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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


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well, here's my 2ยข...

The cookie/itty bitty pie is cute. definitely handmade and full of love.

The shapes are cute.

The filling looks delicious.

The only bad thing about this post? We didn't hear about how they tasted! I need another recap. LOL Are they as yummy as they look?

btw, in European countries they called filled cookies like these, pies. I think there are some Mexican cookies that are tiny little "pies" too.

All that counts is taste, right? ;-))


Maybe your Mom can use them to make little cakes?

Ooh yeah I'd be a little upset too if it came out like that. Perhaps a less runny filling would work? A friend of mine got me the snowflakes with the cut outs but I haven't used them yet.

I hate to say it, but that heart kind of looks like it's been shot!

Thank you SOOOO much for telling me about these! I found the little molds so darn cute and since my daughter loves baking I thought they would be a perfect present. I resisted getting them over the holidays and now I can resist the temptation FOREVER!!! Thanks for the review.

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