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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Love it, especially the black/white. What a wonderful theme! I just found your site and am overwhelmed at your selection.

LOVE IT!!! Everything about your SWEETWATER!
Red is always the B E S T.

I love all this fabrics. How can I buy some and I want to ask whether you send in my country Cyprus. Thank you in advance.
Rena Rallis

I always love the muted greens. I am looking for the exact greens of this palette to use on a front door. Moda wins again. They always have the best colors and patterns.

WOW! It has to be the red along with the words and phrases! Those 2 just make an incredible statement joy and happiness. With summer coming, your new line "Make Life..." is absolutely perfect!

I love these! I love the greens the best!

after thinking about it, i am saying the GREEN is my favourite! green is always so versatile! you can either go spring fresh or fading fall :)

Just thought you should know...

I'm obviously late to the quilting party and am so sad I wasn't into all this when your Make Life line came out! I love this fabric! Oh... and Sunkissed too... wish they were both easier to find!

Looking forward to your future stuff! You guys are great!

This time of year I have to have yellow. The gray days have been too long and I am ready for the sunshine!!!!

My vote is for the Red! Never have enough Red. I love all the colors & I love this collection. I would love to win some!

Well, it is hard for me to say... I am usually buying green, but I have been trying to broaden my color spectrum. I really like them all. Blue seems to be calling, but then again so is the purple. I'll just take a yard of each! That's what I tell my friends at the quilt shop! Which I had room for all that fabric!

I love the yellows but more than colors I love the words of inspiration that is incorporated in your fabric lines...keep them coming!

I love all the fabrics, but I love the blue more...

I'm drawn to the green but all are fantastic-I love all of your designs!

I love the yellow and of course the green!!!

I love all these colours, but always light blue is my strong favorite! All the packet is wonderfull and I'm dreaming to get one day something like that. For me it looks even more beoutiful because where I live it is very difficult to find any nice materials for patchworks. Still I have managed to make many beautifull things. Thank you very much also for inspiration and motive to work 'here alone'!

Green of course! But I do love the yellow as well....

I love the blues and the browns. The blue reminds me of a sunny summer sky, and the browns remind me of chocolate. What could be better? I love browns and blues together.

I love it all-especially those yummy polka dots!!

So hard to decide since I LOVE them all and can't wait to have some of my very own. Need to start sewing spring clothes for my 5 beautiful children. "WE" have decided we really like the green!

After a long winter I need something bright - I'm liking the yellow!

Love the blue!!! I would really love to see some in differnt shades of orange!! Cannot wait to get some of these fabrics!!!!

It's Wednesday. Is the the day you announce the winner? I'm so excited. Someone will get something beautiful.

All of the colors are so beautiful, it's hard to pick just one. Since blue is my favorite color however, I pick the blue. It's so restful and calming. I can picture taking a nap under a blue quilt mixed with some chocolate brown. Good recipe for sweet dreams.

I love the blue! It is so calming. It makes me smile and want to give it a big hug and squeeze! I am fairly new to quilting and with beautiful fabric like this, I can't help adding another hobby to my life!

Love the yellow! But the red and blue are pretty too...and green has always been a favorite. So nice! I can't wait for them to be available! Hmm what shall I make?!

As always, I am soooo far behind everyone else. I am new to reading blogs and have some favs. When I saw these gorgeous fabrics on "A Quilting Life", I Quilt-shopped them right away and was very disappointed they won't be available till Feb. boo-hoo. My favorite color is the yellow because it's a happy color in this dull time of winter and because the yellow with the writings has all the colors and is up-lifting in these times of troubles. I can't seem to find the link as to who won your lovely collection.(really, I love all the colors you have designed, but yellow made me smile.) Was it Sherri from "A Quilting Life"? I should get something from her for all the plugs I've given her blog.
Looking forward to getting some of your "Make Life Sweet" line in February, so very gratefully yours, Luba

My favorite is the green, followed by the blue. Great colors, especially to warm up the cold weather!

Hi Gals,
Love your site. Absolutely mental for your fabrics, especially the "Make Life" line! But I have a terrible problem: I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - where can I find this fabric here? Help :)!

I love the yellow.

I'm a sucker for red polka dots but the yellow . . the green, the blue! The black . . Would love to win red most of all, though. Thanks for the chance!

WOW! I love it all. Great colors! If I had to choose one I would pick orange but I could see myself using all of them. Can't wait to sew something with it!,no...ORANGE. I love them all!

I love them all! As a shop owner, I will definatley be trying to get some of this in.

Green Green and Green. There is never enough green in the world.

Hello -
Usually I go for green but for some reason I'm drawn to the blue. Must be the chocolate in the blue. Of course they make each other look all the more beautiful when all together!

I love the whole collection, but I'm drawn to the green.

Great fabric. Love the green color the most, but love them all.

love love love the words... :) What a fun collection. I'll always love green best...

I'm so excited. I hope I win. I've made two quilts with Authentic and can't wait to get my hands on some of this. My faves are the red, then blue.

First the green
second the chocolate brown

I love them all - very hard to choose just one but I would pick the chocolate brown.

sorry if this is a re-post, I don't see my previous one. Red is my favorite, love the little paisleys.

Love it all, but red is my favorite

Gosh. They're all lovely. Do we have to choose? Can't we just spread them all out and roll in them? Soak up some of that good feeling that seems inherent in fun fabrics?

If we have to choose, I guess I'd go for the yellow, as they are sure to brighten and warm the drizzly fall days we're having. But then, the blues are so serene, and the browns so yummy. Green has always been a favorite color, and then there's the red. Oh, dear, how to decide?

How many fabrics are in each colorway? I can't decide; they are all yummy.

Love the blue! I can't wait to get my hands on some of that blue and brown stripe . . . .

I love them all, but my favourite would be the blue. It has so much potential and would fun to work with.

Saaweeet!! This collection is adorable. I think I like the yellow best. Every color is great.

So, am I too late to get my name in? Just found this site and LOVE the fabric designs - can't wait to see what "Mom" comes up with for quilt designs! - Marlene

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