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Monday, April 26, 2010


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My best Mothers day gift EVER was my Son!
How can you top that??
Another favorite a book of favorite family recipes. :-)

One of my favorite Mother's gift was a photo book that my kids did for me from Shutterfly.
To have all our photos all in one book was wonderful. What Mom doesn't like photos and a book!

Today is intended to celebrate the efforts of our mothers and all of the mother figures in our lives, and I'm wishing all mothers and children a joyous day.


The best Mother's Day gift was right before my moma died. My daughter sang "The Perfect Fan" while playing the song. My moma and I both cried and I have never forgotten that.

My 4 yo daughter made a book for me ""all about mom"/. The entire book was food oriented LOL. either she was hungry when she wrote it, or I eat entirely too much

Take her out for a mother daughter outing...fav place to eat, craft store & end with a good cafe for some yummy dessert!

Every year my husband brings home my favorite flowers geraniums and pansies for us to plant in the flower beds. It is great since I get to enjoy my flowers the entire season PLUS we spend some quality time together planting them.

As a single Mom for many years, it became a day that I let the boys plan. It was sometimes not much...a day at the beach, dinner at McDonalds and gifts made at school. But, it was their ideas that made it special. Good times!!

My husband made a book of my son's first year. It was in chronological order and brought me to tears. Thanks so much!

My son gave me TV trays so that we could watch movies and eat dinner at the same time! Oh, how I abhor the idea of those two together, but what's a mom to say? Nothing. Look excited and just do it! And almost 10 years later, he still wants to do this. And I still jump up and get excited. So, give your mom something you can do together--a play, bowling, anything. It's the time together that's important, not the gift. ♥

The best mother's day gift I received was my daughter! Everyone at the hospital was wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. It was the best feeling! To become a mother on Mother's day! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and grandmothers out there!

The best gift I have gotten for Mother's Day was a healthy baby boy. Actually, it was a lot of work on my part. LOL

cute giveaway....please count me in!!!

My mom always gets me mother's day cards from my pets so I don't feel left out when all my sister's are enjoying their mother's day. That's pretty sweet of her. But this year I'll be a first-time mom and able to join in.

The one my mom still talks about is when I surpized her with a limo trip up the Calif. Coast and into Hollywood where I had tickets for us to see Annie, the play.

For me... When my sons got together (in their 20's) and crafted my Mother's Day cards, using crayons and all!

Every year my husband gives me the same wonderful gift - he cleans/details my car - I LOVE IT! So nice after a winter of abuse. Thanks for the chance!

My first Mother's Day I wasn't expecting a whole lot since my son was just a baby and it was the first of many that my husband would have to figure out something to get me. That day however, there was a knock at the door and low and behold there was a flower man delivering flowers. A HUGE hydrangea plant in a beautiful planter. From my OWN mother of course not the hubby!! Which in itself wasn't suprising (that she thought of me) but the fact that it was on time (she lives FAR away and nothing gets to me on the exact day whether it be birthday, christmas, easter, etc. It's usually a few WEEKS (hehe) late.) What made it even better was I had just went looking for my third one to plaint over the weekend (killed the other two!)It was amazing and perfect.

I can't remember what the best gift I ever gave or received, but I know the best I could get is a clean house. I have hinted to my husband, actually I came out and told him, but I am still waiting to get that. Maybe this year? I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Best Mother's Day was going to a local greenhouse with my kids and we all picked out flowers for my garden then went home and planted them together!

The best gift is when all my kids are together and I esp love it when they bring me breakfast in bed. The other thing I love are the handmade cards and or notes.

My mom the coffee-holic would love a cozy! So, I am gonna hope to win this for her. :)
I just finished making a mini photo book for my Mother In Law for mother's day. I am pretty excited about it, it has phots of her kids & her hubby, and her grand-dogs. I think she will just adore it, she's a photo loving scrapbook type. And I am going to have all the kids write a note to her in the fron & her hubby write a note to her in the back. I can hardly wait to wrap it and give it to her!

I have always loved spending the day with my kids. I've got 5 of them ages 28 - 32 now and lots of grandkids. My most favorite gifts have been the handmade ones from the kids over the years and handmade cards.
Laura T

Oh I hope I'm not too late for this wonderful giveaway! The best mother's day gift I ever received was finding out I was expecting my first child! Nothing quite like that!


I think the best mother's day gift I have received was my rotary cutter and mat!

The best Mothers Day happens every year. I enjoy when the kids get together and do special things for me. I expecially like it when my only daughter in law ring leads my four sons and plans everything out....LOL

the strangest gift I recieved was when my children were little I got wheetabix with ornage juice on bless them and they sat there whilst I ate it (my tummy does summersalts at the thought) the nicest was a bunch of wild flowers gosh I miss the old days but thank goodness the memory hasn't started to go thanks for the chance take care Nicole x

My husband and boys have given me many fun things, but the most special gift I receive on Mother's Day is that they all show up! I love having my three boys, their two wives and one girlfriend, and now my two grand daughters home for dinner and fun. Hubby always cooks, which I prefer to going out, and I love it!

The best mothers day gift I ever received was when my first son was born. We brought him home from the hospital that day. He is about to be 12...hard to believe how quickly time flies by. It was my first ever mothers day and my husband bought me a charm (a baby booty) for my charm bracelet.

Well....the best mothers day gift I ever recivied was our first child. She was born on mothers day (May 12,1991). I always tell her that she gave me the BEST gift of all time, her!! And so inturn I gave my mother and mother-in-law the gift of a baby girl for mothers day too. I dont think that will help you with what to give your mom,at least not this year.HA HA.
The cup cozies are beautiful! You do such wonderful work. :o)

My best mothers day gift every year is a twelve pack of Diet Coke- how white trash am I? Thanks for the giveaway!

In second grade I wrote down all of reasons my mom was special and my teacher laminated it. My mom keeps it on her dresser and I think it makes her feel special to this day. By the way, I'm now 30. I hope to one day have something just as special from my children.

Hands down, the best gift was my Nikon dSLR I got two years ago. My husband had been away a bunch (he's in the military) and saved up the extra money he got from being on assignment to buy it for me for Mother's Day! Good pictures are very important to me and it's a present I've used mulitple times daily since then!

The best gift on Mother's Day has always been just being together as a family - what could be better than laughing and enjoying each other's company? My husband died nearly 4 years ago, and one of my daughter's lives a few states away from me, so there are not quite as many to gather as previously. This year my sister will be here, and all three of my granddchildren (ages 25, 9, and 3 1/2) so it will be special. Love of family is the best gift of all.

My boys took me to cub scout camp. Not what I had expected, but it turned out really fun.

My best morthers day gift was from my son in kindergarten he decorated a babyfood jar with colored tissue paper it looked like astained glass votive holder he is now a senior in High School and I still have it on my dresser. Thanks for the chance.

This is the first Mothers Day without my mum. She passed a month ago in my arms, on her birthday. The best gift would be to just have my time with her again. She taught me to sew, to laugh, to live..

Last year I got a painted bowl with my sons handprint in the middle of it. I loved it then and it makes me smile still every time I use it

Wow! Those are so cute. I would actually love to make them. I love your fabric cute!

Honestly, A hug and kiss from my little girl is the best gift! She is my little miracle!

I've only been a mom for five years now, but the best present was last year, when my husband took all three of our kids (ages 5,4, & 2) and left me in an empty, quiet house for a whole day. and I really did miss them by the end, but the time alone was priceless.

I have never received mother's day gifts. However, when I was little I would always make my mom breakfast in bed for mothers day. It always had cinnamon rolls, eggs, and fruit. I think she liked it even more once I mastered cleaning up after!

I NEED these. I always make something for my mom and mother-in-law and still need something for this your...these would be perfect. They always like things a make. Once I made them each a stack of homemade cards...I am into papercrafts too.

My husband let my son pick out a birthstone ring for me. I love it, he was only eight when he gave it to me.

I love the different trees/plants my husband has given me for Mother's Day in years past. He knows I love flowers but dislike that they fade so quickly. So he learned soon enough to buy me a weeping cherry, hydrangea, or dogwood rather than a dozen roses. I have the plantable trees to enjoy all the time! Thanks for the giveaway.

A few years ago I got some barrel planters and flowers. Now it's sort of tradition to always get (or go pick out together) the flowers for this year!

The best Mother's Day gift I ever received was 3 years ago when my sweet husband and daughter, 3 at the time, took me to a quilt shop and let me pick out everything I needed to start quilting!

I had been wanting to learn quilting and my husband wanted me to have a hobby that gave me some "me" time. That shopping trip was a complete surprise and the great thing is that it has given back to our family in the form of quilted treasures throughout our home.

Jennifer :)

Truly, truly the best mother's day gift is getting to spend it with those who call me mother...I love my family. I am expecting my first grandchild this fall, and I think one of those cozies would be perfect for my daughter in law as she is carrying that baby right now...making her a mother.

The Mother's Day that sticks with me the most was one when I was a teenager. I actually can't remember if I got my mom anything or not, but I cannot forget my Dad coming home with a dozen roses for my mom and one for me! I felt so special and knew my mom did too!

best gift I received was a handprint trivet from my daughter when she was in kindergarten... cute, useful and oh so special!

I gave my mon a heart shaped mini scrapbook of pictures of the family. She said she loved it and I loved making it for her.

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