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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


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Love your new line!!! As for the bucket list...I am living mine!!! Three married children, 5 grans, quilting buddies galore, writing my memoir, loving my husband and most of all...loving the life God gave me....

Not that I wish for the winter to come soon again since winter still is not over here in Wisconsin, but I can't WAIT for the Xmas fabric to come out to make quilts for my children for St. Nick's!

Things I didn't get done this holiday season: Lots of stuff because I had a newborn in the house, but the biggest thing I missed doing was making the chocolate covered rice krispie treats that I enjoy every year!

This makes me crazy for next Christmas!! LOVE the new line and can't wait to see it in July. You gals never disappoint :-).

Now if I can just get my hands on some Sunkissed, I'll be one happy quilter!

love the new Christmas fabric....but for now I'd love the sunkissed prize!!!

poo, i failed to finish sewing half-eaten gingerbread boy ornaments made out of felt for some friends. i'll finish them this weekend for next holiday season. thanks for the push. best wishes for an artful new year.

You guys have such great taste! I did get some must finish items done. I'm not sure why, but I didn't manage to finish a Christmas table runner that is all basted and everything. All I needed to do is quilt it and bind it. I also wanted to make a tree skirt that didn't happen. Oh well. There is always next Christmas. Happy New Year!

Didn't get done? Oh my goodness - I didn't send Christmas cards; I didn't bake Christmas cookies; I didn't get the doll quilts made I wanted to for my granddaughter; shoot - I didn't even get everything wrapped.

I really wanted to make quilts for my breakfast friends, but the time just went by soooo quickly. They still received handmade gifts, but next year the quilts will be ready because I am starting early!!!

For myself, I wish I got more done for my kids, we lost my Mom recently and I didn't find the Christmas spirit until Christmas eve - when I started their shopping.

So I missed on 95% of our traditions. I hope to make it up to them on NYE. They were awesome kids and still had the excitement as if I had done all the traditions - with one exception they got up at 3:30 am. Stinkers, learned how to set an alarm, lol.

My aim for the last two Christmases has been to have my living room redecorated and it remains undecorated. I have almost a year to pull my socks up and get it done.

I had big plans on making each of my daughters & DIL a table cover. Didn't get done, so now I'm going to try and make them for their birthdays.
Can't wait till the new line is here!

I would have like to gotten my Christmas cards out on time -- but now I guess it'll be New Year's cards!

I would have liked to sew a few more Christmas presents, but so it goes. I tried a new cookie recipe that turned out great, which is amazing, because I'm not a very good cookie maker. Your Christmas fabric looks like fun. Love the reindeer!

This is an amazing collection...I really love the reindeer pattern...I have some of it in paper from a long time ago MY FAVORITE :)
This year I wanted to make my dad a lap quilt in the color grey because the color grey represents Brain Cancer...he was diagnosed in March...that didn't get now I am hoping to get it done for him for his B-day in February.

Well, I had planned on hand-made Christmas cards, but it didn't happen. Maybe with your new soon-to-come "Countdown To Christmas Time" fabric line, I will get it done next year!?
Thanks for the giveaway!

I wanted to be done with the quilt for my niece's soon to be newborn least he isn't due for another 60 days!!
The new fabrics look absolutely beautiful

This Christmas I didn't finish the quilt for my cousin's new baby. She doesn't know I'm making it, so it isn't a disappointment to her, but I really want to finish it!

Already have Sunkissed. Love the Christmas fabric, will have to save a little extra money up for it's release. I love Christmas fabric and this looks like it will be top on my list.

I was working on a king size quilt for my boyfriend’s mother but when my boyfriend proposed on Thanksgiving everything shift to wedding planning. Oh well I have a jump start on my future mother in laws present for next year : ) I can’t wait to make our first stockings out of your new Christmas line!

I think get any gift wrapping done until xmas eve so most gifts were lucky to have paper surround them--hardly any had bows or ribbon and when I see pictures all over the web of uniquely wrapped gifts, it saddens me that I didn't have time to embellish my little gifts, because I had all the stuff....

Didn't get my Christmas cards made...too many projects to do. LOVE the new Christmas fabrics!

I wanted to make quilted stockings for my family. Ran out of time and also didn't make it to my local quilt shop to pick out fabric before they were out of Christmas. This new line will be perfect. I'll have to order and start over the summer - then I should have plenty of time to finish.

My hubs, son and I were going to pick out 2 appetizers each and make them for some together time before we drove to visit relatives. We didn't. I'm hoping to do it when we get back though since I was so disappointed.

We got no baking done this year. We all got hit with the flu earlier in the week; all I wanted was for us to be healthy for Christmas. I got that wish!

Thanx for the chance. Can not wait to get my hands on this Christmas line!

I made a good friend a Advent calender but didnt get mine done. I will finish it this week and will ready for next year. :O)
Love the christmas collection!

Didn't get to much baking. Son came home w/ flu the week before Christmas, and it hung around for almost a week, and the kitchen is in the middle of remodel, which has been a slight hindrance, but looking forward to begin the New Year. Jackie

I love you new line... congratulations!!!

Ok I'm breathing into a brown paper bag after just seeing your new Christmas fabrics...pant.pant.pant. I'm ok now! Absolutely LOVE them! Was wishing I could decorate a few more kitchen towels for my sisters-in-law but guess I'll shoot for Valentines Day!

I love the Christmas fabic. I never get all the things I want to do done. I want to cook more than I have time for and I want to sew but I run out of time and money. This year I wanted to make a lot of American Girl outfits for my 3 granddaughters. I did get a few pieces done for each but not as many as I would of hoped for. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Love your Christmas line!!!! And, I really love your display. So much talent all in one family!

I didn't get my grandson's Christmas stocking done.(How sad is that?) At least there's a Christmas every year!

We made some terrible cookies that went into the trash too. Must have been the curse of this year :-) What I didn't get finished was my husbands birthday quilt. His birthday is shortly after Christmas and I always need his presents done before the holiday because things are just too busy with the holiday and everyone home. Sadly, I had to wrap a nearly done present.

Love that fabric! But one thing I didn't get done this season was Grandma's Forgotten cookies... Doesn't help that hubby doesn't like them, but I should've done it for mom and brother (and me!). Maybe for New Years?

Oh now I can't wait for July!!

My little guy wanted an adorable stuffed owl for Christmas, but all the quilts took my time and I didn't get to it. He was bummed yesterday. But I still promised I would make him one soon.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

I wanted to decorate my house more. It seems like I have too many decorations and so little time! Thanks for the chance to win.

I wanted to bake more cookies (only baked biscotti which was a gift for my sister) but my daughter shared her cookie stash with me - yum!!
Love your sunkissed fabric - can't wait to sew with it!
Happy Holidays!

Didn't get my cookies made or the purse i was going to make for my daughter. I just love the Sunkissed. Looks like i'm going to need that new line for christmas 2011! Thanks for the giveaway!

This new line looks great! I can imagine many wonderful items made from it and look forward to seeing your samples. I always have Christmas remorse - did I do enough? Did I bake enough, make enough, give enough? But I already have plans for items to make for next year and as soon as I get started I will lose the remorse and begin feeling the anticipation for next year!

I wanted to make a flannel quilt but never got the fabric out of the bag - hope to make it before winter is over!

I wanted to make Christmas stockings for my sister's family but it didn't get finished. Hopefully they will be ready by next Christmas. Your new fabrics look great.

I started an appliqued wallhanging for my brother, but didn't get it done. Hubby had ankle surgery a week ago and the master bath remodel started two weeks ago. With plumber and electrician in and out of the house for 4 days, and hubby in the recliner with his foot elevated, needless to say there was NO TIME in the sewing room! But tonight I am decompressing and browsing and came across this great blog while looking at Pure. Love this new Christmas line preview too!

The Christmas fabric is splendid! I love the Sunkissed line and am patiently waiting for it to arrive at my local quilt shop.

I did not get to mail Christmas cards but plan to write some personal notes over the next few days. There just never seems to be enough time.

there were lots of yummy goodies that didn't get made and 5 little zippered pouches!
Thank you for the chance!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Oh, I love this Christmas fabric. Sunkissed looks lovely as well.

Two baby blankets! And i would love to win some sunkissed!

I Can't wait.

There are always one or two hand made gifts I didn't start soon enough and so they don't get given out. Some years it's cookies just like you!

Mine is always the same! I never get all the sewing projects that I dream of done! Maybe if I start now I will be finished by next Christmas. But no guarantee!!!


I LOVE your new Christmas line. I can't wait to see what you're designing. Keep up the wonderful work!

I am working on pocket Advent calendars with hand made ornaments for my three boys. I have the squares cut out, and a sheet of your Christmas countdown iron on labels for one, and about 10 ornaments made.

I love the Christmas collection, I still have some coordinating scrapbook paper that I have been hoarding since I used the paper in my December journal in 2006. Yikes!!!!

I would love to have gotten some sunkissed fabric! I plan to particapat in the block a poloza!

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