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August 25, 2008


Misty Brandow

It would have to be Phelps winning 8 gold's out of 8 events that he competed in. I loved watching Phelps win that one race by a millisecond. That had to be my favorite part of the Olympics. =)


I love the gymnastics and swimming, but my favorite was the womens beach volleyball. I played volleyball all through school and loved it.

Carole Rice

Of course the outstanding performances by many athletes were memorable but the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were mind boggling...carole

Bonnie Nyquist

Your new endeavor is absolutely wonderful! I had no idea you were doing this,I have used the Fabric Cafe products since the beginning!
My favortie Olympic moment is watching the mother of Michael Phleps! She could hardly contain herself! All the hard they both have been through,it really paid off,she was priceless.I thought she had stopped breathing a few times,bless her heart,she is all Mom.
Your new products look just wonderful,Ihave to bacl and browsse some more! Good job!

Judy in Carefree

My most memorable event was the U.S. men winning the volleyball gold since their coach's father-in-law was killed while in China and his mother-in-law was severely injured. It took a lot for him to take care of family matters and then return to coach his team to victory. I salute him!


The opening ceremonies were fantastic and I loved the gumnastics, swimming, beach volleyball - ok, I think it was the best Olympics that I've seen in a LONG time!

Amy V

I can actually hear Miss J saying that to you - LOL - and I can for sure hear those words coming from my daughter's mouth!!! Love your new venture - SO fun!!!

I was in Canada for most of the Olympics so I got to watch both the Canadian and the American broadcasts. I thought watching Michael Phelps winning gold with his sweet family there supporting him was great! What an athlete - and it was nice to show so much of his family cause he did not do that on his own!!

For me - Eric Lamaze winning the Equestrian Gold for Canada and team Canada winning the silver was terrific.

Jeanne Ann

I would have to say that the most memorable event for me was the diving. It amazes me that they can do that, of course I can't even get up on the board!


I have been a huge olympics fan for many years now, but this year topped them all, and not because of anything the host country did or didn't do.

My favorite moment from the Beijing games was when my nearly-five-year-old, who starts gymnastics this week, cheered on Nastia Liukin as she won her gold medal in the all around. "Mommy!" she said, "I can finally say her name right - Nastia!"

Watching the olympics is always great; sharing it with my daughter for the first time is something I'll treasure forever!


My favorite Olympic events was watching my 8-year old son dress up as Michael Phelps and my 11-year daughter dress up as Shawn Johnson.

Hilary Kanwischer

Oh for me it was definately when Phelps won by 1:100th of a second!!! That was so amazing we kept re-winding back time after time just to re-watch the thing. :)

Kim Rose

I agree with you. Mary Lou Retton was my favorite. I remember her vividly. My older sister went on to take gym becaause of her influence and became very good. I for some reason couldn't get past my fear of breaking my neck if I tried to jump and twist like Mary Lou. It just wasn't in me.
Great contest! I can't wait to see more of what is to come!


I watched a lot of Olympics this time around and I think one of the most inspiring moments was the woman who lost her leg competing in the open water swim. I also enjoyed Usain Bolt - he has a great personality!

Tanaya Meagher

My favorite event was in mens gymnastics watching the uneven bars and the pommel horse. Those guys are so incredibly strong and coordinated, they just make it look easy...and we all know it so is not!

Jen Wuthrich

Mine would be watching Michael Phelps win #7...when you thought he was going to get silver..he out-touched...that was awesome!

Joan Anderson

Watching Michael Phelps in all of his events and also seeing the relationship he has with his mother! How awesome!

Robyn Drothler

I never played volleyball but I was on the edge of my seat watching as the women's beach volleyball team kept with it just when you thought the play was over - It was very exciting to watch... especially with just two people covering the whole court. Remarkable! now we will see Misty Mae on Dancing with the Stars! How fun!


My favorite olympic moment was the 1/100th of a second win by Michael Phelps. Every replay I was amazed he won.

This new line looks like fun!!! You three can do no wrong!!

Maria Gurnsey


My family absolutely thinks I'm strange.....I love the syncronized swimming competition!


My favorite was the track and field. It is amazing that anyone can be so fast! I was also inspired by the 41 year old swimmer and her comments.

Michelle Pokorny

I have two:
1. Cory Cogdell from Alaska (and from my town in AK) winning bronze in Women's International Trap...she was the youngest competitor in that sport!
2. Shawn Johnson winning gold on the balance daughter loves gymnastics and is built like her (most girls are long and slender in gymnastics) and after the perfromance she said, "Mom, I want to be Shawn Johnson."

Rebecca S

The most memorable moment of the Olympics was when I was watching Gymnastics with my 3 year old daughter and she said I will do that one day..I love nastics as she says...It was so cute..

kara b.

it was definitely watching michael phelps win all of his gold ...and watching his proud mom cheer him on!!!!


It's hard to pick a favorite from the events I watched. For me the opening and closing ceremonies are the most memorable. I also enjoyed the many stories about China and the people of China since our little adopted grandson will soon be arriving from China.


I loved the gymnastics, which I've watched ever since I was in Kindergarten. Although everything else comes in a close second!!

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