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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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Sunkissed is already out and available? I really need some of it...where can I purchase it? TIA

Wow, this might be my FAVORITE Label Crew project so far!! I LOVE IT and can't wait to receive it in the mail! :)

Can't wait for it to get here! Got a new machine for xmas to try it out on. :)

I can't wait to get this pattern! These are adorable!

Are you going to have kits for these on etsy? I have some SunKissed already but I have plans for that. I could get more but I just love the kits.

Oooo, something to look forward to in the mail when we get home from all our holiday travels!

I can't wait for my packet to get here. Now I need to get Sunkissed.

Oh, I can't wait to get mine!! Gotta have some of that fabric!

Is it possible to get something similar with a photo printed on it? I got my mrs a cushion with both our faces on last year but this looks like a better fabric.

I have been wanting to try mug rugs!!! I loved last years v-day projects...I did the cards and the coffee cozies. I will order some sunkissed so I am ready. I love all your fun things...thank you!

Merry Christmas

Will you be putting fabric kits on your etsy site? I haven't seen the Sunkissed fabrics in my local store

oooh. These are so pretty. I love pink. Thanks for sharing something that wasn't green and red =)

Is there some way of getting notiied when these kits hit the etsy shop ... Santa would surely put these in my stocking if they were available to go along with the Sunkissed Charm Pack that's getting inserted!!! :) Love them!!

So getting some of these!

Now I can't wait til they get here...and I alredy have a supply of Sunkissed pre cuts in the house. Happy Holidays!

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