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Thursday, July 09, 2009


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I love the neutrals in the second quilt, and of course the huge numbers. Honestly it only makes me even more excited for your fabric to come out this fall.

I'm really disappointed you don't have the matching dolls...

I love the new quilt. Gorgeous!

Your first quilt is adorable. Guess what? I have that pattern. I wasn't a quilter yet but I still have some of the little dolls. Farmyard patterns were a real staple back in my days of boutiquing.

i LOVE your newest quilt! i WOULD LOVE to get some of these fabric.. they are so lovely.

i so love the numbers on that quilt!

My grandson would love this number quilt. He is so fascinated with numbers that he makes numbers out of everything. But as quilter, its stunning.

"Count to 9" is a beautiful quilt - I just love quilts and fabric with text or numbers for some reason. That dolly quilt is quite sweet too, I can think of several little girls who would love it to pieces :-)

That "Count to 9" quilt is absolutely beautiful!!!

I LOVE the count to 9 quilt!! It's perfect!

Oh my gosh!! I SO remember stuff like that from back in the day. Not quite that far back, but just about. It is AWESOME! I had to call my mom and have her look because it is exactly how I always joke about the moms dolls she used to make. It's crazy how popular they were, and how things have changed since then.

I have to say, Karla, hats off to your numbers quilt. You definitely have a gift! Thanks for playing along!

Oh it's so cute... I love the little dollies! Mind you I LOVE latest. But you know that by now.

times and tastes sure has changed!

OK, so maybe the little doll quilt is no longer hip, but it is really a great design! I can see tons of commercial value to it, and your mom is obviously very talented. Your latest quilt is, however, to die for!!!

Love the "Count to 9" quilt..beautiful!!

Hi Karla ~ It isn't scary at all! Top... batting... backing... I think your little gang of girls definitely qualifies as a bona fide quilt! And I shouldn't admit it but I think that's one of the best things about our "less than perfect" quilts ~ we can poke fun at it and ourselves.

Count to 9 is awesome. I loved it at Market and I love it ~ and the fabric ~ every time I see it.

Thank you for sharing ~ and for joining in the fun. Seeing everyone's first/latest quilts has been so much fun. :)

If my first quilt is really a "quilt", The Gang's All Here is a quilt! Cute! Love the Au then tic quilt!!

That's such an adorable first quilt!!! And the second is just gorgeous! :D

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