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Monday, March 08, 2010


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Too many favorites to list just one, but at the top of my list are baseball, planting flowers and weekend hikes!

I love everything about Spring. I mostly love being able to go to the barn without spending 10 minutes putting on layer after layer of clothing :)

I love going for walks after work in the spring!

My favorite spring activity is sitting on the patio and watching all the birds that come into my yard to eat from my many bird feeders.

We dont have seasons as such in my part of the world but we do have a dry season and a wet season! The labels are so very pretty. I'd love to win to put it on my daughters trousseau.

I <3 spring. Time to get the garden ready for planting flowering plants and veggies seeds.

My favorite spring activity is playing and watching baseball. I also love just opening up the windows and finally letting in some nice air into the house.

When the weather cooperates, I crave working in the yard absorbing sunshine, visiting garden centers, pulling weeds, cutting back winter damage, planting and looking for the first signs of germination. At night, I hand sew on my "Spring" quilt project. A local open air quilt festival is on this weekend and hope to attend with my mom. So, Spring labels are perfect for our quilts. mlwright29 at hotmail dot com

Hi Susan:
I thought you might like to see my latest creations using your fabric.

My favorite spring activity, hmm too many, but sitting out on the patio furniture - hoping it's not soggy - oh wait, I should really get these cusions recovered this year - listening to the birds, and watching my terror of a 4 year old be a little boy!!

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love the smell of the warm air and watching all the flowers come back to life.

I love to see what new plants are growing and blooming around our property. And just soaking up some sunshine!

My favorite part of spring is gardening. I grow my vegetables and flowers from seeds. I love starting these seeds indoors, watching them grow and then transplanting them outside to grow.

I love working out in the yard and garden. Planting flowers and vegetables in my garden and sitting back to watch them grow. Pulling weeds, of course! ha ha Feeling the sun!!

After long and cold winter, just being outside in the sun and warm temps give a feeling of renewal.

Spend time out in the garden with the children!!! Love the smells and colors.....

Forest walks and window cleaning LOL

i love taking walks out side, to see all the pretty trees and flowers and all the beautiful colors!

thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite springtime activity is to get out of the house with my daughter and spend lots of time outdoors!

When I was little it was feeding the bum lambs. We'd carry our old fashioned glass soda bottles filled with warm milk out the back door and the lambs would come running. They'd suck so hard we'd have to cradle the bottles with our elbows so we didn't get knocked over. By the time they were finished the little lambs were on their knees getting every last drop. Now that I live in the city my favorite thing is to remember 'back when' and then tell my kids about our spring bum lambs!

These are so very sweet! I love your work!

The thing I enjoy most in the spring is to get in the garden and pull weeds and tidy up from a long winter.

My most favourite spring time activity is getting out in my garden with the roses. The perfume is to die for. Happy days.

Love to pull out the flip flops and capris in all of the fun spring colors!

watching my two little boys muck around in their rubber boots.

My favorite springtime activity is just being *outside.* Sitting in the grass while my girls play with sidewalk chalk or going on a walk by myself in the morning. Thanks for the giveaway!

I love going to the horse track in April in Lexington KY. Home of fast horses and pretty women! LOL!

Without a doubt it's putting down fresh mulch in all the flower that new mulch smell!!

Going fishing with my family!!! My dad and grandpa taught me how to fish when I was barely old enough to hold a fishing pole and I have always treasured the time spent together out on the water plus the fish fry afterwards is great!

My favorite springtime activity is flying kites! It's fun, it's easy and there's no mess...well until you get the string tangled on something, but it's still fun!

Thanks for the chance to win! I love going to the botanical gardens with my son.

My favorite activity is getting outside and playing in the garden!!

Favorite springtime activity--the annual Easter Egg Hunt we do for the children in the family. The kids hunt the eggs and the adults have fun activities and great food. Fun for all!!

Just standing outside with my face to the sun! Just makes everything better!

I love walking to the park with the kids! Cool enough to not burn up on the way, but just warm enough not to need a jacket!

I love when it's warm enough to have your windows open. Nothing like chasing out all that winter funk with a nice fresh breeze running through your house. Fabulous!

I love when it is just nice enough for a picnic and a fun family afternoon.

working in my flower beds, cleaning out the dead stuff and seeing the new growth underneath beginning to emerge. then planting new color for the season...before it gets so hot and I am lucky just to keep things alive!

Eager to start gardening ~ flowers and veggies can't go in for another few weeks here in NM!

Celebrating my birthday and Mother's day, because the whole family comes home to celebrate me! Kristy in Ohio

hmmm favorite things about spring..sunny days..with day light lasting longer :)

Once the snow is gone being able to visit the cemetery again.

my kids and i have been heading out every day with a plastic grocery bag and filling the bag with trash from the side of the road or sidewalks that has accumulated over the winter...beautifies our neighborhood and teaches the kids a good lesson...ahhhh, i just love spring!

I like that the days are longer - and brighter. I like that you feel like you get a fresh start. I like putting a vase of tulips on my table to remind me that spring really is just around the corner. I'm ready to take some walks, open the windows and let the creative juices flow. It all boosts my spirit, especially after this winter (maybe the best part is it means all our snow might actually melt - just hope it does it slowly!)

I'd like to say my favorite spring activity is something outdoorsy, like jogging or grilling up dinners or reading on my patio, but really my favorite spring thing is celebrating my birthday. Which is on Easter this year. Since my whole family will be gathered, I'll be selfish and take advantage of the celebration.

living in Colorado this is easy - being able to work in the yard and wearing shorts and flip flops! (thought it was coming but now it is snowing again.)

I love opening the windows in the morning and let the cool in. Spring always, smells so much better to me.

I love spring in the desert the playgrounds are all too hot to play at in the summer, so all the fun summer activites like playing at the park happen now...seriously I NEED these labels, I think I may go buy some and hope to win some more. They are so dang cute!!!!! Can a person be a label addict? Because I think I may be!

Love springtime and the warm weather and long walks around the neighborhood and wagon rides for the kids!!! I'm so glad it's here!

favorite thing about spring is getting the girls outside to play!

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