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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I'm not sure how it looks in person, but on my monitor the 1st pic of the collection looks much more navy & I would definitely love that in a fabric collection! ALSO, I was thinking it would be VERY cool if you included a fabric in the line that had a word collage (words only)reminiscent of Hometown "home towns" fabric where you asked for everyone to submit their home town. But, instead, people could submit words that express what we love about America. Mine would be: Beautiful, strong, FREE :)

Since you asked, I'll be 100% honest and say I don't do red, white and blue fabric combinations generally for the simple reason that it screams american flag to me. There's a ton of these patriotic quilts out there and while oh so lovely in their own way, they're not for me. And in my defense I should say it's the very same reason I don't do blue and yellow (Swedish flag) either. Pretty please don't get me wrong, I love America and I'd love to live there one day, but this type of fabric combination is not my cup of tea. Thereby not saying that I wouldn't buy a print or two for my stash where it to be made reality =)

A red/white/blue collection designed by Sweetwater would be phantastic, I admire this combination on a lot of Scandinavian blogs and it always looks so fresh and clean. And if you do keep in mind your international customers - even better as a lot of the fabrics available in that colour scheme are too American and patriotic for us anyway.

What a fantastic paper line!! And it has my favorite background, the one that was in the Reunion fabric line of the circle of dots in red white and blues! And a line of fabric in reds, white, and blue would be wonderful, especially if there were some prints with a lovely navy. I really loved the navy that you used in the Reunion line!! (Navy is my black, and it is so hard to find nowdays!!) have a great weekend!!

Oh, yes, please...these would absolutely translate to fabric!

I love red,white & & & white! Love stars, stripes; in saying that I do think you need to steer clear of Americana style that would limit your market.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make Freedom into fabric!! I have been in search of fabrics with just the same colors and graphics in mind. I would just adore this.

I LOVE holiday themed fabric! I love sewing home decor items for all the different holidays. That paper design is too cute! I don't scrapbook, but I would totally buy it if were a fabric line.

Hi. I love the red, white, and blue theme!
It's also odd to me, that when I try to find a star quilt block pattern, 99% of the stars are different, not like the traditional flag stars I grew up with.


I love this! Can't get enough Americana fabric.

Red, white, and blue it is! Especially with a 'modern' twist.

Red, white and blue is always such a clean, crisp look. I especially like it when the blue is navy and the red is not the bright, true red.
I was reminded of when we were asked to submit our street addresses for a line of fabric. When will that be available? I'm anxious to see it!!

Can't wait to see a Sweetwater RWB line for fresh and modern quilts of valor!

LOVE Red white and blue - AMERICA!! Love the zip codes and the one with the words about America and 1776, etc. Would absolutely buy this fabric line!

Would love to see a red, white, and blue line. Love your fabrics, so I know they would be beautiful.

Red, white and blue are lovely colours together and they are national colours in many other countries as well - UK, France, the Netherlands and Norway to mention a few. As long as the fabrics don't scream American patriotism, I'm sure they would be a hit in other parts of the world too. And you can't really go wrong with the colour combos red/white and blue/white, can you?

Ohhhh My!!! I need that entire collection done in fabric. Maybe like yesterday!!! I was excited to see your post and I always look at the pictures first, then I started reading it and realized your designs were for paper. Love the paper but I need it in fabric too!!! I hope I was able to sway their opinions a bit.

YES, YES, YES do an Americana line. I love stars, ticking, stripes, flags...all of it.

Yes! Would love red ,white and blue! And please add a little America!

I LOVE American-themed fabric. I love Americana. I love red, white, and blue. I love stars and stripes. I love the 4th of July. I'd be really, really excited for you to do a fabric line that is American-themed, especially if it's subtle. But sometimes I like the in-your-face stuff, too. :-) If it's done artfully!

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Do I need to say more? I hope your mom and sister will think about when you show them all the comments! I'll be waiting!

Really? Your mom and sister aren't on board? I think it's a brilliant idea and hope you do it soon. I would buy it in a heartbeat! And now I'm not going to be able to think of anything else!

That's my favorite color combo! So, yes, please!

DO IT! All of us quilters that make quilts of valor will THANK YOU!!!!!

Love the paper and yes, yes, yes on the fabric!!!!!

love red, white and blue. Would love to see a Sweetwater R, W & B collection go for it.....use your paper designs for fabric.

I love the red white and blue combo! Also LOVE halloween fabrics and papers! thanks!

Omg I would so buy that fabric. Please say u are going to make that. By the way I have coveted several pottery barn quilts. I bought one and then my 5 year old decided to cut paper on her bed and cut right through fabric with paper scissors. Can't justify buying another one lol

On my quilting to do list is a red white and blue stars quilt for picnicking on during the summer. I'd be really happy to stash up some 1776 fabric for it.

The way you describe the red, white, blue fabric I would really get excited about it! If it is in any way similar to your paper I would be excited to buy it!

I would love for you to do a red, white and blue collection. I'm always drawn to those fabrics - my family room is done in red, cream and blue with some touches of black.

I would TOTALLY buy that fabric!! Love it!!!

I can't wait until Sweetwater has a red/white/blue line of fabric. However it would be created, it could provide those of us with fabric love a wonderful and exciting way to be patriotic--or what ever we could want to do with this lovely color combination--I hope it will happen

Love red/white/blue - can't get enough of stars/checks/ it I say :)

Don't know why, but I've always loved Red, White and Blue... I've decorated kids rooms in that theme.

And now my son is in the Army and I love it even more... and I'm doing my family/guest room in Red, White and Blue.. in honor of him....

Love the pottery barn quilts and I agree with the other posting... I like the grey as an additional/background color to use.

Thanks for asking... looking forward to the fabric line (cause I just know it's coming or it wouldn't be a thought that you just can't get rid of).....

Love red, whites and blues. Also, at our quilt guild those go the fastest at our sales/fabric trades because so many make quilts for veterans.

And, if you could come out with something for St. Patricks that didn't scream tacky leprechauns and clovers I would love you forever. Just saying :-)

Red, white, and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I would love to see you design some fabric in this color scheme. Thanks!

Absolutely YES for red, white, and blue fabrics. I even liked the steel/stone gray color as an accent in the Pottery Barn pic. That is an adorable star quilt, haha.

I love gingham, stripes, stars, dots, bunting, houndstooth, numbers and of course your signature words. You gave us a nice color palette in Reunion and even a red, white, and blue fabric with the dates. I think you ladies could really make a fantastic line of fabric that would appeal to all of your customers. Good luck! Thank you for sharing pictures of your card stock. I think it is wonderful.

Red, white and blue - yes!!!
My very first quilt I made was red, white and blue - a bit battered after all these years but still one of my favorites..
And no I wouldn't want America all over my quilt (being from New Zealand) but love your subtle ideas - stars and stripes......

Red, white & Blue? Is there even a question? OK, well, yes, yes and YES!! (PLEASE!!!)

What you have shown in the paper line with the red, white and blue is very inviting. I like everything that has been made in the Sweetwater lines (especially Pure). Can't wait to see what's next. Like you, I'm not really a Halloween fan, but for some reason, I DO love the Boo Crew fabrics, and will certainly get some when they come out!! Thanks so much for your creativity!

Absolutely LOVE 4th of July (even just red, white, and blue) theme and even decorate more for it than I do Halloween! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!

Absolutely love it...i can see making several things out of it if it was a fabric. Not much into the paper. The patriotic fabric out there is uuuuhhhhh well not my taste. Would love a sweetwater take on patriotic.

YES!! YES!! YES!! I would LOVE a patriotic fabric line!!

I would love it! Your style is so easy to live with. I'm sure your RW & B line would give me the same feeling....BTW, love Boo Crew, can't wait to get my hands on it! Please do RW & B!

I would love that paper line as a fabric line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is tough to find patriotic fabrics with a modern design asthetic. This would be beautiful in fabric especially your bucket list.And those stars are great inspiration.

I personally think that you style of designing would be perfect for red, white and blue. Think of all the two color quilts that would be, blue/white, red/blue, etc. Do it! LOL

Ummm, please make this in fabric. Please, please, please.

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