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Thursday, August 13, 2009


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I think you can never have enough tote bags! I've always gotten rave reviews when I give them as gifts with the fabrics taylored to the receiver. Table Runners are great because you can change them with the seasons and they add a splash of color to any "flat spot" ! But when winter comes, a quilt to cuddle under is always welcome. So those are my 3 favorite things to make.♥

I love your patterns and designs. You are so gifted!

I prefer patterns for small projects and gift items. Large quilting projects are overwhelming to me.

I am always amazed at how much the three of you accomplish! Please share some of your tips and secrets for getting so much done. Keep those favorite recipes coming too!

I love making throws, but I am always looking for cool patterns to make for my king size bed.:)

I make bed sized + lap quilts. I have also made a couple of bags.
New Zealand

I would like to see more big projects, bed quilts, and it would be great to have some more with modern designs for us new/young quilters!

Oh goodness, I bet I'm too late for the drawing, but here is what I would look for ...

Bags/Totes I think are always a good pick.

I think I would love to see some smaller projects for quilting, table runners, wall hangings, coasters/placemats, etc.

Thanks, so excited for your fabrics to start showing up!!

My favorite is throw size quilt patterns, but after looking at your other creative patterns like the round throw mat, I love the new interesting patterns that you don't see a lot of. Thanks, Angie

I like to make bed sized quilts and some throws. I make some small projects, but I find I want to make big quilts more and more.

I love wall hangings. I have a shelf with four pegs and I change out the quilts that I hang off of it seasonally. I also love the instant (well sort-of instant) gratification that I get from a small project. It keeps me motivated.

Throw size quilts and table mats!

Mu favorite is throw size quilts, but I love making tote bags and purses, too. Love your new fabrics!

i love projects of all shapes and sizes. i really need to get working on a king size quilt, but have completely zoned on that one. need something very inspiring!

I enjoy making lap size throws and anything that may catch the eye of my teen daughter. She and I are new quilters and open to trying new projects. We love your fabrics and would love to try your patterns.

I like to do anything twin size or smaller. Your patterns are fantastic!!

I love to make large quilts and some small projects. I love totes. This line is just wonderful!!

I generally make lap size quilts. The size that is good for snuiggling while watching TV or hanging over the couch or chair.
Great patterns, especially the pillows!

I'm only new to quilting so I prefer to make projects that I can finish in a reasonable amount of time - so table runners or small baby quilts. though my next project is to make a bed-sized quilt!

Table runners and place mats. I love the colors of the new collections. Sew perfect!

I like to make small things for gifts. But bed size quilts are what I dream of. Looking forward to your next design line. Thank you, Patty

I do alot of everything. I will work on the bigger projects and if I run into a snag or get bored I will work on something smaller to get that instant gratification.

I enjoy smaller projects like table runners, wall hangings and purses. I already know my next purse will be made out of your Authentic collection and I can't wait to play with the fabric.

I definitely favor throw size quilts and smaller projects. I like to make many smaller projects rather than working on one big project for a long time. I guess you could say I have quilting/sewing a.d.d.

I love Authentic, it a great fabric to use for boys since it has so much neutral colors. There's not much out there for the boys in our life so thanks for such a cute fabric for both sexes.

I would love to see patterns for babies or bags using your new fabric. Even patterns for some types of gifts like personalizing towels.

I know you will think of many cute uses for your new fabric line.

I'm leaning more toward throws or anything instant gratification!

I love all kinds of projects but I tend to do baby/lap/drape over the stair banister sized quilts but I never rule out a fun project based on size!

I am fairly new to quilting and have only made small quilts for Linus and a couple of larger ones as gifts. I would like to make a bedsize quilt, but the smaller projects would be fun also, like bags.

My vote is for small projects. Not many UFO's hanging around when you tackle a runner or bag.

I love throws and bed quilts. I am new to quilting, but I am anxious to try making cute little bags to throw over my shoulder!

Another vote for smaller projects , Thanks

Sorry, my URL was wrong!!

I would love to say I like to make bed quilt patterns the most, but unfourtunately... I think the smaller projects have more of a chance of being done in my house!

With everyone running around like mad things, it's easy to whip up small things :D

So far I have done mostly small projects. I really like the pillow pattern shown, and would love to try it. Would love the chance to win. Jackie

Love to make the smaller projects, throws and table covers and the like!

I like lap size quilts or larger. I am not much on table runners or wall hangings, except for gifts. I've never made a bag, so I can't say if I like those or not! LOL Love the line, BTW!

I like smaller projects that give me instant gratification. I do love your new line of fabric!

Oh, how do I decide...I love it all, big or small. Realistically, I enjoy smaller projects as they have a chance of getting done. Would love to win a pattern!

I like smaller projects. Small throws and table runners are great. Thanks!

I like throws, table toppers and bags. I do occassionaly make a top that is queen or twin sized, but notice I said top...That's right, I'm "a Topper" not "a Finisher" :(

I love that new bag pattern you pictured and the tote...and I can so see myself making the numbered quilt... So pick me, pick me please?????

I am a college student with a Twin size bed, but I have found NO cute twin size quilts to purchase, so I started making mine. I love the quilts that give you different measurements for the different bed sizes. I have also started to enjoy making the bags and purses.
I haven't attempted a rug before but with that pattern, its so cute I may have to try that next!

I have been making baby quilts and table runners, but I am thinking of dipping my toes into bags also. Love your new fabric!!!

i mostly make throws or lap quilts but my greatest passion is baby quilts or playmats.absolutly love the new fabric think i will make the rug or the bag or the quilt decisions,decisions

I typically prefer bed-sized quilts. Table runners would be the second choice. I love that circular rug up there!


I like the small projects, totes, pillows, wall hangings, table top, lap quilts etc. I LOVE your new fabric! Can't wait to get it and can't wait to see what you have instore for us next!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Quilts and table runners sounds good!

Any throw size quilt I ever started turned into a fullsize quilt beforeit was all said and done, so full size quilts PLEASE!
I also love, love, love little projects i.e. pincushions,coasters,bags & pillows!

These are beautiful patterns. I make mostly lap quilts as they are quick to get done. Every once in a while I do a bed size quilt or a smaller project like a tote or table topper. Thank you for the opportunity to win these patterns. Take care and God bless, Cory

I don't often have the time/patience for large projects ... so I like to tackle smaller projects more frequently.

Now that I have made quilts for our beds, I really like making throw-sized quilts; they're just the right size to keep or give as a gift and don't take a lot of time. Love your fabric and patterns. Thanks for the chance to win.

I vote for small projects, like totes, lap and baby quilts and pillows. LOVE this fabric line!! :)

Bed quilts and baby quilts! Although, it's always fun to do little projects too! Everything is so cute! Love the patterns and the fabric!

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