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Friday, April 27, 2012


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YAY You got to visit Portland. We used to live near there... now we live on the other side of state, Vale. Vale is tiny, and DRY. People think of Oregon as wet. Vale is NOT wet. But we manage. Fun fact about Hunger Games: A lot was filmed in North Carolina, in a small town called Shelby. That's where I'm orginally from. Other (not so fun fact), my husband also hates going to the movies. I have BEGGED him to go with me to see HG. But we still have not been. I should just go by myself, but that seems low and pathetic. Good luck with new projects!- Mary

oh and you just missed my quilt at Modern Domestic PDX that features your fabric! it shows off my quilting so well I always add you in my scrappy mix... :) I teach a class on Beginner Frame Quilting. I love me some Sweetwater!

Hello, I too had no interest in The Hunger Games. Then I had a friend talk me into reading the first book. I was hooked and have now read all three books in the past week!! Are you a Peeta or Gale fan?
By the way, I can't wait to get my hands on Mama Said Sew fabrics. Thanks for being so creative.

Yes, definitely don't take seeing the first movie as a substitute for reading the first book . . . the fact that it's written in first person should give you an understanding that you would get so much more of what was happening if you read it. IMO the ark of the 3 books storyline is the payoff more than any one of them on their own. It's twisted, but I think you'll get the theme better when you finish the 3rd book.

You have the same reaction as most people I know that didn't read the books and just saw the movie. The books are good, but the storyline is so different that most people think its demented. Best quote everyone love from the movie: 'May the odds be ever in your favor'

I was glad I'd read the book before seeing the movie - not sure what I'd have missed. I love movies but rarely go. (I read like crazy though) The BF and I took a trip to Vegas - and went to the movies LOL.

Hi, I was wondering if you still have the pattern Pure & Simple available?? I can't find it on the Moda website and I need one for a customer. My emails is Sharon&
Thanks so much

Two things regarding the Hunger Games: 1. You should really read the first book, the movie was good but the book has so much more in it, reading it will help you understand Catching Fire, better. 2. I met Suzanne Collins, several years ago. I've met hundreds of authors, I'm a bookseller in addition to being a quilter. She was part of a very small minority of authors who have no public personality. Just nothing. I was so surprised that she had such a vivid imagination, she was such a "blank".

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