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Thursday, October 04, 2012


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Remember a few months ago when we joked that we came up with a new ruffled kitchen towel with about everyone of our fabric collections? Well we weren't lying! It is now time for the Mama Said Sew Ruffled Kitchen Towel.

For a few years I have followed you guys and have LOVED everything. I just moved again and am enjoying decorating my new home. Camille over at simplify showed some pics of her home on her blog today. It's beautiful. But I am wondering what your home looks like because you ladies have good taste in colors and in everything as a matter of fact. I remeber once maybe seeing a tidbit in a picture when I saw a piece of subway art on the wall but I think the pictures purpose was to show off a table runner.
You made a subway art of all our military bases we have lived at and yesterday we just hung it up in our living in just the perfect spot...I truely love that piece.

I remember opening my grandmothers drawer slides to find towels similar to these. Well done on these beautiful designs. Thank you for bringing back great memories.

I would but say to you all "impressive information".

I like this!!! It's not to frilly. As always love the fabric. :)

Looks just great! I think I really need it in all three colors :)

I just love your kitchen towels. I always think they will make great gifts but then I don't want to give them away.....I am addicted to your kitchen towels!!!


Have the Oct. Label Crew pattern and labels been sent?? If so, this is the second time that I have had problems. Your email address is not valid/working bec. I tried twice. I didn't know how else to contact you bec. I also tried calling you, too. Thanks.

Love the band in the Zig Zag. Really makes the design pop. Looks great!!!

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