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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


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I'm gonna make a twister quilt with my charm pack!

Would have to be a quilt! - or a scarf.... a it!

Ooh this is lovely and I know the first thing I'd make.....a scrummy laundry bag for my daughter who is moving off to university in 2 weeks and has asked me to make her a gorgeous looking laundry bag for when she has to carry her laundry over to the laundry room

I'd make a tote bag with those cute charms. And have plenty of inside & out side pockets

Am I too late? I hope not.

A beautiful table topper--charm squares are just perfect for that! :)

i love that fabric line! if i were to win, i'd have to make a quilt out of it for my friend. she LOVES anything with type and print letters on it.

I looked up the picture of the line on your blog first and it would be perfect colouring for a throw on our boat! I'd have to order some borders and backing but a charmpack is sure a good first guide to lay out in the room and let the fabrics sink in. Then what works for you will pop out! Love the line. Thanks for the giveaway!

I would piece them together and make a pillow (or 2).

Wow ! That is some cute fabric :)
I would love to make a scrappy bag. Congratulations on designing a line for Moda! ~Christy

I Love the sentiments of the Authentic line. WOW! Love the cool, calming, classic plus elegant colors & hues. So very refreshing! I can already see making a small memory quilt dedicated to my AMAZING & Beloved Mom and my identical twin sister, Carla. Would adore to win The Authentic Charm Pack! Crossing my fingers. Thank You so much for your exciting to beautiful site. First time here. Can't wait to explore each and every corner!!!
~Big Smile~

I would love to have this charm pack! I think I would try a disappearing 9 patch block with it. Or maybe a charm quilt with applique on top...Hmmm...the possibilities are endless!

Sandy in St. Louis

I'm a undecided what I will make with it ~ but I do know that I will hold it, snuggle it, and pet it lovingly as I do with all fabric that is gorgeous! :)

I would sew them together and make a bag, probably to carry books

Not sure I would be able to cut the fabric at all I would just love to have some to look at. I just this new fabric. I might make some flowers.

Oh so cute!!! I have a bag I want to make that would be perfect!!!! Thanks for the give away!

Yay, still time for me to enter. I think a table topper, runner would be fun, and certainly easy enough for me. Jackie

A bag for me. First. All for me! Thanks for the chance. You are a generous bunch:)

what to make- im not sure. do i really have to have a reason for more fabric? thanks, terry

love it and the count to nine quilt. . . yumm!

Oh, I almost missed this give-away. My computer is acting up. If I had missed it, I might have had to take to my bed for several days to fondle fabric while I recover. :-) Thank you for offering to share your wonderful fabrics with us. Take care and God bless, Cory

Oh the possibilites!! I'm definetley thinking some throw pillows with a little burlap...maybe a lap quilt, or a couple prairie pretties for my shop!!

Are we supposed to have something in mind when we buy fabric (or win it)? Ahh, and I was thinking it is just to drool over. ;)

Definitely a messenger bag. Oh - or maybe a new bag for my laptop, that would work perfectly!

I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON SOME OF THIS!!!!!!! I am going to make a monkey quilt for my new grandson.

It looks lovely and I think I would use it in a scrapbook page or an altered canvas!

I would use the fabric to accessorize my guestroom/sewing room. I just received my grandmothers antique dresser to store fabric so now it feels like a real room to create in.

I would make a quilt, or a tote bag - but probably a lap quilt!

A travel snuggler for the car, the earthy tones of this delicious range lend themselves to everday use in the car.

Ohhhh...I might make a table topper or small wall hanging. Or, a book bag for my daughter with some yo yo's on it. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for a chance at winning some!

I'd make a quilt.

I've been itching to use it on a card. You should make some scrapbook paper with the same print, I can't get enough text papers!!

it would be a quilt for me too!

I would make a throw to use on our sofa.

I think I would make a bag to hold all my treasures in.

Authentic looks like it will be so much fun to play with! First off, I have been tinkering and modifying and tinkering some more, and I think I have my first purse pattern just about right. This would make such a fun eclectic purse! Then, I need a new checkbook cover, a few throw pillows, this would be so cute to use on ruffle butt onesies... how many squares come in the charm pack? I may need more than one!

Ooooooooooooh.. I would love to make some pillows with the au-then-tic charms. Or maybe a purse for one of the nieces. The black tan and green lends itself to lots of options!

September is my birth month so winning this would be a lovely "birthday present"

Maybe a small doll or baby quilt.

I love the tote bag I saw in this fabric.

YES, I'd love to win a charm pack ;o)) Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love to use it in a DollQuilt ;o)

I am so excited to make a quilt. Can't wait for the release!

i think my table is in need for a new table runner!

I would like to use them for a tote bag. and it would carry lots of books, so how perfect.

~anna in md, wife of 1 hunky carpenter, mom to 7 homeschooled kiddies

I'd make a reading quilt for my granddaughter. Words on the front and Fun with Dick and Jane on the back - I learned to read with them.

I will be using each piece in a special album I am making about Character. Can't wait to see them all!

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs made her newest bag pattern "Claire" out of it, and that's the first place I saw the new Authentic line. I'm gonna make a Claire bag myself with the new line when it comes out!

Not sure if you mean what I would make with the charm pack or Authentic fabric I want to purchase but I have plans for both. If I win the charm pack I will make a baby blanket for a friend. If you mean fabric I will purchase when the line comes out, I want to make your Count to 9 pattern and your Courtyard pattern. I cannot wait for Authentic to come out. It is gorgeous!

The fabric is so cute. I think I would make a tote bag with the charms.

I would make a journal cover first and then make a wall quilt for my family room!

I would make a lovely half triangle table topper out of it.

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