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Monday, March 08, 2010


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Watching the new spring calves playing in the pasture on our farm.

I love taking long walks with my husband and taking our daughters to the park!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com


Favorite activity...gardening of course!

My favorite springtime activity is to take a walk near the lakes by my house. The wind is biting in Minneapolis in the winter, but having a nice warm spring breeze makes it all worth it!

Am I too late? If not, my favorite spring activity is planting flowers:-)

really my favorite activity is wishing spring to end so that we can have summer. i really dont like wind! but i do love tulips and daffodils so it makes up for it.

My favorite thing about spring is getting out all the bicycles that have been stored away for the snowy winter. I love being able to go out on bike ride with my kids and seeing all the new calves and lambs that arrive each year.

Woo Hoo - Love these! My favorite springtime activity is getting out in my garden!


walking and feeling the sun on my face and the breeze on my skin


My favourite springtime activity has got to be walking in the local bluebell woods. The colour is just amazing. Spring is definetly here when the bluebells are out.


love them

oh my favouroute spring acitivity is going in the park with my little daughter and taking always lots of nature pictures

My favorite spring activity is to begin clearing the garden area for planting. I love watching for hints of green to appear in my perennial gardens and watching for the new calves to arrive!

the first day I am able to hang the sheets out on the line to dry--I love the smell!

I love it my flowers start peeking through the soil. I just can't believe that they come back year after year. I also love opening the pool.

Why stitching of course - sitting on the deck soaking up the best that nature has to offer whilst hand stitching the project of the day (which would normally include either birds, butterflies, dragonflies or bees - can you tell i love nature)

I just like to walk with or with out the dogs,just breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh new smells of spring.

I love taking the dogs for a walk and doing a daily check for buds and blooms.

I love sitting on the back deck as the sun sets watching my husband chase my daughter and dog.

My favorite thing is going to be not being cold all the time. I love just sitting in the swing enjoying the warmth. Especially after the weather we have had here in s. GA. Jackie

my favorite spring activity is renewing and readying everything outdoors for summer cleaning raking reseeding replanting adding a new bush or annual to the mix and shopping for it all love love love spring,fresh air open the windows total renewal

My favorite spring time activity is putting my deck chairs back out and reading a good book in the warm sunshine and breathing the fresh air.

Springtime... front porch swing hung... chairs, quilts and cushions waiting to be put to use... porch tables to decorate and plants to plant... oh, yeah... spring love

Too many favorites: digging in the garden with my hands, listening to the birds chirping, the smell of a freshly mown lawn, opening the windows and hearing children laugh, swinging on the front porch, going barefoot, washing my car...

How cute! I like to be outdoors in the Spring before it turns too hot!!

My favorite spring time activity? shopping for Easter dresses and sandals!

I LOVE the sunshine! Taking walks in the sun with the whole family is the best!

Hanging wash on the line and then inhaling that sweet spring, outdoorsy smell. Mmm Mmm Good!

I love Spring! Its time to stop sewing the flannels and break out the brights! Little girly twirly summer skirts and dresses, just ordered the patterns today!

My favorite thing to do in the spring, is to sit in the sun on the back patio.

Our favorite spring time activity for spring is when track season starts for the girls.......this year we'll have three daughters on the school's track team!

I also love just having the front door and windows open to have the house fill up with fresh air!


My favorite thing about spring time is throwing the windows open and letting the warm air in the house. Matter of fact the windows are open now.

In South Africa, Spring time means - BRAAI - we braai over weekends - like a barbeque - truely South Africa and the best thing of Spring!
Sandra from SA

going to the park and playing with the kids. Also baseball games!

I love walking. There's something about the warm sunshine that makes me want to be outside. And I love discoving new signs of spring walk after walk. It's like discovering the world coming alive again.

My favorite Spring activity is planing my flower beds.

My favorite springtime activity is the garden.
...watching a garden come to life - sprouting from barren branch, bursting into unabashed color, finding again the hint of mint...
...and how that burst of spring in the garden changes my quilting palette from warm winter hues to those bright new bursting unabashed colors, compliments of mother nature herself.

My favorite Spring activity is planting flowers in my yard and garden! I so enjoy being outside and adding some beautiful color. I also like to fill up the bird feeder and see all of the birds enjoying their feast. Thanks for such a sweet giveaway.

Blowing bubbles outside when the daffodils are in bloom and feeling the warmth.

I love walking the dog in Spring. Thanks for the giveaway!

Going to the greenhouse and buying flowers, then rooting around in the warm moist dirt and planting them. And I love your fabric labels too!

My favorite THING about Spring is not having to wear a big bulky coat. And boots. And gloves, hat and scarf! My favorite Spring activity is planting flowers.

Plantng flowers is my favorite spring activity, nest to winning a drawing! Love the labels!

I love Spring, everything about it. Wildflowers blooming, buds on trees sprouting. Fortunately I don't have allergies, otherwise I probably wouldn't love everything in bloom so much.

I think our favourite springtime activity is riding bikes and walking the trails in our area...come on spring!

My favorite thing about spring is seeing all of the bulbs coming up and starting to bloom. I also love the sun on my face!

I just love being able to take my kids outside to play. It's such a treat after being stuck inside for so long.

Oh, and I love the Make Life line--my current favorite!

Sitting out in the sun.......I miss sunlight so much! Winter has been much too long.

I love to plant and tend to flowers in the Spring, also, taking a drive to look at all the beautiful wildflowers spread across the landscape in Central Texas.

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