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Thursday, July 08, 2010


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Cute kid pics! Cute pillows! I love using your labels and would sure love to win a pillow kit!

Hmmmm, I think I'm too late to enter the contest but can't wait to see what your daughter is working on. My summer projects contain a mish-mash of patriotic/halloween quilts and a t-shirt quilt (hopefully). And also trying to get some UFOs finished!!!! Are you going to put some kits for these adorable pillows on etsy?? Thanks!!

Looking forward to seeing your daughter's project! It's been a lazy summer so far at my house; but still lots of stitching going on -- hand embroidery to be exact. Working hand-stitched pillowcases for all 6 grandbabes (5 girls & 1 boy). Had forgotten how much I loved embroidery - it's been a nice portable (and fairly inexpensive) summer project.

I enjoy not being the teacher also, I have no patience for it. Thanks goodness for grandmas!

This summer is full of baby projects. I got 3 friends and myself ready to give birth so I got lots to do.

Good luck to your daughter and her 1st sewing project. I'm sure it will turn out great!

Too many projects to count....there are pumpkin table runners and wall quilts, santa hat wall hangings, fish wall quilts, a king size flannel quilt to finish, a queen blue/brown quilt to finish, 2 4th of July table runners....and the list goes on. How much fun is this??? I love summer when it is too hot to go outside. :)

I wish I had a grand daughter to teach how to sew. I just got a new sewing machine so I am busy learning all it can do.

I'm sewing a charity quilt for a young child (bright and colorful). I have several other projects, such as totes and quilts for Christmas gifts. I'm busy! Love the pattern you are offering!

4-H...FUN!! We have just finished up our projects this weekend. Our judging is on Tuesday and then animals (we are taking 2 pigs)go in on this Friday....and all the real FUN begins! This is our first year..our oldest is finally old enough...thanks for the great giveaway and GOOD LUCK at the fair.

Having a senior in the house is creating quite a list of projects! However, the number 1 project is completing his scrapbooks of his school years.
Following that, my "quilter" cousin is going to help me with a t-shirt quilt of Josh's cross country and swimming accomplishments. I can't wait to see what that will look like.
What a cute pillow design and all!

Sounds kind of strange it's summer and I am currently working on a Winter Whimsicals's quilt. Though it would be nice to actaully have it done before winter! It's like clothes you need to work on them in the wrong season.

I'm making curtains for my new home this summer. They are turning out great! I also am starting my Christmas gifts. I come from a large family so every year we pick names. This year I got my big sister, aka best friend, and am making her a bed quilt. It will take a while!

I have 5 baby showers this fall, so I'm running my own one person baby quilt sweat shop this summer :-)

How fun!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! I am trying to finish a graduation quilt for my nephew and lap quilt for my husband from a kit I bought in 2001!!!!! :)

I am working on a christmas table runner, a bit early I know.

I am working on taming my stash...sewing scrap quilts and getting my sewing room to where I can move around. Great summer activity!!

In Australia it is cold and windy - but I have a huge number of projects I am working on. I have completed my Sweetwater bag for the Bagaliscious club - and LOVE it. I have also bought some of the Pure range and there is not one fabric I don't love!! Am thinking of another bag and a matching needlecase...

I am working on two Christmas stockings. I hope to finish both soon!! Thanks for the chance at a neat giveaway.

I just finished quilting my very first quilt made with your "Authentic" line and I have made another quilt top from "Make Life Sweet" that is next in line to be quilted. I can hardly wait for "Pure" to be available, so in the meantime I am working on a quilt for my daughter and I'm dreaming of another quilt with my Authentic scraps. I just love your fabric.....Thanks!

I am finishing a quilt for my daughter's 24th birthday on 7/26, working on a prayer quilt for a friend with pancreatic cancer, and making totebags for all the ladies in my Bible Study.

A friend and I are finishing a round robin quilt. Back and forth, just two of us. It has been so much fun!

Those pillows are awesome!
Right now I am making a christening gown for my first grandchild - Audrey. It is very time consuming because there is lots of lace and lots of hand stitching. And I'm also making the slip, the bloomers, and the bonnet! Yikes, gotta go, the ceremony is next Sunday!!

The little pillow pattern is SO cute!

This summer, my husband and I have been working at beautifying our yard. We've been removing rocks from around some old flower beds (aka weed patches), cleaning things up and getting grass growing. A lot of hard work but rewarding results....

For fun, we've been going tubing in the Eau Claire River.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!

Sandra :)

I spent the day organizing my sewing room so I'm ready to go! Yeah it feels great.

We're working on a major refurbishment of our kitchen dining room and I'm keeping the colors very neutral with white, beige and black and will add "pops" of lime green with decorative accents.

Your mini pillows are adorable!

I am working on a quilted laptop sleeve for my daughter and hotpad sets for my sisters.
Thanks for the chance to win!

I am working on two quilt alongs and a quilt for my son. Love the pillow. Thanks for the chance to win.

got to love the fair especially from the sidelines!! Helped my daughter make a bag for the fair once... not quite an experience extaordinare but we finished the project and she actually got to go to the state fair with the bag it was thrilling! made up for all the tears in the process....wish your daughter a big blue ribbon or purple for best of show!! Pillow and embroidery pillow are so cute. I could think of one gal to gift it to! Thank goodness for grandmas....Give her a hug!

Well, let's see... I just finished a couple summer tops, and am starting a little quilt for my trailer... It's always nice to have a little blanket while sitting around the fire...

I'm just putting the binding on a Wild Thing quilt by Thimble Blossoms. I used Chez Moi's Posh mixed with a chocolate brown dot fabric and I'm so happy with how it looks! Next on my list is an Amy Butler throw from a free Country Living pattern from years ago. I'm using Pillow and Maxfield's Whimsy fabric. THEN, I'm doing the coin collecting quilt designed by Rachel Griffiths using Pure just as soon as the fabric becomes available!!
Thanks for the chance to win!

I'm working on a play kitchen for my kiddos. I'm not sure who will be more excited when it is finished...them or me! hehehehehehe

I signed up for a quilt class in June. My quilt is now ready for binding, and I love it.

I just recently bought my first serger, and have been fiddling with it this summer. I've made quite a few repairs (throw pillows, floor bean bags) done some quick edging on aprons, and am starting on levi quilts for my sons. I really need to sit down and concentrate on using the rolled hem... guess I need to make something else!

Right now I working on a big organizing project trying to organize all my art & scrapbooking supplies to fit into a big wall unit. I hope to finish it soon so I can get some sewing done before school starts back.

Oh I can't wait to see the finished project either....seriously, I bet it will be just beautiful. :) I'm actually into clay now, (although I'm still loving my paper and my sewing machine), but I've been having fun creating all sorts of fun things with clay.

Getting ready to start Passion Flowers applique quilt by Piece o Cake designs.

I'm going to teach my niece and her friend how to embroider. They are both 24 and have resisted my offers to teach them earlier. But now they have asked me to teach them and I'm jumping on the opportunity. That pillow would be a perfect first project. And it is so cute!

I am working on some quilts for comfort for our church members!! Each one is so different.

So cute! Currently working on a quilt for my parents for Christmas, but even with such an early start I'm not sure it will get done for this year.

Thank you for this giveaway. The pillow kit is pretty. The project that I am working on this summer is a bed quilt called Japanese Fans. It is a challenge and must learn more about sashiko. I can empathize with your daughter cutting out her pattern with pinking shears. They make my hand hurt too. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I'm working on Christmas projects right now. I can't believe that Christmas is only 5 months away. ahhhhhh..... I'll hopefully have 3 quilts done for my grandparents and mother by the time December comes.

Thats so cute! they're ganging up on you! At least you got in there with the camera!
Silly silly me decided to start hand piecing a double wedding ring quilt. Not one of my smartest ideas but so far its going well! 4 rings down, HEAPS to go!

I am almost finished with a quilt for my daughter to take when she leaves for her freshman year of college! My next project is a roman shade for my dining room...summer vacation is never long enough!

I am working on my Make Life Quilt!!!

I am finishing a quilt that was started some time ago and have been planning my christmas projects.

I have just finished 2 twin bed quilts for Granddaughters number 6 and 7 and have started on a wedding quilt for a very dear friend's daughter. I am running out of summer as I have 2 more quilts to go.

I'm making a quilt for husban for our anniversary in August.

I have been sewing for our almost 2 year old grandson. Some pjs and some cute little pants with a fake fly front and cargo pockets on the sides. He loves trucks, backhoes and scoopers, etc.; so one pair is fabric with those things on it.
Thanks for a chance to win.

The project that seems to be never ending is mowing my lawn. Something that just has to be done. My fun project however, has been photography. I love taking pics!

Right now I am working on a doll cradle quilt for my friend's daughter's birthday (she loves her "babies"). I am using a panel of "Dick and Jane" that I found at one of the local Guild shows a few months ago.

Oh no! I didn't proof my comment and am now sitting her laughing my head off. When I said "so", I meant "sew". Really, I do know some grammar (but not where to put commas... inside parenthesis? or outside?)

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