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Friday, May 25, 2012


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"If she succeeds, it will be a landmark case for women everywhere," says Kevin Coyne, a management consultant who teaches business strategy at Emory University. "Women will talk about her for decades."

The 37-year-old former Google Inc. executive is expecting her first child, a son, in early October. On Tuesday, she started her new job at Yahoo, which reported another quarter of lackluster sales growth.

Just hours after Yahoo Inc. named Marissa Mayer as its new chief, the real conversation kicked in: how she will juggle pregnancy and being the CEO charged with saving a foundering Internet giant.

Campbell Soup Co. CEO Denise Morrison, 58, says there were many "tradeoffs" associated with managing her career and raising two daughters. She was able to stay on the fast track, she says, only because her husband, Tom Morrison, was flexible and understanding. Her sister, Frontier Communications Corp. CEO Maggie Wilderotter, also says she couldn't have succeeded without her husband, Jay, who stayed home to raise their children. A former Air Force pilot, he has managed their California winery for the past two decades.

New fathers regularly take on senior posts, but most mothers who run big companies waited to take on CEO roles until their 40s or 50s, when their children were older. The key to making this work for both family and Yahoo, according to some of these mothers: a phalanx of nannies, a solid leadership team and a husband ready to shoulder more of the hands-on parental duties.

New fathers regularly take on senior posts, but most mothers who run big companies waited to take on CEO roles until their 40s or 50s, when their children were older. The key to making this work for both family and Yahoo, according to some of these mothers: a phalanx of nannies, a solid leadership team and a husband ready to shoulder more of the hands-on parental duties.

No Yahoo directors expressed concern about her pregnancy, according to Ms. Mayer, who told the board in late June, about a week after Yahoo's recruiter contacted her. She says she plans to work during her maternity leave, which will last several weeks.

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I am in LOVE with Lucy's Crab Shack!!! I don't usually like pastels but last week since Greenfairtyquilts had a sale for the weekend and I usually love all you stuff I thought hell I can try a charm pack for $8. Well now I need to order more. I just cut up the charm pack into 2 1/2 inch squares to make a pillow and stitch Santa Cruz on it. I remember one of you saying this was your favorite line and I didn't believe you but it's different...just what I needed and I love it. Thanks Sweetwater!!

You guys crack me up! Im glad i'm not the only one that has day like that. :) I know what you mean about the talking to people my best shopping store is 30 miles. So....when i just want to talk sewing off i go. Can't wait for the label crew to get here. I also made myself go buy clothes that aren't black, blue, or gray for summer.

Have you thought about taking along 1 more person to just take photos for you? Do you have a friend or relative who could do that for you?? That one person would be responsible for the very expensive camera.

That way you could get pictures with the 3 of you in them at your booth...setting up, during, and taking down. You could then take turns walking around the exhibits and take pictures and/or direct what pics you want taken. Might be worth it. ;p

Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on one of those kits! LOVE IT! There are plenty of Market photos out there. I loved the ones you took, because somehow I didn't get any of your booth! Argh!

Your "bad" photos are better than my "good' photos. You are all so creative and I have loved everything you design. Thank you!

Netter Blog, wie ich zu Kritiken zu schreiben, weil die Kommentare Autoren bringen hier ein größeres Engagement und die Möglichkeit, voneinander zu lernen bekommen

Guter Artikel. Ich glaube, Sie können mehr und bessere Artikel zu schreiben. Nehmen Sie es einfach für sich.

Your post made me laugh out loud! I also dislike lugging my 'good' camera to market. I bought a tiny Canon Powershot that I now throw in my purse. It's AMAZING. The point and shoots have the whole wide angle thing built in which is perfect for market where you're super close to the subject.

LOVE Sew Mama Said (and Lucy's Crab Shack which arrived yesterday). Thank you!

I have two Sweetwater booth pics here:

Love the Mama Said Sew reds! Weeeooo!

I saw your mom and her new shoes at the hotel. Glad she found better ones. And I took only pictures with my iphone as well. I just couldn't justify carrying my camera either. On a side note, I have been trying to figure out how much Lucy's Crab Shack I want to buy...will 1 yard of each be enough? LOL probably not...really love that range.

You are way too hard on yourself. I'm sure we can't even imagine the frenzy before, during and after Market. You guys are so unique in your creativity that we can can tell without seeing Sweetwater that patterns or fabric are your lines. Thanks for sharing your lives and sweet and delightful quilting patterns, quilts and products with us.

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