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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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Summer Breeze is my favorite. I have to have that pattern!

SummerBreeze is so super cute!! I wish I was going to the Quilt Market!!

I really like the bags!

I'm a HUGE fan of bags - all sorts - but, I would have to pick Summer Breeze as my favorite.
Everything is wonderful - you don't disappoint!

I love them all! Box lunch caught my eye. I love the beautiful colors!

I like them all, but I think I would go with Snack Sack. I'm on a bag making kick right now and think these would make perfect gifts! Thanks!

Summer Breeze is definitely my favorite! I saw it over on the Moda Website and I was just dying over it!

All of the new patterns are so cute! But if I had to choose the flower pin cushion is my favorite!! I have a passion for pin cushions!! Great job!! Good luck at market!

I love them all but if I had to choose I like the pokadot one the best.

hi, I can't decide between the little snack bags and the summer breeze quilt! they are all so cute. would love to win the patterns.

I just love all your patterns. They are so simple and sweet. Love all the bags. Sandi

I love them all but if I have to pick one it would be the Pack and Go. They are cute and would make great gifts. Hope all goes well next week.

Goodness gracious how do I choose?! I think if I must say, the Snack Sack is my fav! So very cute!!

They are all so pretty- but I think I would choose Summer Breeze.

Summer breeze...loveit!

love the travel bags!!! :)

I love the Sunflower Pincushion and want to make it for all my quilting friends.

I absolutely love the Slice pattern! And the pack and go bags would be a perfect present for my sisters and sil's this Christmas!

Just love the look of the new Sunkissed fabric! I have made a quilt from each of your fabrics...Authentic, Make Life and Pure, and now I can barely wait for this new line. The flower pincushion is o so sweet!

Ooh! Box Lunch is my favorite. Way too cute. I'm really psyched for the vinyl, too!

Ooh! Box Lunch is my favorite. Way too cute. I'm really psyched for the vinyl, too!

I love all of them. Sweetwater has such a nice style.

Ooh! Box Lunch is my favorite. Way too cute. I'm really psyched for the vinyl, too!

wow! Amazing! Think boxed lunch but is close between it and summer breeze...think i will make both...why not?!

YAY how fun
Love the sanck sacks - also adore the fabric.
Have fun at market - hope to see you there

love them all...but I think the snack sack and the little to go bags are adorable!!!

hands down- summer breeze

I love Summer Breeze. Can't wait for the fabric to be available. When you gave us a sneak peek a while back I drew up a quilt I would like to make for me. So, even though it won't be available until next year, that is probably a good i have to work on gifts for others. After the's all for me!

It is really hard to pick a favorite. I totally love all the fabrics, cant wait to get my hands on some yardage. If I must choose, I would go with "Summer Breeze.

I love all of the patterns but my favorite is Summer Breeze. Beautiful!

OMG!!! It is so hard to choose which is my favorite, but if I have to, I love the lunch bags and summer breeze. I just love your new fabric line. I can't wait to get my hands on some of it. Have fun at market!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

They're all wonderful! I love Box Lunch and then Summer Breeze. Oh, but I've always been a fan of yellow so Slice is in there too! I can't pick just one. Sorry.

I love the snack sack. I have been looking for a cute lunchbox pattern, and these are adorable.

Oh dear, it's impossible to pick just one ...
but, I suppose I'd have to say that I adore the Summer Breeze quilt and the little Travel Bags, too.

I love them all, but especially the sunflower pincushion - it reminds of all the wonderful sunflowers I grew in my garden this summer for the first time!

It's a toss up between Summer Breeze and Box lunch! Both so very darling!

summer breeze or box lunch- love the colors on both!

i with the masses- summer breeze is my fave. i also love the colors in box lunch

I love the Slice pattern. So cute.

DO I have to pick just one?!?!? Love them all but especially summer breeze. Love the colors and textures of your new line!! Thanks for giving us a chance to win!!! Have fun at market!!! Jen

I love them all, but my very very favorite is the snack pak lunch pattern! LOVE IT!!

I love "snack Sack"... it's a great idea!!!

The Travel bags are awesome!

I absolutely LOVE the summer breeze pattern. I can't wait for this fabric to come out, it is just gorgeous!


Summer breeze is my favorite if I have choose just one! FUN giveaway, thanks!

I like all of them a lot but my favourite is... the Snack Packs. Hugs Ullis in Sweden

It would be hard to pick a favorite! They are all great! Those bags are just lovely!!!

Love them all, but especially "Slice". I love it's simplicity and the two-color quilt!

I love that summer breeze! I also want to tell you, I Love that you guys do covered fabrics and canvas. I am plannign on makign a cover, or recovering my couch in teh brown Pure! WAHOO!!!

I just love them all!!
For me, summer breeze wins with those little banners, but I just can't wait to make some snack sacks for the kids!!
Thanks for the great giveaway!!

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