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Monday, February 15, 2010


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#2, no question! It ust has that quilty cozy look to it. What a fun job you have! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline@aol dot com

I like #3..... I think it would aso be more easily used on letterhead....newsletters...etc...

i like number 3

I love #3

I like number three the best. I like the lines of the design and the font.

Love #2...I'm in need of a new logo for my company and love what you do!! I have already bought some of your labels for the backs of my quilts. Hope to be working with you soon!

nomber 2!!

I really like #2! Nice work :)

I like #3 best (but with the font from #1 for the words 'Bear Patch")

Very cool!

I like #2 best!

From reading all the comments looks like it's best if #2 or #3 wins lol!!

#3, definitely!

#2 without a doubt. It brings the logo a fresh look. I didn't have to think twice. Just found your blog thru U create. Love it!

I'm not familiar with the Bear Patch Quilting Company so I have a fresh look at it...the first one is my favorite. The thickness of the lettering in the words, Bear Patch, is powerful. The patches at the top draw my attention right away and gives me a hint as to the type of company it is. And, it's all-around appealing to the eye in it's simplicity and symmetry. It also looks like it would be from a place called White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Never been there, by the way...just giving my impression of the logo and the place as a pair.
The second one has too much for the eye, the circle causes the eye to not know where to rest...and the lower-case lettering lacks power.
The third one is nice but lacks the "umph" needed that the first one has.

I like #2 best, though all three are great! Enjoying your blog...thanks!


well i would go for the number 3.

I like showed me what I needed to know and made me want to check out your site. Clean and clear.

#1 is the one I'd go with. Good Job!


I like #3 the best! I think it has great balance to it. Great job on all three logos.
Laura T

I LOVE #3!! I may be calling you, I am in need of a new logo and I totally love your stuff!

Number 3...I like the "stitches" around the outside....

Number number maybe #3......oh I like them both......okay......gonna go for #3.

I like no. 2 - that's my first choice. If they needed something square - it could be printed on a square cloth. I think zig zag edges would be cute!

No 3 is my second choice - if they needed a smaller rectangle instead of the shape/size of no. 2.

#3 for me!!

I like #3 the best because of the balanced use of two different print sizes/styles. I think it will stand the test of time for years to come.

I like #3 the best.

I like #2 the best. Doesn't take itself too seriously.

I like #2, but would suggest to freshen the color to a turquoise with the red!

All are really nice, but #3 is my favorite.
Thanks for a chance to win the great recipe binder!

I like #3... It has a nice frame around it to pull your eye to the name but also has a spunky font to update it a bit from the current design. Hope they choose #3!

Definitely #1 with #3 second. I just saw this today as DH and I were trying to work on a logo for our own biz. Hmmm...

I like #2 the best, but think #3 fits their website better.

All are good but my fav is #2. I like the font.

At first look, #2 was my choice.

Number 3. I really like it.

I like #3 the most! It looks fresh and modern! If I would have a patchwork shop, I would like to have a logo like this!

Bear Patch is my "home" quilt store! I love design #3. I find it classy and easy to read and I really like the on-point setting of the bear paw emblem.

2. it keeps the bear patch in its original placement but adds a fresh circle and circles are symbolic of 'there are no endings, only new beginnings'
the gals all seem to be quite traditional, but then there's the pictures of a retreat with margarita glasses and some smokes (Nov24) so it looks like a new kind of party is started...can I join?

I like #2 because I love circles, but I do like #3 for the font quilting company is in. Hard decisions. I love your designs. Keep up the wonderful work.

Number two is my choice.

# 1 gets my vote!

I really like #3.

I vote for number two just because I love circles!

Showed this to my daughters tonight....they said we need to do that for our recipes and get them out of the drawer so we can find them when we need them! lol

Thanks for a fun giveaway!


#2 is my favorite. But, #3 may stand the test of time a little better. It won't look dated in 10 years, where #2 might.

I vote #3 because of that.

I vote for number two!!

I vote #3. Great logos!!

I love #3, #1 being my second choice. I love the recipe binder. How did you know that I need one?

I like #2. I'm just into circles lately!

I would choose design #1...loving the thick red letters. Oh, how I really, really want that binder to organize my recipe collection. Kristy in Ohio

My daughter, the graphic design major, says #3.

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