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August 27, 2008


Donna Jean

My word would have to be acquiesce, which is something an old boyfriend used instead of saying "okay" because he was a lawyer and liked to show off with big words.

Jackie A

I don't like the word aluminum and linoleum because I usually can't say them without stopping to think about it!!lol


I have to admit that I do not like the word" ugly." God created such a beautiful place for us to live and we are very blessed - even when times get hard and difficult. Also, we are each unique and special individuals that I do not like to hear other people call someone "ugly."
A second word I do not like is "stupid." Being a Kdgn. teacher, many children enter by classroom thinking that they are "stupid" because someone has called them "stupid". In fact, they are special in their own way. Most likely, they have not had experiences to help them learn about their world and therefore do not understand many things around them. It is our job to help them learn.


I don't really like the words bloomers, saucepan & crockpot.

Also, anytime says "irregardless" I completely cringe inside. It isn't a word and the use of the actual word regardless conveys the exact same meaning as they are intending. Unfortunately, my DH does this ALL the time, but I have never, in 17 years, said a word. I must love him, LOL!


I don't like the word "yeah." I was brought up in the south and it is just a sign up respect to NOT answer back with "yeah." We either answered yes ma'am (sir) or no ma'am (sir). I still do it to this day!

Jen Wuthrich

I don't like the word...NO! LOL what can I say...I like to hear "yes" ;)


I agree with you on "underpants", it is so awkward, though I don't like "panties" either...I always have words that get caught in my head -- an example is "husquvarna", they make sewing machines and snowmobiles.

Lynette C

I do not like the word "hate". Too strong a word. I prefer to use the word "dislike". -Lynette C


mine is hubby. dont know why but i just dont like it. love my husband though.

Lynne Hardy

I've never really thought about it but a few words that co-workers don't like are moist and nipple (can I say that?) ANd these are from Labor and Delivery nurses. I think it is too funny. We used to say those words to the nurses just to get a rise out of them. Cracks me up.

Angela W

I really don't care for the words whatever and hate. They are just used wrong about every time I hear someone say either one.

Deb Corban

I hate the word AIN'T !!

It makes a person sound soooo uneducated! I find it awkward when a seemingly intelligent person uses the word in conversation because I'm sure my face just reflects a big "Ugh!"
p.s. - apologies to others who hate the word hate. I just used it! ;-o

Bonnie Nyquist

The word I hate is "dummy". It has such bad connotations,I hate to hear somene use it in reference to someone else. The other is when people say fabric is "yummy"!!! I just don' like it. Your new products are awesome!

Melissa L

I have issues with the word "dialogue". It feels uppity to me. What's wrong with calling it a "conversation"?

I actually like the word "underpants". I don't know why but I think it is fun to say. What's strange is that I used to not like it at all. I suppose it has grown on me over the years.

Cindi Hoppes

Here are a few of the word that I don't like the sound of: gubernatorial, fruition, toilet, slacks and bunion. Thanks, Cindi


I hate the word "shutup." Makes me cringe sometimes when I hear it...

Cindi Hoppes

Here are a few of the word that I don't like the sound of: gubernatorial, fruition, toilet, slacks and bunion. Thanks, Cindi

Cindi Hoppes

Here are a few of the word that I don't like the sound of: gubernatorial, fruition, toilet, slacks and bunion. Thanks, Cindi

Michelle Pokorny

The word that drives me crazy is "like." And not in the "I like kittens" way, but in the way that Shaggy says it on Scooby Doo. My daughter is into this show right now and it drives me crazy to hear her say, "Like, mamma, did you know..."

Jen Fitzpatrick

I guess if I had to choose a word it would be "that's the scooper pooper" I know it is a phrase - but, I don't like it - just because words rhyme doesn't mean they need to be used together - Jen

Melanie Douthit

gosh - off the top of my head...uvula. You know - the thing hanging down in the back of your throat. I always think I'll say it wrong or someone will 'hear' it wrong.

Robyn Drothler

As a speech therapist I have to agree that I don't like the use of the word "ain't" but I also cringe at the word "panties" - there's just something 'not right' about that word!

Janette Keller

Laundry, dishes, broom... all the words for the stuff I should do instead of the things I would rather do!

Love the new product line! Thanks for the coupon code..


One word that really bothers me is the word "STUPID"'s just plain mean. My kids know better than to say that around me!!!!

Vicki Hall

"warsh" has always made me laugh - and "libary" - unless my children say them - then I love those words!

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