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August 26, 2008


Michelle Pokorny

Oh, today is Erica's first day of Kindergarten...and she begged for a DRESS!! I can't seem to get her into jeans unless she's going to be riding her bike (she learned the hard way how important jeans are). I just love all the logos...I think my favorites have to be the ones with flowers (L101 and L104) with L101 being my favorite.


oh how exciting for your son, i also have a son starting preschool & one starting kindergarten & a new baby. so we are all about new beginings here- i have to say i love the logo with the star in the middle & the name beside it- such cute designs!!

Jen Wuthrich

Gosh I am lucky with my kids...they will wear whatever I set out for them. I wonder if that will change in a few years?

I too love the new t-shirts...I adore the L111 in black for my little guy Gavin...I think that would look really cute on him :)

Jeanne Ann

My kids are older and the youngest started middle school this year. I find I struggle with letting her grow up.

I think I would have to pick L109 for my new little nephew Miles. He is a wee bit of a thing at only 5 lbs, but he will grow!


They are all tooooo cool. If I had to pick just one or two it would be L111 b or L112 b. But they are all cute


I'd have to select L101C. My son is too old for a pink logo onesie!! So I'm giving it to a friend of mine who has a new granddaughter named Lucy! I love pink and flowers...not a logo better for me!! Thanks!


I would pick the one with the arrows pointing the center because it reminds of my son starting college and how at 18 he is still the center of my life.


*IF* I win of course!!

Heather Hopkins

I like the L106. Great graphics!


I love the logos. L113 is a great logo. I would like it in mint green or lavender though.


L101 or L105 are A-OK!


I have a little guy who just started kindergarten and he loves tee shirts! I like the L111 D red logo.
Please enter me in your fun giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi


2 grandkids under my belt now. really like L101 for the girl and L105 for the boy


I would choose L101 D Green.... My favorite color is green but I love the pink too. Of course, I would have to wait about 3 months to see what the birthday would be, but I love the onsie, it is so cute. My husband and I have been trying for 10 years to have a baby. We had to go through 2 IVF cycles to finally have a successful pregnancy and now we are a week in to our 7th month and are so excited. So when I got the email yesterday announcing the new products, I was so excited that I already have a wish list for my new baby, Chloe Grace, and this just so happens to be one of the items on my list! :-)

Dave R

I have a niece who'd love a t-shirt with her name! L111 in pink or purple?

Lynette C

I would choose L101 (one with the stalk of flower) if I win. -Lynette C


I am in my last year of school and i love t-shirts in white black with pink on them. I wish the same for my little sister. L111 C pink


I too would choose the one with the arrows pointing inward, and the word would need to be family on it....since to me there isn't anything more precious than one's family.
Thanks for the opportunity.And if we don't win, the quick link to buy a cool shirt for a reasonable price.


I have a granddaughter that I would like to get (win!) one of these for. L112 E PINK/GREEN


L103, most definitely. I adore that little star. My girls live in T's...a personalized T like this would get worn for days, days and night, with out adult intervention. It would be "supervised" by it's owner while it's in the wash and back on the owner's bod while it's still warm...then worn until it cuts off circulation or disintegrates, whichever comes first!

Lisa M

It has to be L101. Love that design! Saw it yesterday, and I'm going to HAVE to order something (or somethings) with that on it! It's just too cute!

Paula McGuire

I have to go for L107--with the initials in pink or green for my oldest child. Two of the four are in school (started yesterday), and I can NEVER get her (the oldest) to seem to care what she wears!

Melissa L

Wow - tough question!!! My nephew just started 1st grade this week and he has managed to stay out of trouble thusfar - and that is quite an accomplishment - he is such a mischevious little monkey!

At any rate, if I were picked for this, I would want to create a very cool shirt for him so I would probably choose 103B - the blue on black would look awesome with his bright red hair!

Of course I couldn't leave out his little brother, so I would then purchase a baby bodysuit with 113B. Or maybe matching ones would be many choices!

So that is what I would choose...unless I changed my mind 3000 times, which I probably would! There are just too many cool styles to choose from! :-)

Kim Rose

LOVE all of them! I would have to choose L101. My daughter loves anything with flowers on it. Your flower looks very similiar to my company logo flower so it would be a perfect fit.
Are you going to offer these to retailors? They are wonderful!

Jackie A

How fun that Bryce is starting school - man how the years fly. I think as far as the t-shirt goes, I'd just have to get one for my daughter, who knows all about Sweetwater, so she'd love it with the flower between her name(101?) They are all adorable and it's so fun to see all the crafty things you girls come up with - good luck with the new line!!

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