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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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these wonderful colors would fit right in in a blue bedroom in our mt. home and in my husbands rec-room!!! LOVE them

LOVE your newest collection, PURE, but more importantly its' reason for being! As a retired kindergarten teacher (30 years), kids are the MOST "PURE" in the whole wide world.
And those pictures of your little ones exemplify the happiest and best of the best of PURE. What a perfect inspiration for your new line of beautiful fabric. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you. Fran Filippelli

Hi count me in this is so beautiful my heart did a little pitter patter when I saw it hope this line comes to the UK too
God Bless
love Nicole x

I love this new Pure line of fabric; but I HATE waiting. I've been looking for the perfect brown/blue combo for ages and this is it!!!

Another colorway I'm suddenly in love with...brights. I want to find the perfect brights (lime green, bright yellows, pinks, oranges, purples, reds) to put onto a black background with some sort of floating stars. Maybe you could try something like these (not so) subtle shades??

I would love to see a collection with just black and white prints.

I LOVE this brown and blue!

Congratulations on a beautiful colour range.When I look at your fabric I just want to jump in and sew. I love beared irises in purples and green, complimented with creams and yellows. Nature offers so many palettes.

Your fabrics are so young and bright! They make an old lady want to make a young bright quilt? New color orange or greens... you have such good colors already.

Recently I have fallen for the combination of green, blue, orange, and white, with a smidge of black to give definition.

I would love to see a new line in aqua red and white with a smaller pattern.

Ok, I also need to add the need for a Rainbow. My favourite thing! You can't beat something as spectacular as a rainbow for it looks & it's meaning.

So red & yellow & pink & green, purple & orange & blue.

I think these would be great. The options for accompanying fabrics in a range like this would be endless.

OH I love this new stuff. & we have to wait an eternity for it! Probably even longer than that way down here in Oz! Boohoo!

Colours? I love & need some retro looking colours! I know they have all been done before but usually they include lots of orange. I need a bit of red instead of orange. Plus I like some brightness rather than muted shades. So some rusty red (DMC 3801), gold/tan (DMC 783), green (DMC 988), yellow (DMC 735), brown (DMC 435). Ok, so that's it. I live on DMC numbers! lol I call colours often by the numbers so it is just an idea/reference! lol

I love the new line, it´s simply beautiful !!! Greetings from Slovakia :-)

These are just my colors! Can't wait to get my hands on them. Already thinking of patterns I and use. Also love pink & browns but think that's probably been overused. Maybe something in the cream to butter with grey to blue.

I love the "Pure" line! The colors are wonderful and will make some awesome projects! I am a pink and brown kind of person these days, all shades of these two colors get my creative juices flowing!

Oj my goodness!!!!! Pure is the perfect color line for me!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some of it.....right now I can't think of anything else.

How about a blended type of collection done in shades of greens or blues or shades of pinks into reds....there are some wonderful patterns out there already that are suitable for this type of collection.

Awesome - can't wait to get some of these! As for a new color combo, I love violas - purple, yellow and green. Makes me think of spring! Fall colors of burnt orange and golds are a close second....

My parents just gave me a fat quarter stack of all your Authentic fabrics. I love them all!
For color on another line: tangerine, lemongrass, warm grey and a pale buttery ivory.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this line!!! It's so fresh and young looking. I'm already dreaming of projects I'll make with this line. My suggestion for future Sweetwater lines are pinks and browns or rich russets, deep reds, golds and browns.

I love, love, love this collection. I've just finished the little Play quilt from the Moda Bakeshop. I think the colors I would most like to see would be rich Christmas red. Or I would love to see black and white. It's so perfect with everything.

That PURE line looks great! For a future line, I think I'd like to see a lot of yellows or golds.

love it love it love it, but I am a pink girl so add pinks to it next time - pink, aqua and brown mmmm delish!!! hugs, Helen

OMG.....I love these colors!!!!!! I would love to see and pink and brown collection or and green and brown collection. I cant wait to make something, anything with these fabrics.

Opps, I forgot my suggestion. I love the idea of a black and white line with the "POP" colors included. I just helped friends at a quilt show look for the right colors to pop out in their black and white quilt. It wasn't that easy. Bright shocking pink, red, and yellow would be great. Well, blue and green would be nice too.

Love the soft aquas! Many thanks for the contest.

OMG, finally, a line my none quilty daughter will absolute love - can't wait to get my hands on it. Thank you. Future colors, my fav - butter yellow and blue reds.

Your fabric lines are great and I look forward to owning some soon. As for other colors...I really like red, yellow & green and a touch of blue thrown in. :) Thanks for the contest.

I love these colors! I also love turquoise and red together.

I am in love with everything you have put out so far!!! EVERYTHING. In fact I have a stack of Authentic fabric for one quilt and a stack of Make Life... coming for antoher. And you better believe as soon as this one comes out I will have it too!!! My house it going to be decorated by Sweetwater! HA!

As for colors, you could do pinks (something I thought I would never say but since having my little girl...) or red. I love a nice rich red.

I want to get some of all of it and just stack it in my sewing room it looks so pretty sitting there it would make a great decoration.

Love the blue and browns! Your fabrics have such a unique look to them. I love it

How about anything with pink? Love pink!


I just love your fabrics! I would love to see a color line of green/yellow/pink--these are some of my favorite colors!

Beautiful! I would love to see a line in orange, brown, and greys!

Loving orange and red combinations at the moment!

Love the brown and blue. how about purple and green?

Love the new line!!!how about Charcoal gray, a slatey sky blue, cream, butterscotch with perhaps some color to pop, like a deep pumpkin???

WOW!! You've outdone yourselves again. This line is gorgeous and matches my living room perfectly! Next line colors? Perhaps charcoal, black, turquoise and whites. Good luck with it!

Hmmmm now which of my favourite colour schemes will I suggest? I'm thinking either purples and lime greens or purple and turquoise blue and to me, they both make me smile and think happy thoughts. Hugs Naomi

OOOH! I love the brown and soft blue. For the new line what about soft colors in pinks and blues and yellows and greens with creamy neutrals. By the way how long does it take to get a line out? That might make a difference on color choice. December of course reds in many values and shades from lights to dark burgundy and golds.

Hi all of your lines are just beautiful I especially like that we are going to get some canvas fabric. I go with the purple's and lime green's maybe with a touch of red Sandra

Wow!!! Love it!! I think a pretty combo would be yellow, green, turquoise with a bit of lavender!

I am voting strongly for the previous post of eggplant & grey! I am so in love with that color scheme right now and cant dig up enough great fabrics with those colors. So, you would totally be my hero's if you made this dream a reality-good luck!

What a gorgeous collection - and perfect colors for a quilt I'm helping one of my sisters make for a grandson her son is expecting - they've picked out a light blue and tan for colors and these fabrics would be perfect!!

As for the next collection - I love red, yellow and green together.

I remember with fondness the Charcoal and Pink combo from the late 50's - It took a "real man" (read boy - I was still in grade school) to wear the colors, but it was my favorite for many years.

I love these colors! My suggestions for a future line would be some kind of eggplant, gray, cream combo. I tried to think of some other colors to throw in there, but I can't. Maybe black? This is why you're the designers :)

oh my..that is gooorgeous - would looove to have those beautiful blues and browns for a quilt

Love it! I said, "Awesome", out loud while I was looking.
Peg Griffin-Wood

I love, love, love this collection. I've been searching for turquoise and brown to make a quilt and this is IT! Can't wait for it to be out.

As for your next collection, how about a softer brown and pink. The ones out there are either too browney (not soft enough) or too pinky (bright pinks).

I love the idea of pinks and turquoise my DD says it even reminds her of me when she sees them anywhere close to each other. The new fabric collection is simply beautiful and please keep up the good work.

I love the vintage look of bright reds, yellows, blues, green and white; you could call it "Vintage Home". It is hard to think of great combinations that haven't already passed our eyes! It seems like every time I enter a fabric store, something new leaps off the shelf...and of course becons me to buy it!

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