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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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Congratulations on the new fabric line. I adore its sleek calmness. My favorite quilt pattern was Count to 9, and of the others, the Market Tote was my favorite. I look forward to following your blog and your new fabric lines.

How great is this fabric!!! Moda is such a great company, congratulations on your new lines. I will be looking for your fabrics.

I love the Simple Table pattern. Fun and adorable!

I love the freshness of your first line, and can not wait for fall to come! I checked out your Etsy store, and I would have to say my favorite pattern is Ring Toss.

Keep up the great work! Can't wait for glimpses of your second line.

I love the courtyard and 'bare feet only' patterns, and also all the ones made out of your new line..... gotta say it - I really like your style. AM looking forward to getting the whole line.
thanks for the giveway...I've got my fingers crossed!!!

Just LOVE your new fabrics! My favorite color green with the black & white....yum.
Do we really have to choose just one favorite pattern?!!
Okay...I'll narrow it down to the Courtyard Pattern, Count to 9 Pattern, and the Market Tote.
Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!!

I love your fabrics. And it's a toss up on the patterns, count to 9 or Bloom. Love them all.

Will definitely be watching for your fabrics in the stores.

My favorites have to be bare feet only and Ring Toss! Can't wait to see what your blog has in store for us.

I love the numbers burlap tote. And the new line of fabric! Love it.

Congrats on all you success! I love the market tote AND ring toss - too cute :)

Congratulations on your new line and the next one to come! How exciting! I love it and can't wait to see it in person! It's a hard decision, but my favorite pattern is the Market Tote pattern...what can I say, I've got a thing for bags! Take care!

OH yeah, and when do we get SNEAK PEEKS at the next line?? I think I need to get a job. :S

Are you kidding me?? Choose ONE pattern?? First off, the fabric makes me weak in the knees it is so GORGEOUS and clever. If I HAD to chose just one....ARGH!! I will choose the Market Tote because I will probably make that FIRST when the fabric comes out. LOVE IT! But I love the quilts and the pillows and the table runner and ....well you get the idea.

I LOVE the Town Square quilt too, and of course the market tote too...gorgeous and congrats on the new blog. Thanks for this chance to win some goodies :)!


I definitely love Ring Toss! Congrats on your Moda line! I can't wait to get me somma that. :-)

Wow, that's so generous, thanks.
I really love your Authentic line. It sounds like a total suck-up, but seriously that is my favourite shade of green. If you could see some of my clothes and decor you'd know! And I love the Japanese craft books (so fun deciphering the diagrams with NO instructions!), there are so many patterns that include fabric with words printed on. You are going to sell tons of this.

Favourites from your etsy store? Hmm. Now what do you mean by favourite, if it's all about the GREEN, then Connect the Dots as a finished article. As a clever quilt pattern, Courtyard - love the tiny squares. As a great way to use sets of fabric, The Simple Table. But if it's something I might actually make myself... The Market Tote.

Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff on your blog!


Little Details is such a cute bag! Please enter me in your giveaway and thank you. I love your fabrics and look forward to having them in my LQS.

How exciting!!! I think my favorite pattern is Market Tote.

Congratulations on your new fabric line!! I just came from your shop on Etsy and purchased the Twist & Turn Quilt pattern and the Pure Comfort Pillow pattern. I love, love how pretty they are, wish me luck though, I've never quilted in my life!! Can't wait!

Congratulations on both lines. I'm so excited for this one to hit in September. It's just my style and I can already picture what I'm going to make with it.

As far as the pattern, my favorite is the Simple Table Pattern. It's simply chic.

Congratulations! I found your blog through Lissa. What lovelies and a wonderful giveaway. Only one favorite pattern huh...I love Count to 9, Market Tote, and Barefeet Only. Well they all tie for first place.

there are some really cute things like the pails and the bloom quilt, but i love that table runner! with the blooms knda peeking out of the strips, it's too cute:) and congrats on the new line, it it so cute!

Ooooooo! Gorgeous fabric! Wonderful patterns! I think I will say your Bloom pattern is my favorite though.

You have a very nice collection of patterns, but the one I liked best is the Bare Feet Only Pattern. I love the combination of type print and flowers.

It's so hard to pick just one. I'm cheating and picking two, and even that is hard. I like the Bloom pattern and the Pure Comfort Pillows. Congratulations on the new fabric line.

Pure Comfort pillows!! Love them!! Love the market bag too and the round rug is awesome. Glad I discovered your site today...I'm going to subscribe.

How exciting for you all! I spent at weekeknd last May at the Sweetwater House, and have SUCH fond memories. It was perfect.
As far as the fabric goes, I love the black and white polka dot one, I have a thing for polka dots!

Love the new stuff! The Ring Toss is way cute too!!

Love your blog and fabric line. Love the Market Tote pattern and also the Ring Toss quilt. Can't wait to see the fabric in stores! Thanks

This would be just the fabric I need to start learning to sew, congrats and I love it fun!!

Congratulations on first and now second line of fabric. Very Exciting!! I came over from Moda Lissa's blog and I'm so happy she sent me here to discover your wonderful blog, patterns, and fabric. It's hard to choose just one but, I especially loved your "Bare Feet Only" pattern.

I am drooling over this fabric line - so gorgeous! I have to say that GUS is my favorite, what a cutie! I also love the market tote.

I thought my favorite pattern would be the Market Tote but then I saw the Bare Feet Only rug and fell in love! The fabrics are beautiful-congrats!

I like the Forget Me Not Memo Board. Or maybe the Market Tote! Your fabric is wonderful!

Love, love it all! I bought so many of your moms patterns when she was winding her line down a few years ago... We've evolved at the same pace... I love the fresh & modern edge you have now! My favorite pattern on your etsy site is the floor cloth, so new and different. But I am wondering, where is the pattern for that fabulous numbers quilt from your booth that shows up in everyones blog posts????

Love the Bare Feet Rug, it was my favorite, very different way to use fabric.

Congratulations on your new line of fabric. I love the market tote.....

Congrats on your new fabric line! Welcome to the world of blogging! Glad to have you here. I love your Courtyard Pattern. Thank you for the chance to win!

I just adore your new fabric line, and that market tote!

i fell in love with charlie. Great fabric all together!

I Love the Courtyard Pattern. The colors are so fresh.

Congratulations on your fabrick line it is truly wonderful, and a blog too!! How cool is that.

I love pillows and yours especially, but also your twist and turn quilt. I like your personalized towels, how to choose one thing.
And your eggs!!

WOW! I love them all, but I'd have to say my favorite pattern is the Town Square. I can't wait to win these gorgeous fabrics!! :-)

Your "Bare Feet Only" pattern is just great, and I love the Market Tote too. I love your new line - it's just wonderful!

Congrats on your new line! It is gorgeous!! I hope I win!!

Market Tote is fabulous!! Actually, loving it all. Can't wait to see this line!

Congtatulations on your Moda Line! I love them all. My favorite patterns, yes there is more than one are market tote - I am such a sucker for bags!!!, Count to 9 for my darling granddaughter to learn her numbers, and Town Square! All of which I have placed an order for!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway and whomever wins will be one lucky sewer!!! :-)

love, love, love the courtyard quilt!! i can see that one on my favovrite chair, calling my name!!

Ohhhhhh. I've loved your papers and I love to sew--this is dangerous. Love the totes!

Count me in! I love your new fabric line and, being a new quilter because of you all, I'd love to have some!


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