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Friday, December 11, 2009


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WOW the pickles site is fabulous. I knit mostly socks which are getting a little boring now so that site has given me a little bit of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Living inCalifornia, we don't have it too bad. Keeping bright colored fabrics or yarns handy and working on projects using bright colors might help! Hang in there!

I'm originally from Connecticut so I can relate. I am happy to report that I live in sunny San Diego and it is now my choice when I have to see and experience snow. It doesn't take more than a picture for me to shiver and remember. Grab your self some cocoa and hug your child close. Remember, it doesn't last forever.

Ahh, winter. When it gets really cold I love to use my little electric blanket on my lap while I sew in my favorite chair. And at night I have a bed size electric blanket and my favorite dog to keep me warm.


Because I choose to live in Michigan - I have no choice. I love the snow when it is in the next county. I don't mind driving in the snow if no one else is on the road. So leave me alone with my crafts and some sunny afternoons - I'll be fine. Thanks for the give aways.

That's your FIRST completed knit project?! I love the pattern you picked! I'm so impressed, I could almost give up on my scarf. It's taken me almost 2 weeks to make a very long scarf. Can't wait for it to be done.
Thanks for introducing Fiber Wild to me. My parents go to Galena occasionally, now I think I have to go!

Hot Cocoa every morning! Staying in and watching movies as a family, and of course, I craft!

Living in California helps, but staying inside the warm house and sewing is good too!

I enjoy a hot buttered rum in front of he fireplace wrapped in a quilt.

I currently live in North Carolina but we moved here three years ago from Vermont - land of never ending winter (or so it seemed)! To cope I quilted and quilted and then quilted somemore. Down here the winters aren't so harsh but I cope by pretending it's cold and keep quilting!

I LOVE snow and winter~~ Must be a result of having grown up in Buffalo, NY !! No winter-wimps there!! A roaring fire and snow coming down? Perfect!!

When I lived in Colorado, I shoveled snow, burnt wood and shoveled more snow. Then I prayed and slid all the way to work. I worked up a steep hill. Now I live in northern New Mexico so now I shovel less snow and spend more time at my sewing machine and in the kitchen cooking.

I stitch of course !!!!!

I love winter, because you stay at home, and you can quilt, embroider, crochet, yay!, we aren't in winter right now, we're in summer and it's too hot!

I've lived in NE, MN, and CO, but now live in AZ and love the winters here. I am so happy to be in warmer weather. However, I do go back to the Midwest every year for Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabric and work!

Hehe. I moved to Florida. I grew up in the Northeast with blizzards and great snowstorms, a.k.a. "Nor-Easters" and then I grew up and moved here.

Surprisingly, I don't miss the winter, in fact I feel like I don't age here because it's always summer. There are no seasons to show me how another year has gone by. :) It's pretty great like that.

P.S. I have yet to be able to knit! Beautiful scarf and I love the ruffle bit as well! :)

During the winter, my sewing room gets too cold to use, so I set up "shop" in the kitchen. I take a whole day, usually a Sunday, and sew away. I can also do laundry since the laundry room is right off the kitchen. I also try to have some hand sewing or quilting to do when it is too cold to even think about setting up shop or for during the week. The really cold times don't last too long here!

Sandy A

I live in Oregon and love the winter. I read,sew,crochet and drink tea.
keeps me cozy.

Oh, I just love winter! I don't mind the cold - I just put on another sweater or two and I'm good. :) Snow is beautiful, sledding is fun, and drinking hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music is just lovely.

I live in the UK so mostly I have to cope with winter - all year round - well it feels like that anyway.
I love to light candles, take photos, sew, blog and scrapbook. If I have any spare time after that, I feed my family! Only joking, my family come first, after all the above!!

It's very fair for me to say how I cope with winter since I live in SW Florida. Right now I am sitting in my air conditioned house wearing shorts and thinking how grateful I am not to be in the freezing temperatures. I do miss seeing the winter wonderland but I don't miss the troubles it causes. That is a beautiful picture of the river though!

I love HST! I keep a bucket of little 1-2" HST from when I make snowballs, etc. I would love to add yours to my upcoming quilt (no matter what the size).

I go shopping via the internet and catch up on my blog reading.

I think i love winter for the fack that it gives me a good excuse to curl up on the coach. I get to watch a great movie, with the fire place going, and a cup of hot coco. The best part is, I don't even feel bad about it.

I used to live in Canada/ Edmonton for several years - and boy, does it ever get cold there! At first the cold was numbing, but I love (ice) skating and alot of their park lakes are cleaned daily, so skating is just perfect - and of course a hot chocolate is mandatory once you are done. Now in Michigan I do x-country skiing right from my front door whenever there is enough snow on the ground. If the sun is out, Nature looks at it best with frosted or snowy trees. And last but not least: I love the different seasons; not having them would just be a blaaaah and monotone life!
Congrats to starting to knit again - I recently started knitting socks and they are great projects to take along!
Happy Holidays - with or without snow and cold!

What choice do we have? I don't mind winter until the middle of January, then I'm ready for spring. Make sure to plant some crocuses so you know when they bloom spring will arrive shortly.

I love winter not only for the beauty of fresh falling snow, but the fact that there is no yard work to do!!

I sew, read, watch tv while knitting ...and then I start thinking about spring and the rebirth of the world. Anything seems possible as we go from winter to spring!

We don't have a lot of winter here in Georgia but it has been cold for several days and I have been wrapped up in a flannel quilt here at home and wearing lots of sweaters when going outside.

How to cope? Well, looking out window and viewing is winter is one way. Notice I said viewing, not experiencing. Then after taking in said view, turn and pick up the latest craft project that has drifted into my brain and of course, drink something warm so that maybe...I can shed one of the many layers I have on.


Well I too DO NOT TOLERATE WINTER OR COLD!! I cope by putting another log in the fire and trying to stay inside when it is cold. is a lovely scarf.

Christmas Meme. TAG YOU'RE IT !!!

i love the beauty in the cold. not always liking being out in it but driving home at 1am, snow falling, all is quiet. i get out of my car and all you here is the quiet and crunch of the snow beneath my feet. it is those moments that i love.

I cope by drinking dangerous amounts of apple cider! It's the sugar-free kind though so not quite as bad! I'm from Wyoming so I know the kind of winters you're talking about! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

i copewith winter by working on charity things for local and long distance organziations: knitting and crocheting afghans, hats, scarves, etc. at the same timethey are keeping me warm.

Your scarf is just adorable! I live in southern CA, and my kids get so excited when we get a light dusting of snow! on chilly nights, we build a fire, make hot chocolate, and play card games in the family room!

I am not a winter person, so it doesn't help that I live in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, near Calgary. Today it was -35 Celsius with the windchill, so we only went out to do the necessary Saturday errands. I cope by spending as much time as I can either reading by the fireplace or in my studio, quilting or making my Christmas cards.

Coping with winter weather in Minnesota is a challenge sometime, but I try to get outside every day for a walk, no matter what, so that I don't feed so cooped up and also the cold doesn't seem so bad if you always know you can dress up warm enough to be out enjoying it. I admit, sometimes this doesn't work.

Mexico!! I Wish!! Lots of tea and warm gloves for driving --

The worst thing about winter in the NW is how long it lasts. The snow is so pretty though. And it is so beautiful and fresh when spring blooms!!

Stacy Jo

I Love your scarf, especially the flirty ruffly bottom part! I will check out the pattern, it's been FOREVER since I've knitted, I need to relearn how! I love the quilt too, who doesn't love a quilt! How do I cope with winter? Well, I live in Dallas, TX, and it's cold here to me, around 40 degrees, so I just build a fire in the fireplace to make my home feel cozy and that makes me feel happy! Suzie

I LOVE WINTER! Seasons could go fall, winter, fall, winter, fall, winter.... you get the idea.
Right now I am watching it snow and soon the trees and lawn and roads will all be white. It will be clean and bright when the sun pokes through again. I don't think winter is grey and gloomy. Soooo many bright days with blue skies and the sun reflecting off of the snow. I stay inside for the most part so the cold doesn't bother me so much.

We're having a cold snap in N. Texas and the kiddos and I have turned on the fire, made Mexican hot chocolate (add a little cinnamon an vanilla), and done a little Christmas crafting. I love your scarf and am almost tempted to try knitting again myself.....

Your scarf is so pretty! I wish I knew how to knit (or crochet)

Well I am here in AZ, near Phoenix, so our winters are super mild, (I am so glad because I do not like the cold!)even though the past few mornings have been 33 degrees when I am getting out of bed, but, I end up snuggling a bit more and drinking more hot chocolate :)
Thanks for the chance!

We have lots of family movies with hot chocolate when those cold winters set it. I can't think of anything better than to bundle up under quilts with everyone on the couch.

I love winter when it snows, but when the cold sets in - or I have to drive in the snow - I get grumpy. It's a good time to either embrace it all and go cross country skiing or just make cookies and snuggle inside when at all possible. It's also a good time for me to make things - knitting, sewing, needlework. And I keep thinking of spring.

The snow glistening from the sun shining on it. I miss those days. Coming home from work in the snow getting all cozy and comfy with the snow softly flying out of the sky. I love to drive in the snow. It is like being in your own little snow globe. It is just beautiful.
Growing up in Nebraska and living in Minnesota for 9 years and now being in Boise Idaho, I miss the snow and winter months while growing up. It is just so cozy and comfy.
Some of the people I know want me to shut up in the winter when I am so Happy to see the SNOW.

I used to loath Winters in Rexburg, ID, but now that I'm in Houston, TX I really MISS them! We had snow last week and I really wanted to see it stay a while. Not till May, but a month or two at least. I used to cope by drinking hot chocolate and going out for walks EVEN in the cold wind. If I was at home I liked to watch movies. Now, we cope with the warmer winter by visiting the beach, as it's soooo hot in the summer here. I wish I had gone sledding more and enjoyed the snow while I had it.

your scarf is very pretty! While I love the first snowfall of the year, I prefer for the majority of the snow to remain up on the mountains. We like to go skiing, but not shovelling! In the winter I'm always drawn to my knitting needles, and scarves are a pretty common gift. I also try to work on more of my quilting projects, and plan my summer vacastions!

I LOVE the scarf. It is beautiful! I am one of those that live in the long, cold winters. Not a huge fan of it. We drink lots of hot chocolate. The only think that makes hot chocolate better is hot chocolate with toast. LOVE IT! I also try to get out and play in it with my kids occasionally. Somehow that helps... than it is time for more hot chocolate.

I drink plenty of hot teas and work on long-neglected sewing projects!

Your scarf is adorable - knitting is something I wish I could do but I just don't want to learn - lol

I actually LOVE the winter...I don't like being cold for long but I LOVE dark snowy days! We just embrace each day as it comes and try to enjoy it as much as possible!

I cope by dressing in layers and doing what you do....knitting, quilting and sewing are all great for making the winter pass more quickly.

I truly enjoy the winter with the help of my warm home. We have a beautiful sitting area with windows on three sides. I get to look at a frozen pond and beautiful scenery. I can either sit and read or (my favorite) is working on my quilts. It's nice and cozy. I feel like I'm on a vacation every time I sit there.

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