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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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I recently became acquainted with your site. I love it. I just saw the cute skirt your daughter made. What pattern is it. Adorable! I also just order 3 charm packs of Make Life, and the pails. Can't wait to sew them up. Keep the wonderful creativity!!

Hi Can you share what pattern you used for this skirt? Thank you.

Lovely! Can she make one for me? ;-)

Great job on the skirt! Can't wait to hear how she did. I know I learned better from my grandma than my mom, but my mom was left handed. Everything she did was backwards to me. Good luck!

What an adorable skirt! Can you tell me which pattern they used? I would love to make one for my granddaughter. :)

Your daughter's skirt is very cute. She did an awesome job.
From my 4-H days, you were smart to let grandma's are harder to deal with!!!!!
Hopefully your weather will warm up. It was nice while we were there last week - thankfully! We had a very adventurous vacation!!!!!
Take care and good luck to your daughter.

Cute skirt. She made a wonderful fabric color choice and did a great job. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a ribbon...

What a cute skirt!

What a beautiful skirt-your daughter did a wonderful job!

Adorable skirt. I know what you mean, my daughter is only 8 and she seems to have morphed overnight to a young lady who has a very individual sence of style. We just returned from Pennsylvania visiting my mom, and I brought along a bunch of fabric/patterns for the same reason. If Nanny says they are cute, I have a chance of getting her to wear them. Great job.

HOORay for Gma helping with sewing!! I don't want to teach my girls, I know I should but I don't know if I can... it's kind of like teaching your own kids piano=not a good idea...

LOVE THE skirt!
she's a blue ribbon winner for sure!!

Super cute skirt!! I love those two patterns together.

the most exciting thing about the fair for me is all the food! :O)

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