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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


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saw a sneak peek somewhere of Lucy's Crab shack. :) think I need to invest in Moda :) stock! because for sure I'm not saving money in the fabric home budget department. spent it all and then some every month.It's hard to resist such beautiful things. Hoping to create some sweetness with a couple of your previous lines, countdown to Christmas (LOVE) and hometown :) Bless you all this Feb. day. The charms are so sweet. confused by it all, A vs B, but you make me laugh.

Great interview on Jolly Jabber. I like the Lucy Crab Shack, looks like alot of fun.

Was able to see a peek at Lucy's Crab Shack and can't wait to see what you girls have planned! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweetwater! Happy Valentine's Day and wishing you all a beautiful week!

Sounds great! All of it. I am loving Reunion. I bought a fat quarter bundle from Green Fairy Quilts and am using it to make my Swoon Along Quilt. It is the perfect fabric for that quilt.

Thanks for the tantalizing teasers! Anticipating B, A and C!! And a monthly club! Have never done it, but am excited! Y'all have fun, be refreshed in the midst of if all - we love your creativity!!

You've definitely peaked my interest! Love your style and excited about your new lines; the new monthly club; and a new product category on Etsy. You guys are way busy and thanks for sharing your quilting news!

The LQS that I work in just got Reunion in and we ordered Lucy's Crab Shack... I can't wait to get that in as well! <3

Oh goodness! I'm all excited over all these new items and I have to wait to see them! What's a girl to do? Looking forward to the new fabric lines, new club and new Etsy product category!!!

It all sounds really exciting. I can't wait to see them. Lucy's Crab Shack sounds so wonderful!

I received my journal label the other day with your note that you sent me a Paypal invoice for the additional 3 but that I didn't pay it so you figured I changed my mined. I thought I did pay it (probably did it in my head but didn't do it). I have been digging through my e-mail for a couple of days now looking for it, but I cannot seem to find it. I would still like them. Would you be kind enough to invoice them for me? Thank you so much! I am so sorry about that!

Oh man, I totally can't wait on the monthly announcment or the new thing on Etsy. You are killing me here!!!! :)

WOW! I guess I'd better not hold my breath or I'll miss it all - I think! Can wait for everything to happen. Love you guys!

I've seen Lucy & I adore it. I'm making my order this week. And, the patterns, oh my they are cute!

Oh I'm dying! I can't wait to see Lucy's Crab Shack! I know it's going to be fabulous! Loving Reunion right now. Thanks for being awesome@

That's a lot of teasers! I think you can actually see something of your Lucy line on Moda. Whatever is coming I'm sure I'll love it!!

Well, you have piqued my interest, and believe it or not a followed and understood every word. ;-)

that is frustrating to be left with so little time to work up samples...must brainstorm smashing, easy samples, huh?
im pretty much always excited for your next line so im ready when you are!!

You guys totally suck (heehee) give us just enough of a teaser!! SO NOT FAIR!! As you know, I'm your personal stalker and love Sweetwater Fabrics a ridiculous amount!! I can't wait to hear more about these new collections!! I will have your little surprises hopefully by March (which you probably forgot about, which maybe a good thing so when you get a package in the mail you all will be surprised) guys rock and love this blog!! Your fabrics are the best and whenever has a contest and they say what is your favorite designer or fabric line I always say Sweetwater or one of your fabric not brown-nosing here but it is the truth!! keep doing what you guys are doing because a lot of us care!! xoxox smooches!

Can't wait to see BOTH fabric lines - I'm sure they're wonderful.

Can't wait! And a new club! FUN!

If you visit Fat Quarter Shop's website, you can see Lucy's Crab Shack fabric line. Or visit Moda's website.

I'm always checking what's coming -- especially from Sweetwater.

Cute, cute, cute.

Wow, this post sounds like a book review for that book you are dying to read, but doesn't come out for a few more months. We know that everything you guys create is fabulous--now we just have to wait until we actually get to see it--or find out what it actually is. hmmm

Seriously, how DO you sleep at night with so many things going on in your life? Between this business and a family you must not sleep at all. Maybe you sleep standing up in front of your cutting mat? ;p

Can't wait to see all the new stuff! I love the bunting charms and I can't WAIT to get my hands on the bunting fabric.

Now go take a well deserved've earned it. ;p

If you really want to see them, you all can hop over to Moda to get pics of Lucy's Crab Shack. I ADORE it! If the digital images don't do it justice then I really can't wait to see it. Because the digital images are fabulous!

I don't know how you all keep doing it! And I'm guessing a Christmas collection with Linus for option B?? Am I even in the right ball park?

Oh ya I got it alright!!!! You are nothing but a big TEASE!!! I just got me a whole bunch of Reunion ! It arrived yesterday and I practically attacked my poor mailman buz I knew what was in that box. Now I just have to get my act together and get busy...cutting and sewing.
BTW hope you loved your son said they got a couple of feet, but it was the light fluffy stuff...wasy to shovel. I hear you could be in for a biggie this weekend too! Enjoy!!

Sounds like you have been keeping pretty busy! I'm looking forward to seeing all the new fabric and the other surprises you have in store for us.

All in all it sounds very exciting!

I got a peek at Lucy too, cannot wait! Excited about the new club too, what is it?

Well that all sounds rather exciting and as always I am very much looking forward to the new collections, A, B, C........

I was lucky enough to be at work when the Moda rep came last week & I got a peek at Lucy's Crab Shack. I LOVE it! Another hit! Can't wait for it to arrive. Yeah, we may have ordered a few bolts. ;)

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