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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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What a fantastic idea! Love it! Paulette

I love the button heart!

Our Labor Day weekend was mostly spent doing some "spring" cleaning -- we managed to go through some of those lingering boxes from our move nearly 2 years ago and sort though making toss/giveaway/recycle piles.

I just LOVE buttons so cute! We spent the weekend just spending time together as a family. We were supposed to take my girls to the zoo but it was dreary and rainy so we ended up staying home.

My daughter was home for a visit. We had a picnic with my sister and her family. We played cards. And, we went to the movies to see Julie and Julia...loved it. I even found time for some sewing...check it out ==>

my husband and I went for a wonderful walk down the most interesting shopping avenue in the city. we had our puppy along and I ended up finding the most fabulous bag! it was a beautiful relaxing day. ciao!

love the button heart!

Labor Day Weekend started with a football party Friday nite and our team won. Saturday we played board games and Sunday was church and quilting. Monday my Mother-in-law brought steaks and we grilled out.

Like most labor days, it was a busy time for me getting ready for the first day of school. Always lots to do for that day!

That is so cute!!
We had a wonderful picnic at the park, tossing a football around, watching the kids run free. The breeze was the perfect touch.

Adorable!! Your mom must love buttons as much as I do. :)
My Labor Day was spent doing laundry, mopping floors, burning branches, cleaning the chicken pen and ending with a nice dinner with friends. Thank goodness for that dinner!

Traveled 3,000 miles to be with my Mom for her birthday!

I adore buttons on EVERYthing! That heart is so sweet - We've been painting new doors - six of them! Hope to get them all installed in the next day or two.

I love buttons and would love the picture. We spent the weekend at my mom's and pressure washed her house and cleaned windows afterwards. We definitely labored on Labor Day!

cute! and your mother is very generous giving it away! My labour day weekend was nice and relaxing, but I did get some BOMs done, and some swap projects completed.

I cleaned too! We're getting new carpeting next week so everything needs to be moved. Button, button who's got the button?? Maybe I'll be lucky enough to win that adorable button frame. Thanks for the chance.

Hiking through a river and up waterfalls, so much fun!

My sister and her family were in town. We went to the zoo, playground, picnicked, went to a local arboretum, shopped, played, messed up the house, and then got ready for preschool at my house the next day! Tons of fun. Not much relaxing!

What a brilliant idea.

We spent time together as a family and hung out at First Trade Days in Canton, TX ( a very large flea market)....which means fresh squeezed lemonade, hot kettle corn and grilled corn on the cob dipped in butter. Oh heaven!

Love your Mom's creation! I cooked, sewed, and enjoyed the day with my family. It was my son's birthday, and I was sewing an apron for him to use in the art studio at college. Jackie

Love buttons and the simplicity of this project. My husband and I went for a hike, then met my son for dinner at the bay--it was a perfect day for both.

I am a fan of buttons! Love them!
My brother and soon to be sister-in-love drove 12 hours to visit our family. We biked on some trails in the park, had a picnic lunch, played lots of card and board games, and ate entirely too much food. It was a great weekend and we can't wait to get together and do it all again!

this is a wonderful idea for that jar of buttons i have from my great aunt .. altho if i win ... maybe i will make one for my sis .. anyway .. spent the labor day weekend in the backyard digging out some plants to make room for some new ones ... unfortunately i now have a lovely sunburn as a reminder of it :) karen ca

I spend the Labor day weekend painting the living room of my new house, and started to pack for the big move this coming Sat.
I would love to hang this darling button art in my new home! :)

That is such a great idea. My daughter collects vintage buttons and loves to display them. We could easily do a project like that together. Thanks for sharing. I would love a chance to win.

We had guest on Friday for dinner on the deck and then a full-moon cruise on the pontoon with Mud Slides for dessert!
For sewing, I finished a bag and tested an apron pattern for someone.

I wish I could say my weekend was productive, or fun, or relaxing. But, no! Unfortunately, my daughter got sick, so I took care of her, and then came down with the yuckies myself! Maybe next weekend I'll work on the fun and relaxing thing! Love the buttons-too cute!

The day started just like you - cleaning the house. But, I was quickly pulled away to take an inventory of what we still needed to purchase for our basement project. The list seemed neverending!!!
On the way to Menard's (our local home improvement store), we stopped by the scrapbook store to see what they had. Made a purchase and then spent the next couple hours getting supplies for the basement.
The basement is coming right along and we can't wait until it is finished!!!

I sanded and painted, dribbled so I sanded, then painted again. Then I didn't like the color. Well, I liked the color, it was just too blah. So I white-washed.....didn't like the white, that means that I had to spend the next few hours trying every color that I own....all of this time was spent on ONE desk that I was redoing this weekend. (I finally decided on a black wash, the last one that I tried)

Thankfully, it is a color that I like now and is just awaiting a sealer coat.

I didn't get to sew a thing, but will have a huge new sewing table/desk to work on soon.

What a cute project!

My brother-in-law and his wife came to visit. We watched lots of football and grilled some yummy food.

we went to the African Lion Safari which is like a zoo but you can drive through a live safari exhibit in your car or you can pay to go on the bus--we were glad we went the bus route as we watched a red-bummed monkey remove and chew the weather stripping from the top of the doors on both sides of a minivan--yeah that's one expensive trip to the zoo. Bet they wished they'd paid the extra $4 and taken the bus!!

So lovely!!

I spent the weekend just quilting and doing chores around the house... nothing too spectacular :)

Well it's not labour day here till October, but I'd love to win the picture!! By the way some Authentic fabric has come to New Zealand... hurray for the fat quarter shop! It's truly lovely.

I made a baby quilt and had to work the holiday at the hospital.

Oh, I'm waiting for the package to come, but I'm so excited that my Authentic fat quarters have arrived. Now I'm just waiting for yardage to arrive. This is seriously my favorite line of fabric ever! Although, I am curious to see what you come up with next.

I scrapbooked all day! Yay me. 9 pages completed!

That's beautiful - I love the antique buttons. I've done something similar as a card (although I obviously didn't sew them glue gun for me). Mom's a very talented lady, you come by your talent honestly.

I spent my holiday weekend cleaning up the craft room. Things are nice an tidy (almost, except for the extra stuff I need more storage boxes for), and I'm feeling ready to GEt mY CrAFt on again. Not very fun, but I feel good.

Spent the weekend entertaining my 2yo godson (and I don't have kids yet, so that's a learning experience) and watching my hubby run a 1/2 marathon! Thank goodness it's starting to cool down in SoCal!

I ran many errands shopping for quilt fabric. Other than that, I relaxed!

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