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Friday, November 05, 2010


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Congratulations on your booth. I love the 3 bags you have pictured on your 12 Days of Christmas Blog. They are all 3 adorable. How can one be picked out as a favorite as they are all cute. Is there a pattern available?

Oooh! I LOVE your booth and your fabric! Thank you for the delightful peek inside. I hope it was an awesome show for you. :)

Love the booth and the pillow...well I can't wait to see if it turns up in the 12 days!

ACK! Please excuse my typos in that last message. I am working with one hand right now as I had hand surgery this week and my right and dominant hand is in a cast.

What a grat lookin booth. It's not surprising you won a prize. LOVE the flowers. The Twelve Days of Christmas sounds like fun. I hadn't found your blog last year so I'll be following along since O can always use new ideas.

just lovely.

Let me just say this .... DDDDRRRRUUUUUUUULLLLLEEEE! Beautiful :)

yeah can't wait for the 12 days! Any projects we can use our personalized labels on?

The booth is amazing. It should have taken 1st place. I am looking forward to next week and the holiday projects. I could use some inspiration. Have a great weekend.

Your booth looked amazing :) Looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas...can't wait to see what you ladies have cooked up! is that little swing for sell?

It looks fabulous! I love the swing with the branch nearby. Good job and congrats on your award!!

Love the fabric with words/handwriting on it! Keep it coming!

Can't wait for the 12 days of Christmas projects, I bought some last year (albeit late) and was just going through some of them today getting them done up. Great job with the booth! Congrats on the award!

I LOVE that orange fabric!! My favorite EVER! When will it be available??

Congrats on the award!! Can't wait for next week and your great projects. I know I say it often, but you guys create the most fun projects and I so enjoy sewing them up! Have a great weekend!

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