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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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The title "Sunkissed" creates magic with your new line of fabric! I love it!!!

Living life is such a joy and a pleasure when I have your fabrics when sewing Christmas socks, quilts, place mats, etc. I am just in awe at your creativity!!! Thank you so much!

I fell in Love with "Box Lunch"! I pictured a nice picnic on it. Thank you for the chance in this wonderful giveaway.

Sunkissed is sooo beautiful it is very hard to choose. As the days grow longer and winter fades away, 'Summer Breeze' makes me want to go fly a kite.

I loved the sunflower pin cushion. Everything is so fresh and pretty.

Beautiful!! I'm particularly in love with the bags . . .

Ooohhhhhhhhhh I love the summer breeze pattern! soooooo fresh and prettyyyyyy!

Cute, cute, cute!!!!! I want to make them all. Just looking at them has helped blast this dreary, gray weather we're having.

I love your blog
my favorite is the polka dots....but they are all so beautiful good work

I am in love with the Pack & Go and Box Lunch -so dang adorable!!

Hope it's not too late... I've just fallen in love with Summer Breeze. Not just the fabric and the colours... but also the quilt design... I just love it. Thank you for your incredible designs and creativity.

I am only a week late, but the snack sacks are so cute! I love your new line, I can't wait till it comes out.

Summer Breeze is beautiful in its simplicity. Love it.

I love the Summer Breeze - when will the pattern be available? I would love to win - I think I have made three of your patterns already.

Love the Pack and Go bags! And Box Lunch rings my bell.

Hard decisions: My vote goes for Summer Breeze (reminds me of going to a County Fair) and Snack Sack (as I pack my own lunch for work and that bag has my name ALL over it)!

I love them all but I have to say that summer breze is my favorite. It just makes me smile :)

i LOVE summer breeze and box lunch and slice ...
how to choose a fave ? :)
as winner i know i'd have to, right now i just enjoy them and drink in their beauty :)
hoping that's inspiration to you!

Love them all, but my favorite is Summer Breeze! I can't wait until this line is available.

I love the lunch bags because I take one every day. Also the fabric line is great and so diversified.

Beautiful! Love the Pack & Go bags.

Wow I love the bags, will be great to take to beach!

Love the colors in all of them but the first one, Summer Breeze is stunningly cute! Very refreshing and the name is too cute too. Thanks for the chance to win these fantastic items. Jane

I just love the sacks. When will the laminated cotton be in the stores? I must have it!

What lovely quilts - love love the fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

Beautiful! I love those snack sacs.

Summer Breeze Pattern is so unique. I also love the lunch bags...I'd love to make some to take to work. The fabric line is great---reminds me of summer.

I am so in love with the first quilt! Love the bunting on it! I really need to make a quilt for my Daughter. She is 3 and always wants the stuff that I am making but it is always custom orders! She needs a cute quilt for her own!

I love everything you create...but if I had to choose a favourite-it would be summer breeze. Very fresh!

Hard to pick, I love all the patterns. But my favorite is Summer Breeze.

Wow! I can't stop looking at the Summer Breeze quilt. It is so BEAUTIFUL!

I love the new snack bags pattern, especially in laminated fabrics.
Thanks for a chance to win.

All of your patterns are adorable!! Love the snack bags and the summer breeze quilt. Thanks for the chance. Have fun at Market!!

Love, love them all; but if I had to choose the bags are adorable

Hope I'm not too late but I love the Snack bags

All the patterns are wonderful, but I would pick Summer Breeze as my favorite. Love, love, love the fabric!

Oh wow I love them all, but Summer Breeze is a winner in my book :-) Have a wonderful week!

I love them all...but if I have to pick I would say Summer Breeze.
Connie F

Wow - it is tough to choose a favourite because I love them all but at a push I would say Summer Breeze but closely followed by the zippered pouches. I hope we get some of the vinyl fabric here in the UK....

I so hope I am not too late to respond (living on the other side of the world and all!) SO many choices and such a HARD decision to make!! I think though, that Summer Breeze is my favourite - takes me back to my childhood soo many years ago!

My favorite is definitely the summer breeze quilt--I love the way it moves!

I love box lunch and the snack sack, guess I'm hungry!!!

Love summer breeze, slice and those cute zip bags..I really really like all of them. Good luck at market.

Oh, they are all wonderful! I think Summer Breeze is my fave, if I have to pick one. I am drooling over the Sunkissed fabric line, you guys just keep getting better and better!

omgoosh, the bags are fabulous! thanks for letting me enter!

hmm tough to pick just one but I love those cute lil baggies! the vintage feel and up to the minute look combined into one fabulous quilt! Love your patterns!

Summer Breeze is my favorite.. which was hard because I LOVED this entire line!!

I absolutely love Summer Breeze. It is adorable!

Love the whole line!!

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