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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


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Maybe if you contacted Ree and asked her if she would sign the book if you paid for postage both ways? It's worth a shot.

i was bummed to have missed PW in denver as i live in south denver, we did not find out until the day after that she was going to be in town. my hubby has made some of her recipes since i don't cook. pout.

Thx for sharing the story! We are thinking we should camp out for her Dallas visit & bring a cookbook we previously purchased to make sure it happens!

bummer to hear about your flop of a birthday gift. Hope she is able to get it signed someday soon. I love the the fabric covered balls. I'm going to order them right away! I was also wondering where you got the white cake stand to put them on? I love it. Thanks for sharing:)

Don't know how the word was left out......I meant to say Farmyard Creations kits & patterns. I loved them! You should bring some of them back.

I wish I had seen you at the Tattered Cover last night. It was a fun night. We were in the "room" and got to hear her Q & A time. She only answered questions for about 15 minutes and then signed books. I wonder how late the store had to stay open for her to sign all the books? They definately were NOT prepared. I don't think they had any idea how popular she is. And my books from Amazon arrived today...they were supposed to be delivered yesterday! I was lucky enough to be able to buy one last night. We talked to gals in line who had driven around to other book stores in the area looking for copies of the book and everyone was sold out!

On another note.....are the 12 Days of Christmas kits limited? I don't see the Mitten kit on Etsy. Are they all gone or will there be more?

I love the idea of the kits....reminds me of way back when...I think I bought every Creations kit and pattern! I loved the angel with the pottery wings especially. Remember her?

What a funny story! I can just see it all happening! And the book store that thought it was no big deal. Bet they were surprised, even if your mom wasn't. Great birthday present!

Loved your story Susan and happy belated birthday Carla. I too love PW and cooked her Pulled Pork recipe last weekend. My husband is still talking about it! Seriously.

Oh my goodness, that is awful! But hey, it really was such a GREAT idea and you are right, she will never forget it!

i like the ball kit but i love that you were going to surprise your mom with the pioneer woman!!

What a story - it defintely won't be forgotten - you had the best of intentions :) ...and well at least you got a picture.

Awww....I bet this is a birthday that your Mom will always remember and treasure, even it it didn't work out quite the way you had planned. :)

I thought you might like to see what I have been doing with your Authentic fabric. You can see it here:

I LOVE this fabric!

How frustrating! I really wanted to go to the signing too, but figured it wouldn't be the best of ideas with the little ones along, past the baby's bedtime and in the crowd!

Those fabric balls are cute!

What a disaster!!!!!! I'm sure your mom enjoyed the thought and spending time with you.

Oh you poor thing! I was just waiting to read that they'd run out of books and hoping it didn't happen! Still, your intentions were perfectly good and no one can fault you for that :)

Man, I hope that wasn't B&N! Their CRM will be in so much trouble. I'm so over PW, when I read her comment about how important she was, compared to her readers, I bowed out.

What a memory...I'm sure your Mom appreciates your dedication! I would be happy to just have been in the same room as Pioneer Woman...I ordered the cookbook from Amazon too, and read it cover to cover the night it arrived!

Oh I am soooo sorry for your unfortunate birthday circumstances! Doesn't it just bite when you think you've covered all the bases!

OH NO!!! I wasn't sure why you wouldn't let your mom take her Amazon book to be signed but you didn't and FLOP! Sooo disappointing. Quite the story though. :o

That is such a sad story! I'm sure your mom was grateful for the effort.

Southern Living magazine has a big article on the Pioneer Woman in their November issue. Here's the link.

Oh, what a wonderful memory of a flop of a birthday gift!! Wonder if you sent her a book plate, explained the situation and a self addressed stamped envelope that she would sign and mail back?? Worth a shot!!

What a sad story! I'll admit I was chuckling though since I knew what the outcome had to be. PW is going to be in SLC tomorrow. Wish I could go!

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