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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


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That's a good news.Those stuff are great.

I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope she heals fast and gets back on her feet. Her creations are beautiful, and I will happily wait until February so she can get better. :) Get Well Wishes!

Poor mom!! I'm so glad she's ok, and super glad that she got that window where she wanted it. That's too funny. Take good care of her now.

oh my goodness! I hope Mama Sweetwater (Karla)...has a speedy recovery and isn't in too much pain.

I have been wanting to ask - do you guys have any quilting retreats?

Best Wishes for health and healing for your mom over the holidays. Two years ago my dad fell off a ladder putting Christmas lights up on a rockwalled church - by himself:) Keep an eye on her - and an arm around her too!!:) Love what she's made - it will sell (quickly) whenever she can open the store.

I hope she's feeling better! Before breaking my ankle 2 years ago, I would have done the same thing. Now, I'm a little paranoid. Sending hugs!

I absolutely love all of her items:)

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Is she ok????? I'm freaking out! I hope she is totally ok, the pain description scares me.
I hope she will be fully recovered in no time!

Oh my goodness! {gentle hugs to Karla!}
I think I would have gotten up and fixed it too!
I so wish I was close enough to visit the shop. It looks like pure Sweetwater bliss!

ouch -- get well soon. Where are you guys at it sounds like a fun open house to come to??

Oh, that sounds awful...and painful! Hope she gets better quickly. I'll admit, I might have laughed a little at her rehanging the window.
Happy Holidays!

Oh my....I am glad she is healing. She is so blessed to have family around to look out for her! Happy Holidays, Kristy in Ohio

I'm so sorry to hear about her fall! That would be me fixing the window again so it's perfect. Sounds like she had a concussion - oh the things we do without thinking through the consequences. Been there before. Love her items she has made for the sale and would love to see more as it progresses. A great Christmas present for her would be a step ladder!!
Laura T

Oh my! No need to risk life and limb!! She must be a stubborn woman! Thank goodness she wasn't injured worse.

ouch, I can't believe she fixed the window though. I hope she recovers quickly! *hugs*

Give your mom a hug for me. I adore her! And I can see why she would want to hang that window. It's the best window I've ever seen! But getting back up? Now, that's funny!

Keep her off ladders at Quilt Market!

I met your Mom on numerous occassions and bless her heart. I can so see her doing that.

Hope she didn't have some type of concussion. She is lucky. Sounds like you guys might have to teather her when she gets older!

Might have to take side trip to the store if open during spring break next year!

Oh my gosh! I did almost the exact same thing this past Summer (fell off a bar stool ~ hanging curtains). But I climbed back up to hang the second one before crashing on the couch. It took about 2 months before all the pain went away. Hope she's better soon!

what a spunky lady - hope she feels better soon!!! {had to laugh when she noticed her window was too low}

Ohhh,I'm so sorry. What a miserable situation and the timing couldn't be worse! But the redo looks lovely and so do all your creations. I love, love the bag. Today I stopped in a local fabric store and was so excited when I saw bolts of your authentic fabrics -- might just have to go back tomorrow. I'm always so inspired by your site.
Take care, Karla, and try not to think about all the things you want to do.

Poor thing. Can I recommend you buy some homeopathic arnica tablets - the bruising will go away literally overinght. Very good to aid healing.


Ouch! That does NOT sound fun. But tell her that her creations look darling. Really fun stuff and hopefully her open house goes well when it finally happens. I love the wish sign! So cute!

That is a terrible story...I cannot get over that she got back up to fix the window though. A bruise like that can take a LONG time to heal. I hope not though!

awe I met your mom at market...that is so wrong that she fell. I certainly hope she gets well soon!

OMG! When I saw that corner & then the tile floor, my heart did a flip-flop! Thank God she's feeling better now, and while it sounds nasty, at least she was still conscious enough to fix her window - a fabulous window I might add, and well deserving of such devotion! Her sales goodies are wonderful!

That is an awful story, but sort of cute too. Your mother reminds me of my own mom. I do hope she feels better soon.

Your poor mom!! Hope she is back on her feet soon! I can't believe she rehung the window before laying back down on the tough lady!

Oh, that is so sad, at least she got the window hung in the right spot this time:)

Oh no! Best wishes for a full recovery!

Oh your poor mother! She's definitely got some spunk in her, doesn't she? Fixing that window afterwards.... :-) Get feeling better soon Karla!

Oh no - I'm sending some good vibes for your mom, hope she heals quickly. But I must admit that I had a huge laugh picturing her FIXING the window before laying on the floor again!

YiKeS! :( Be careful, mom! Can't wait to see what you'll be making before February and if you "really" want to have a "open house", why not do one on Etsy this weekend? All of the fun and none of the fuss! I'd love to stop by etsy and shop with you all for a bit!

Oh my grief that's terrible! My MIL's friend fell and broke her elbow so ever since then I've been very wary about getting up on chairs and tables. I hope your mum feels better soon... the poor dear.

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