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Friday, October 12, 2012


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Keep on writing, great job!

So excited to see more pictures of the house. Everything is beautiful and I, too, love the canning jar light fixture. Thanks for sharing.

Just stumbled upon your blog.
I really think I need to see lots of this new house. Lots!

That sounds like something I would do. I always think that I could do it w/o the extra help and come to regret later. You would think I would learn my lessons eventually, but nope. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pix. I love the lights, especially the ones with the mason jars.

would love to know where she got that mason jar light fixture, love it!!

your poor mum! live and learn. ;p

Yes, good luck on the bricks: you are certainly more ambitious than I am!!! Hope it goes quickly for you!!

Agree with the others...please tell us more about that light fixture!

I love the traditional black and white tile. I have always wanted to do this in a bathroon (we are renting at the moment, so that isn't an option yet).

Love her lights!!


I love that mason jar light fixture!! Any chance you'd share where you got it? I think I'm going to have to pin that. :D

I ditto. Thanks for the heads up on brick grid too. I remember when you got that house, there has been no retreat quite as sweet as your guys.

Love those lights!!! And the brick wall even if it was a booger to put in

Thanks for sharing. It's fun to see into the lives of our favorite designers. Tell you Mom that her brick wall is coming along wonderfully. I love the canning jar lights also, but like your sister I think the other looks like a bird cage or maybe even chicken wire, sorry. But if your Mom loves it, then that's what's important!

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