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Friday, November 20, 2009


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Love card #22 is a definite winner for me. Sometimes we get too caught up in the commercialism that is now often times considered as "Christmas" - too much shopping, too much eggnog, hoping for a bonus this year/hoping this is not our last year with the company, too many parties, going mad trying to find 'just the right gift' for so-and-so, fighting short-tempered crowds at the local mall, trying not to think of the ensuing credit card statements..... the list goes on and on.
This card is a gentle reminder of what Christmas is really about - JESUS, and only JESUS.

No. 15 is my favorite (if I'm not too late!). Just found the link over here . . . love your fabric collection. - Marlene

#6 is my favorite--but, they are all so cute!

#22 is my favorite. I love the design elements and the sentiment in the message. They are all wonderful though.

#8 is the one I like - we always tend to have faces looking at us, but, the children looking out over the ocean, into the horizon gives a sense of infinity. Anything and everything is possible, it is endless....

#18 is my favorite. That is my favorite fabric.

#19 is my favorite. I love square cards. Something about breaking outside of the 4x5.5 or 5x7 normal size appeals to me. = )

I like #22. I like the choice of font and the change of colors!

I definately pick #8 with the picture of the 5 children looking out at the water. Very cute design!

#18 for sure. I love the text and black. Very stunning looking.

#18 is my favorite! :)

i loved this one #15- in black and white, vey simple. I follow you from Portugal and expect everyday for news.


HMMM yes all so nice but i ALSO THINK I LIKE #22 IF have TO CHOOSE JUST 1. thank you

My fave is definitely #19--love the colors!

Hi - so many wonderful options!! I like #19 and #1 - something about that great green color!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Mary J. B.

I love #22, so very cute!

Very nice, I love #16. Simple and stylish.

I love them all, but I think #22 is my favorite. They are all so adorable.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Very hard to pick a favorite! But I think I'd get #5. So cool to pick your own words and love the font for the family name!! That green is my favorite!

the circle and star--love the simplicity of it!!

#19 is great - but it is hard to pick one because they are all amazing!

#4 Just simple and sweet. Great picture of a little boys face reminds you of your own. The innocense of the Holiday's. My favorite!

I love #18. It is modern and simple. You chose a great shot to show off the design. Great job!

My vote is #18, it's so dang cute! I love how it's modern, but also classic, what great cards! Love the new line, so cute!

Well, it has to have a picture, now doesn't it? ;-) #8 - I may have to order some myself!

Seriously? Pick one? Can't I pick three at least? O.K., O.K. #14 it is. You just can't look at that card and not feel merry! P.S. Got my Christmas fabric labels in the mail today! Love, love, love them!

All of them are fantastic, but I LOVE #22. It's such a unique card.

Oh I love #15. Love how Christmas makes us so happy. And I love #8, so cute.

#20 is my favorite, but I really like them all!!

#22 is my favorite but they all are so snappy and crisp! i love your style!

#17 is my favorite - elegant, clean, and fun. I also loved #2's layout.

#18 is my favorite. They all are great and that fabric, waiting for it to be available is torture.

I love #14. I love the "I believe" and the reindeer names, but love that you have a picture space too! So cute!

They're all wonderful but I really like #22.

I really like #8 - it's so simple and looks great with the black and white picture.

I love number 8!!! It's very very pretty!!!

I like number 19. It is simple and a happy to look at! Thank you for this chance!

I love #17 for it's simplicity. I could have any of them and be happy, they are all awesome. The new line of fabric that is coming out is amazing, I can't wait.

I like #15 Just Believe with all the reindeer names. Also #18 is great with the Family in the back of the truck.

#10 because the stars are Christmasy and simple!

I love #8. I wish I would have thought of that one while we lived in beaches like that in Pittsburgh.

I love #8 too!!

My favorite is #16 :D I was looking for this fabric this weekend - I couldn't remember when it was luck...but I hope I win :D Thanks for the chance!

I love #18 because it looks like my favorite fabric from the authentic line!!! They are so original!

The card with you all on the back of the pickup truck is my absolute favorite! as well as everything you post. So much inspiration here. Jackie

hard to pick a favorite...i'd say it's a toss up between #22, #18 and #8.

#18! So cute!! Such a fun and refreshing take on a holiday card!!

I love #20. Your fabric is fabulous!!

#18 is my favorite - I love the happy family picture.

No 22 is my favourite - I love the different fonts and messages.

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