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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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My favorite is Pure and Simple! Can't wait for this line to be released!

My favorite is Pure Joy. I love autumn colors and off-center designs. I would like to see more smaller projects - bags, pincushions, baby quilts / lap quilts.


Pure and Simple is my favorite - but I just love all the colors. Like to see small wall hangings and table runners.

Pure and simple is my favorite of the three.

Love your new fabric lines!


My favorite of the three is "Pure and Simple". I would love to see larger quilts and table runners.

I have really enjoyed how you use "simple" in your pattern designs. Very fresh idea.

Thank you

I especially like the Pure and Simple pattern.
And, I would like to see more large quilt patterns.
Thanks for the chance to win.

I absolutely adore Pure & Simple. So fresh and clean! I think a wall hanging would be really neat.....maybe something cute for the laundry room?

My fav is Pure and Simple, just beautiful. I would love to see a pillow and some bags!!!!

I have to say that the Pure and Simple quilt is my favourite. Love the simplicity of the design and the colours are fantastic!! I would love to see some big quilts or even some bags! A girl can't have enough of them!

i think my favorite is the first one; pure and simple. i love the small squares and the simplicity of the two tones. beautiful.

The Pure and Simple pattern is my favorite so far, it's LOVELY! It's a hard choice, though, because I think the Pure and Sweet Table Runner would look beautiful on my table.

I would love to see new patterns for bags and rugs. And patterns for other small, fun, crafty projects (like the kits you sell in your Etsy shop) would be AWESOME, also!

I love that the table runner has ruffles on the ends. How fun! Place mats to match would be fun. I also like the idea of a tote :)

I really like the Pure and Simple pattern, and pillow shams might be nice to go with it.

OHHH great designs, and to make these would suit many rooms in our home...I would love to see lap quilt designs of course adding PURE to the mix with more blues...
blessings ms

Pure an Simple is my favorite - it nderlines that "less is more". Iwould love something like a handbag or maybe a hat from that fabric line!

The Pure and Simple quilt is my favorite. I would love to see pillow pattterns to go with it. It is so crisp and clean looking, perfect for summer bedding.

i love the pure and simple quilt .. so calm and soothing ... i really like all three patterns so far though ... i wouldn't mind seeing some accessories for my sewing room or for the kitchen table or a wall hanging of some type .. your ideas are all pretty fresh as is your fabric!

I like the Pure & Simple quilt at the top of the page. I don't have many friends who use table runners these days. Quilts are definitely the most desirable of gifts to receive as well as bags.

i love the Pure and Sweet Table Runner
and i would like to see any thing that has the same look as that table runner

OH MY! They are all so sweet! I love them... But I would have to say my favorite is the first one... Pure and Simple! Love the names by the way!
I would love to see what you come up with for some new pillow ideas! There are so many fun quilts out there and some complimentary pillows would be grand!! :-)

Oh my word....I love them all, what one to pick??? I think I'd have to pick Pure and Simple and although I love patterns which cover all sizes, I think this could be really cute as a baby quilt.....can't wait to see what else you come up with :)

It's so hard to choose, they are all three so beautiful! I love the Pure and Simple quilt though. I think it would be nice to see some pillows patterns to complement the quilts. Thanks for the chance.

My fav is Pure Joy. I love the simplicity of the design and the use of colour in the HST's. I would love to see some large totes made from the Pure line as I always have too much crap to tote around--and I'd love to look good doing it.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Pure Joy is my favorite. I like them all though. I would love to see some smaller wall hangings or throw size quilts.

Pure Joy is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Pure and Simple is my favorite, very pretty!

I love the Pure and Simple! I would love to have this pattern and make it - I also would love more large quilt patterns - Wonderful prizes! Thanks! Teri Dingler

Pure and Simple for me!!! Love it. I would like to see more big quilt patterns.

I love Pure Joy! I'm always looking for new quilt patterns, and this is just lovely. I would love to see some patterns for shoulder bags, and children's clothing!

Just took Make Life Sweet out of the quilt frame! Adding Pure Joy to my list of MUST HAVES... Although all of these are great!

Love all the Pure patterns so far. I really like the scrappy looks best and make alot of table toppers and runners.

I love the Pure Joy, but the Pure and Simple is great, too. I Love the pics of the kids - Spring is such a great time with little lambs and calves running and playing all over!!

I like the "Pure and Simple" quilt the best. It soothes me!

Pure and simple is gorgeous and I love the quilting on Pure and Sweet. Really shows how much quilting can add. Can't wait to see the rest!

I love Pure & Simple. Looking forward to this line coming out!

I really like the Pure and Simple. You can never have too many quilt patterns. :)

The Pure and Simple quilt would be my favorite. I think it would be fun to see more bags or fun pillow cases that would match the quilt.

I love the pure and simple quilt. The table runner would be more my speed as I'm not a very good quilter.

I would love to see a shabby bag made from this bag.

I like bag patterns, pure and simple is my favorite.

Pure and Simple would be my favorite - but they are all very nice.

I'd like to see more quilts - in varied sizes. And... bags would be fun too.

I really like the table runner. It's very unique and I like the ruffle. Your new line is beautiful. I think table runners and bags would be fun.

Forgot to say I'd make a bag and place mats from this pattern as well as a Q size quilt

Wow! Love them all! I have to choose one? Hmmmm... I guess....hmmmm...Pure and Simple?, yes, Pure and Simple

Pure and Simple for sure! I'm loving pillows right now and would love to see some new ideas.

Love pure and simple. I always like quilt patterns that are scaled (baby->king size).

Absolutely beautiful, and can't wait to see the rest. Jackie

They are all great patterns but the one that really caught my eye at first is Pure Joy. I would love to see a bag or two made from this line as well as more tablerunners. Thanks for such a great giveaway:)

I love Pure and Simple and I think that I would like to see some pillow patterns to match!

Love the colors of Pure and I love the first quilt pattern with itty bitty squares of blue.

How about some pillow patterns? Or a beach bag? Or quick and easy baby quilts?

I love Pure and Simple so much! I'm a sucker for quilt patterns and bag patterns, but quilts are my fave. Can't have too much inspiration! Great job!

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