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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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Congratulations are certainly in order! How fantastic! My favorite pattern is the Countdown to Christmas Quilt - and the Market bag is great too. I am totally in love with the "word" fabrics. I search for them all the time.

Can't wait to make the market tote!

Whoops. Should have checked the date on the posting. Guess someone already got something nice. It was confusing as the contest is under "You Might Also Like". Didn't realize it wasn't current.

Count to 9. I really enjoyed the wonderful graphic designs. This is the first time I have been to your site.

I just got back from a quilting weekend with friends. We shopped and shopped! We also discovered your patterns and fabric line. I have to say, that this fabric line is inspiring and so much fun!

I LOVE the twist and turn pattern. I am going to order tonight! Great job on all of the fabrics I can't wait to start sewing. Also downloaded the flower table runner and will order yardage to get that put together.

I LOVE the barefeet pattern but let me just say that seeing the fabrics in person made me nearly hyperventilate. they are fabulous!!! Can't get enough. Guess what makes up my whole Christmas wishlist? Will it still be available in stores for me Secret Santa to add to my growing stash? I bought several yards today. must have more. dreaming about charm packs...

Really like the Courtyard pattern but my favorite has to be the Market Tote!

Love the fabrics. Thank you for the giveaway.

I love the barefeet only pattern, and the count to nine pattern. I love sudoku, and this would be a a great conversation piece!

I love the bare feet pattern. Its very fresh and funky and a great showcase for the fabric line.

I love the Count to 9 pattern. It caught my eye in photos from Market. I think it would be a great quilt for a young child. Think of all the numbers games they could play with that one.

My favorite pattern has to be "Bare Feet"!!! I really like the comfort pillows, but feel like they would be too complicated for me, and too fancy/designer-type. Bare Feet is a perfect size for any place in the home, and would give beauty, and comfort to all be it person, place, or things. This pattern along with these wonderful fabrics can only generate feelings of cozy comfort. A quilted rug is like walking on pillows, and this rug is just perfect warming my bare tooties.

I like all the quilt patterns, but Courtyard is probably my favourite. (I'd be very tempted by Count to Nine as a baby quilt, but knowing me I'd drive myself crazy trying to arrange the blocks as my very own sudoku puzzle)
The table runner is a close second, but although I admire them, I've yet to make a table runner :)


Who doesn't love pinwheels. Twist and Turn is a fresh take on the old fashoned pinwheel Quilt, and I love it. Great New Line! Congradulations.

I absolutely love The Simple Table pattern- perfect to make for my sister who is getting married soon!

Numbers, its all about the numbers!

great fabric, I like the market tote, but i most like to make lap quilts for the couch or the end of the bed. The courtyard quilt is in my future. LOVE THE FABRIC!!!!

The Little Details purse pattern is my favorite. I love purses of all sizes and shapes!

What a cool collection! Really unique. I like the colors, graphics -- everything. Great work!

I love the idea of the Bare Feet Only Pattern! So cute!

Wow--love all of the patterns but especially the courtyard quild. It is stunning in its simplicity and simple color scheme. Just my kind of design.

I really love these fabrics and think the Simple Table pattern would just make my day!

Congratulations! I love everything you have on etsy and the bloom quilt is very cute! Cant wait to see the fabric in stores.

Barefoot pattern in the circle thingy.
And the Market tote in bl'n white.

What a unique line! I love Moda's quality and always have. My favorite pattern is the Market Tote. Thanks for the giveaways.

Congratulations on your new line. I owned a scrapbook store for 9 years and was a customer of yours. I love your product and I also quilt. Which a lot of Scrapbookers do. I can't wait to get some of your fabric. I love the 2 quilt patters. And the tote that was made for moda. Good luck with your new line. I love it

Welcome to blogland! It sure looks like you are off to a great start. I love the Pure Comfort pillows. The newsprint fabric is also really wonderful.

Love Gus, Ring Toss quilt, Connect the Dots Quilt, and also the love fun!!!

I am so excited for your new line to come out. I'm going to buy all the prints and make some beautiful quilts. My favorite pattern in your store is the Twist and Turn pattern, but they are all great. Can't wait for September!

great fabrics! love that Count to 9 pattern.
so glad you've partnered with moda!

I just found your blog and I love the green with black - that is a great and favorite combination! I look forward to reading your blog and have subscribed!

Love your upcoming fabrics, and love Moda, too! Your patterns are adorable. The animals, especially Gus, are perfect for my little boy. i also like "Connect the Dots". i've got a thing for circles lately.

As my dd would say, "OMG!!" Sweetwater is going to have fabric! Love that "Littel Details" purse on the Etsy site.

I Love them all but would have to say the Market Tote pattern is my favorite. I can't wait to get my hands on this line of fabric. au.then.tic is beautiful!! Job Well Done!! How exciting for you to already have the 2nd line! can't wait for that either!!

I love the market tote pattern and the count to nine quilt pattern. Can't wait til this fabric arrives in the stores.

CONGRATS!! Moda knows how to find talent! Picking a favorite was hard so I narrowed it down to 2. Bare Feet Only is a beautiful place to put my feet, but Charlie is a cutie!

The Pure Comfort Pillow Pattern is my favorite pattern, but all of your quilt patterns are great too. Just found you blog and have enjoyed reading everything. Thanks.

My favorite is the Ring Toss. And your line is gorgeous...I am totally adding some to my stash!

I love your Pure Comfort pillows. I've been looking for cute pillow patterns for weeks, and these are at the top of my list. And I adore your new fabric line. I can't wait to see the next one.

I love your fabric line and can't wait to see it in person. My favorite of your patterns is Count to 9.

Just found your blog and Etsy shop...just delightful.

I really like the Pure Comfort Pillow Pattern...very sweet.

Please count me in for your giveaway fabric is wonderful...I love anything with writing!

Congrats on your new line of fabric....LOVE IT!
Favorite quilt pattern is "Count to Nine" --- great graphics feel to it.

I really like Courtyard, but I think i would pick Ring Toss as it is different. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back.

Your new blog and your new line of fabric are awesome. My favorite pattern in your etsy shop is the Count To Nine Quilt pattern.

Weird thing, I like Bloom best, and posted that I do. It came up with someone elses name. Trying again.


I like the Bloom pattern best!

Love the quilt with the numbers on it. Excellent for a young child or math major!

Well I love the Market Tote pattern, absolutely. And I would make it just like that, only with some teal blue piping/trim...and I can not wait to use some of these graphics on the back of my quilts. What a sweet surprise that will be when one turns it over.
Good luck with all you do.
~anna in md, right near my hometown of DC

[email protected]

Congrats, congrats, congrats! I melted when I saw the Authentic line's colors & patterns. I love the ruffle on the pure comfort pillow. It's my favorite. With the Little Details Bag pattern I could make a different one for each day of the week. Fun!

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