrapping done before Christmas Eve...didn't happen...

I wanted to have all the presents purchased or made before Thanksgiving...didn't happen

I wanted to have a huge Christmas dinner with my kids and grandkids... It WILL happen and I can't wait til Saturday to watch my 5 grandkids open their gifts...and play...

Not entering, but I can't wait until that Christmas fabric hits the stores. I want to do an advent calendar for each of my boys and that fabric would be perfect. Can't wait!!!

Argh, we have to wait till next year for this fabric to come out?!! I absolutely love the whole line.....but the print with the reindeer is my most favorite! I'm already dreaming of lovelies to make.....maybe all the things I didn't get done this an xmas banner, a tree skirt, a round table cloth for my round table (I currently have a square one), or a quilt big enough for my bed!!

Great fabric!!! While I finished 3 quilts for my nieces I didn't get to finish the ones for my own kids. They'll get them for their birthdays.

I got most of the stuff on my list done but I, too, didn't get a lot of baking done.

Didn't get very many Christmas cards out. Hopefully they will get out before the end of the year.

Wow, what I didn't get done. shopping I wanted to do. I have to finish today. Will there be time? I don't know. I do love your fabric, the stripes are my very favorite. Have you ever read the book it is very interesting about the history of stripes. Thanks! lizzie

Unfortunately there is alot that I did not get to make ...
I wanted to make some ornaments for our tree out of music sheets ...
I wanted to make some more presents for the kids.
I wanted to make presents for hubby that all got postponed until after Christmas as there was no way how I could finish it all.
I wanted to make many many cookies. Only baked once.
Wanted to bake a big gingerbread house ...
Oh well, but I am hoping it will be easier next year when my little one will be 2 ...

And thanks for the giveaway!!!!

Love the new line for next Christmas! This year I didn't get all the cards out that I intended, so I'll be moving on to Happy New Year cards, I guess.

oh what fun it is to have and make it for your friends!! Hey> I love it!

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