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Friday, April 30, 2010


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I hope it was a fun event! I would have loved to come, but had a niece's wedding to do instead! Love your stuff!

Love to order some of that baby blue fabric...You are a bit to far to drop in...I am in the Niagara Peninsula in Canada...hope everything sells..except for a few yards of the blues lol..b
blessings madame samm

looks like so much fun.... i wish i could have been there!

Was there! Was awesome! Love everything I got- so happy! My friend and I are making it a yearly tradition - hope you continue to too!
{& hubby was unimpressed with the scrapbook stuff (he just does not get it!) I brought home -but totally thought the little suitcase was awesome! :) }
Thank you!!!

I'm sure you are all having a fun time right now! I wish I could have made it today, but hopefully if you do this again, I'll be able to! At least it's a beautiful day!

Wishing I knew where this was.....but it's not near me....missing out here in Georgia!

People who live in your area don't know how lucky they are! Any chance you'll offer your leftovers to your "friends" in California?

Oh Susan - such temptation! How I wish I could just jump on a plane and come along.

Oh I so wished we lived closer. You would have to run me off with a stick :0)

So sad in Arkansas....

Enjoy your day!!

I live even further away. Have fun I wish I could join you.

Totally not fair that you don't live close!! You should do a 48 states open house!! Yeah, and you can start in Northern California!! yeah!! that sounds like a really good idea to me! I hope the open house is a success!!

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