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Monday, July 09, 2012


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You all amaze me! so cute! How do you come up with so many fantastic ideas? Can't wait to get me some of that fabric!!!! (bad grammar intentional!) Can't wait to see them in your boy's room!

thank you, and i hope you can also enjoy your weekend!

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Even in your notebook you still creative because you manage to look for a nice design of paper to cover your notebook.

wow. those mini charms must have sold pretty quickly! i wonder if you guys have blog stalkers that go and buy stuff immediately at your announcement... haha! i guess i'll be looking all over the internet for those guys (the charm packs that is; not that i want to throttle the 'stalkers'). great designs, adn great projects! :) enjoy summer!

I'm loving this label project and I would love a label like this for your upcoming fabric line called Mama Said Sew. Let me know if that's a future possibility. In the mean time I will have to add this wonderful project to my summer list of things to make. Thanks for all of your wonderful creativity that you share with all of us.

I love Lucy! I'm currently stitching my heart out on a project for MBS... can't wait to get this ready to go!

I love it in Lucy! And the mini charm packs are great. You guys are so bad for my pocket book! But I love ya anyway!

Dang! I love those mini charms packs! when are more stores gonna start carrying them!? I love the fabric, too! ;p

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